Poll: Buy or Sell at the deadline?

Heyman: Yankees called Padres about Chase Headley
Should the Yankees consider adding a starting pitcher at the trade deadline?
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

The Yankees are in an unfamiliar spot during the All-Star break. They sit in fourth place in the AL East at 51-44, a .537 winning percentage that is their worst at the traditional midpoint since 2008 (.526). I think we all remember what happened that season. The Bombers are five back of the Red Sox in the loss column for the top spot in the division, and they’re three back of a wildcard spot. The second half will be an uphill climb, that’s for sure.

Because of the current standings and their many injuries, it’s fair to wonder if the Yankees are better off adding players at the deadline to make a run at the playoffs or selling off pieces and building for the future. I team like the Yankees, who are generally well run and have mountains of cash, should be able to turn things around relatively quickly and avoid a painful, multi-year rebuild. Then again, rebuilding is not in this team’s DNA. They tend to retool on the fly. I think there’s a strong argument for both buying and selling at the deadline, so let’s hear them out.

The Case for Buying
Despite the injuries (and re-injuries) and the offensive offense, the Yankees are still only three games back of a playoff spot. It’s not ideal but it’s not exactly a disaster either, especially with nearly 70 games left on the schedule. They could make up a three-game deficit in a weekend. Heck, they still have 13 games left against the Red Sox. That six-game deficit in the AL East is makeup-able as well.

(Bruce Bennett/Getty)
(Bruce Bennett/Getty)

The Yankees have their own internal help on the way. Derek Jeter is back from his ankle fracture(s) and should return from his quad strain relatively soon. Alex Rodriguez seems likely to return from his hip surgery early next week. Those two will improve the left side of the infield in a big way even if their production is down from last year. Curtis Granderson (hand), Frankie Cervelli (hand, elbow), and David Phelps (forearm) are on the rehab trail as well. There is much-needed help on the way.

There’s also this: it’s Mariano Rivera‘s final season, and it would be pretty damn disappointing if he didn’t get to pitch in the postseason one last time, especially after last year’s knee injury. Remember how disappointing it was that the Old Stadium didn’t go out with a playoff series? This would be like that, only a million times worse. There is a definite incentive to get to the postseason one last time with the greatest reliever in the history of the universe.

The Yankees will need some help to do that, beyond the guys they have coming back from injury. Adding a right-handed platoon bat for Lyle Overbay figures to be on the deadline agenda, ditto finding a more competent utility infielder who can adequately rest Jeter and A-Rod after they return. A catcher, an outfield bat, a DH, a reliever … all of that stuff makes sense at the deadline.

The Case for Selling
This team does stink as presently constructed. On most nights the bottom three of the batting order is completely non-competitive, and the guys in the top six spots have yet to all get going at once. New York’s stinkiness shows up in their run differential (-2), in their bottom-four offense (85 wRC+), and even in their much ballyhooed rotation (one starter with a sub-4.00 ERA, min. ten starts).

Yes, the injured guys are all due the return in the coming weeks, but in case you haven’t noticed, the injured guys have all had trouble staying healthy once they do return. Jeter got hurt in his first game back, Granderson and Mark Teixeira (wrist) landed on the DL about two weeks after returning, ditto Kevin Youkilis (back). Even Cervelli had a setback recently. The Yankees have had trouble with setbacks in recent years, which could be a product of having an older roster or inadequate training staff (or both). Who knows? Whatever the reason, they’ve been counting on the injured guys all year and have been let down every time.

At the same time, it appears there are just too many holes to fill right now. Adding that right-handed first base bat and a better utility infielder and a catcher and an outfielder and a DH and on and on is too much for one trade deadline. Remember, the Yankees’ rivals will also be making upgrades at the deadline as well. In fact, both the Red Sox (Matt Thornton) and Orioles (Scott Feldman) have done that already. The Bombers are playing one big game of catch-up.

The Yankees don’t have a ton of a tradeable pieces, but they do have some. Some contender would make an offer for Robinson Cano, I’m sure of it. He’s an affordable impact player at a hard-to-fill position. David Robertson, Boone Logan, and Shawn Kelley would all have suitors, and so would Brett Gardner and a healthy Granderson. Could the Giants, who are losing three starting pitchers to free agency and will have a ton of free cash to spend in the offseason, convince CC Sabathia to waive his no-trade clause so he could pitch close to his hometown? Maybe. Selling won’t be easy with this roster, but it’s doable.

* * *

The non-waiver trade deadline is just 13 days away now, meaning the Yankees don’t really have much time to decide whether to buy or sell. Their upcoming schedule — three at the Red Sox, four at the Rangers, three at home against the Rays, then a West Coast trip — is an absolute nightmare, and their performance during that time could make the decision for them.

Should the Yankees buy or sell at the trade deadline?

