Thursday Night Open Thread

Report: Bosch tried to extort A-Rod before turning to MLB
2013 Draft: Day One Liveblog

The Yankees are out on the West Coast, which means tonight’s game doesn’t start until 10pm ET. We’ll have a regular game thread when the time comes, but for now use this as your open thread. The Mets are playing the Nationals (Marcum vs. Gio), plus you’ve got NBA and NHL playoff action. Oh, and the 2013 MLB draft starts at 7pm ET, so that’s cool. I’ll have a liveblog up in a few minutes. Talk about any of that stuff and more here. Enjoy.

Report: Bosch tried to extort A-Rod before turning to MLB
2013 Draft: Day One Liveblog
  • Eddard

    I really hope the Spurs can pull out the series. Duncan can get another ring and ride off into the sunset. 1 ring in three years would be a colossal failure for the Heat. Jordan didn’t have a super team and he won 3 straight twice. Kobe won two by himself.

    • Jacob the OG

      Agree mostly

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Oh get out of here with that. This is LeBron’s third year with a Hall of Fame talent next to him and making the Finals all three times is a failure?

      I love MJ but the dickriding has gotten old since in the 90s. Everyone forgets that he had a Hall of Fame player next to him in Scottie Pippen. Oh and there’s this guy called Phil Jackson with his legendary triangle offense too. Let’s see how many rings MJ wins with Antawn Jamison as his primary help. Or Mike fucking Brown has his coach.

      Kobe also had to rely on Shaq and Jackson for his rings so don’t even go there.

      • FEED.ME.MORE!

        This times 8 fuckin billion!

        I’m a Bulls fan, have been since 1990, and I’m sick of the Jordan dickriding.

        It’s as if he invented the sport.

        If people denigrate LeBron because Mike has more rings, then you have to then say Bill Russell is the G.O.A.T., no? LBJ is closer to Mike than Mike is to Bill Russell on that front.

        Mike was arguably the best player in the NBA from 1986-87, yet it took him years before he got the first ring. Constantly getting knocked down by the Pistons. Once he finally broke through and the old guard of the 80’s died off, he couldn’t be stopped. Who’s to say that LBJ won’t go on a similar run of dominance?

        You can’t compare a published book to a rough draft of a book. LBJ still has years of ridiculousness to show the world before he hangs it up.

        Kenny Smith from TNT the other night lamented on the postgame “He actually is jumping HIGHER now than when he was younger.” He still hasn’t reached the peak of his powers yet.


      Would this be the same Kobe who wanted to get traded when the Lakers couldn’t beat an Amare Stoudemire-less Suns team?

      Kobe whines, he gets Pau Gasol and Ron Artest.

      LeBron whined, he got Antawn friggin Jameson and Anthony Parker.

      And people wonder why he left Cleveland to told Dan Gilbert to kick rocks. The NBA keeps handing him #1 picks, but he can’t find another LeBron. So sad.

      • Jacob the OG

        He has had one #1 pick since then, and LeBron like talent only comes around once every generation if that

  • http://riveraveblues dan scabet

    if alex or anyone else gets suspended, do they get paided,and if not will that not count againest the payroll.