Yankees are “probably not” going to have interest in Ramon Hernandez

Game 75: Old Timers' Day
Sunday Night Open Thread

Via Joel Sherman: The Yankees are “probably not” going to have interest in catcher Ramon Hernandez, who was designated for assignment by the Dodgers last week and released yesterday. Because he’s been designated and released, Los Angeles is on the hook for his $3.2M salary and whatever team signs him will only be responsible for the pro-rated portion of the league minimum.

Hernandez, 37, hit .208/.291/.438 (104 wRC+) in only 55 plate appearances for the Dodgers. He hit .217/.247/.353 (45 wRC+) in 196 plate appearances for the Rockies last season while battling pretty severe hand and hamstring injuries. Hernandez, who has first base experience, has graded out as a slightly-below-average defensive catcher in recent years. Austin Romine has been terrible (-17 wRC+), so the Yankees have a chance to upgrade their backup catcher position at a very low cost here. Considering their emphasis on catcher defense and knowledge of the pitching staff, I guess it’s no surprise they aren’t expected to show interest in the freely available Hernandez.

Game 75: Old Timers' Day
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • sabes

    Sorry to have to do this, but:

    “prorated” is not hyphenated

  • RetroRob

    He can’t hit anymore and his defense if not good. The only reason to sign him would be to allow Romine to continue his development down in AAA. Romine, like Adams, has had a rough early going, but I’m not convinced Hernandez is better than Romine at this point moving forward.

    • trr

      Would like Shoppach even more

      • Jersey Joe

        Yeah that move is really a no-brainer at this point.

  • Jersey Joe

    What about Eric Thames? Just DFA’d by Mariners; he is similar to Boesch, but I wonder if he could provide better production to that of Lyle Overbay.

  • aRX

    Even with all the risks, and his meh defense, I’d still roll the dice. He’s essentially free, and Romine could use more minor league seasoning. Oh well.

    .208/.291/.438 translates to 104 WRC+? Huh.

    • Stan the Man

      Does seem weird I guess that stat has some numbers it favors over others.

  • Gonzalo Hiram

    Romine is looking terrible, I don’t even see the defense some people were talking about, so many passed balls and he doesn’t get people stealing bases.

    Completely agree with rolling the dice, It could not get worse.

  • B the Cashman

    Trade for Joe Mauer.

    • Pat D

      Austerity plan prevents such a move.

      Besides, Mauer won’t be a catcher much longer.

  • fred robbins

    Hey Mike

    Do you know when the last time Cano won a game for the Yankees? and also do you have any idea of why the Yankees gave away Wang and to a division rival no less? He is pitching better than pretty much every Yankee starter other than Kuroda… was he not old enough or just too good?

    • vicki


  • vicki

    if we needed the body. we don’t. he’s still got some pop, will flirt with mendoza.

    it’s not like he’d change our season.

    • Mason Williams Blood Alcohol Content

      Its not really about changing the season by adding someone DFA’d. ITs about every small upgrade you can make to the roster. See- Brignac for Gonzalez. The only place they refuse to make a minor upgrade is Catcher. Even if the offesason (Kotteras is an example).

      • OhioYanks

        Do you think that it’s more likely that the Yankees refuse to get better at one particular position, or that they disagree with you over who is and isn’t an upgrade?