Heyman: Yankees called Padres about Chase Headley
Should the Yankees consider adding a starting pitcher at the trade deadline?
  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec 110

    Selling means either a salary dump or trading a player for a big time prospect…and I just don’t think the Yanks are able to do that. You’re not trading off any big salaries and Cano’s the only player that would fetch a big time prospect, and they aren’t trading him.

    Trading Hughes/Joba for a corner bat would be considered what? That’s pretty much the only move I’d like to see made.

    • Rod


  • Kosmos

    if NY can pull a couple of rabbits out of their hat like let´s say Morales and Young and if Jeter, Arod and Granderson can come back and provide decent offense I see no reason why NY couldn´t take it down to the wire.

  • Mike c

    Cano isn’t going anywhere. Keep dreaming axisa

  • Sell

    Sell because I don’t think you can buy 7-8 spots all at once.

  • brian

    cop out answer but i need to see the next 7 games…

    If Jeter goes back on the DL, Arod looks terrible in Texas and the Yankees go 2-5 in their next 7 games, sinking to 6 games or so out of the wildcard (which sadly, I think will happen)…


    4-3 in the next 7… then take 2 of 3 against Tampa.. I think you have to go for it

  • Johnny O

    My head wanted to click Sell, but my heart made me click Buy. Especially after seeing Mo’s ASG ovation, it is only right that he gets back to the playoffs one last time. I’m also not overly convince on any of the Yankees top prospects, and prospecs in general are a crap shoot anyway. The only other problem is, there’s no clear option on the trade market that would definitely help. I’m hoping Ninja Cash comes through.

    • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

      Haha wow, I said almost verbatim (head – sell, heart – buy) down below.

  • Steve (different one)

    I would buy, but only the players that can be bought with cash and low level prospects. IOW, salary dumps for marginal upgrades. Give it a shot, but keep all your real chips, I don’t think the season is worth throwing real prospects at (obviously this changes if it’s a player you could control for a long time, but those aren’t typically done at the deadline).

    I’d straddle the fence, but going after guys who are owed more than they are worth.

  • tmoney

    Could Cano bring back a haul like Joc Pederson and Zach Lee?

    • Kosmos

      I´m all for buying and keeping Cano but if you throw in Cory Seager with Pederson and Lee then maybe.

      • Preston

        I’m surprised with how okay I am with that package, I might throw in Phil and Joba to sweeten the deal for them. I would literally only do it to the Dodgers for those three prospects though. There are no comprable fill ins in their system. With Seager, Lee and Pederson added to Sanchez and Depaula we’d have at least five in the top 100 with Williams, Heathcott, Austin, Campos, Banuelos, Ramirez and Murphy all probably sitting in the next 50, and that’s not counting our recent draft which is having impressive early returns from Jagielo, Katoh and Wade.
        That said, I’d rather keep Cano and try and go for it this year.

    • Gonzo

      I’m a buy guy, but if I sold, I would offer Cano to the highest bidder. If that deal was Joc and Zach, I’d begrudgingly take it.

      • Kosmo

        I dunno. 2 AA players ? Lee profiles as a mid-rotation SP. Pederson could very well turn out to be the real deal. For me it would have to come down to Seager to get it done.

        • Gonzo

          I think if you are going to trade Cano, you get a the benefit of the prospects PLUS the benefit of not having to sign him to a $200mm deal. That means, I’d rather trade him for that deal (although I think they could do probably do better) than keep him.

          I’d deal Cano for any top 10 prospect straight up really. I might even trade him for Seager plus Joc/Zach.

          • All Praise Be To Mo

            Or you can trade him and try to resign him in the offseason. Let him know you need to rebuild, give him a chance with a contender this year and go after him again in the offseason, I recall the O’s doing this to the Mets with Bordick and got Melvin Mora out of it.

            • Gonzo

              That’s assuming I think re-signing him is a good idea. ;)

            • D$1184

              But Bordick was never anything more than a good glove/no. 9 hitter. Cano is a franchise guy. Different scale.

          • toad

            It’s an illusion that you avoid the big contract for Cano. You have to sign somebody. Top players get big contracts.

            • Gonzo

              My point was that one way the Yankees can avoid the big contract for Cano is trading him so the Dodgers feel compelled to sign him to a big contract more than the Yankees.

              • steve (different one)

                You have to subtract out the value of the first round pick you lose in that scenario…still might come out ahead, but even if you don’t want to give him the $200M contract, there is value in holding onto him for the rest of the year.

                • steve (different one)

                  should have kept reading…ignore me

                  • Gonzo

                    For how long?

        • Gonzo

          Also, it’s Cano, but it’s only 2+ months of Cano.

          • ChrisS

            Plus the pick when he turns down the QO and leaves OR a better chance at re-signing him.

            • Gonzo

              I mentioned above that I don’t think having a better shot at re-signing Cano is a good thing.

              The QO offer is fine, but wouldn’t you rather have two good prospects that are used to pro-ball or one elite prospect?

            • LK

              You can’t get a pick for a deadline pickup under the new CBA.

              • Gonzo

                He’s talking about keeping Cano and letting having sign elsewhere. He’s mentioning the QO as a plus for the Yankees. At least that’s how I read it.

                • ChrisS

                  Nope, I was wrong there. No QO/pick deal from the team that would acquire him. He’s less attractive then.

                  • Gonzo


            • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

              A team that traded for him can’t offer him a QO. Player has to be on the team all season to be eligible for QO and draft pick compensation.

  • Pseudoyanks

    I regret that I have but one vote to give to the Sell cause.

  • Buhner’s barber

    Paul Konerko would be a pretty ideal platoon partner for Overbay.

    • jsbrendog

      he is injured with a lower back strain and kinda shitty. morales or morse >>>>>>>>>>> konerko

      • SDB

        “he is injured with a lower back strain ”

        So he’d be a perfect fit for the Yankees then.

        • Gonzo

          The 2013 Yankees, keeping pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line healthy.

          • SDB

            I’m surprised that WCBS hasn’t found a pharma sponsor for Ma and Pa to mention every time the DL comes up.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Especially since he already comes with the debilitating back injury.

    • Gonzo

      His batted ball distance is putrid this year. Combined with the back injury, he’s cooked.

  • Pseudoyanks

    If they end up in Sell Mode, isn’t Kuroda a heckuva chip?

    • Oy

      Mike, do you have info on whether Kuroda has a no trade clause?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        He does, full.

        • All Praise Be To Mo

          You think he’d be willing to waive it to go to a contender?

          • Pseudoyanks

            Hai !

  • MannyGeee – Failed Starter

    This thread just SCREAMS troll bait.

    • I’m One

      Surprisingly, based on what I’ve read so far, the comments are generally well thought out.

  • LarryM Fl

    Buy, if you can not make a decent trade for the necessary parts then play the best available. Sign Cano before FA. He is the building block of these present Yankees.

    The Yankees do not raise the white flag. At least the one everyone can see.

    My reason is to gather as much info about the 40 man roster. So decisions can be made with some evidence of play. This may make our retooling easier than expected.

  • Andrew Brotherton

    I pick sell, trade Kuroda to the Dodgers for Pederson and Garcia, trade Cano to the Pirates for Taillon, Hanson, and Polanco, Gardner to the Diamondbacks for Matt Davidson and Chris Owings, Robertson to the Tigers for Castellanos. All will be free agents this year or next year and all could fill valuable holes this year and in the future. Sign Mccann this offseason and move forward in a rebuild that has been needed for a while

    • Gonzo

      Cano for Taillon, Hanson, and Polanco?!?!?! No way that would ever happen.

      • pat

        Yeah, not without Cole too.

        • Gonzo

          AMC or bust.

    • Pat D

      Force Trades – Enabled.

      It’s super successful!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Not sure signing a will-be 30-years old C makes a lot of sense at the beginning of a rebuild. Especially since the Yankees actually have some C potential in the system.

  • LK

    “Remember how disappointing it was that the Old Stadium didn’t go out with a playoff series? This would be like that, only a million times worse.”

    I love Mo, but I feel like it’s the other way around. Might just be me, though.

    I say buy, with the caveats that they shouldn’t make any trades that really mortgage the future, and they should be willing to sell a piece or 2 if they get an offer they really like. It’s hard for me to see how this team ends up in better position next year than they are this year; as much as I think they’ve been lucky to have the record they have, they’re close enough where I’d rather go for it than bow out.

    • Gonzo

      I’m a buy guy too, but what would you consider mortgaging the future?

      • LK

        I suppose that would be the question, wouldn’t it?

        Without knowing what the Yankees’ internal valuations of their prospects are, I don’t feel like it’s all that productive to name names, but I basically would be OK with 2 kinds of “buy” moves:
        -marginal prospects for short term upgrades
        -elite prospects for long term pieces, whether because of team control or younger players the team would want to re-sign

        The latter type of trade is probably going to be pretty difficult to pull off simply because those types of players aren’t usually available, and there would likely be a bidding war for them. So, I guess my position is basically that I don’t want them trading elite guys for upgrades for this year’s team unless something falls in their lap.

        • Gonzo

          Which leads to this question, who are the Yankees’ elite prospects?

          • LK

            Right. And that’s what I think we can’t really know from the outside because we don’t know what the Yankees think of their players. At least for me, the elite guys would be Sanchez and DePaula for sure. Everyone else I can see arguments for and against. I realize this doesn’t answer your question, so sorry about that, but I think there can be wisdom in admitting you don’t know things.

            • Gonzo

              No worries. We certainly don’t know their internal rankings, but that shouldn’t concern us since we are engaging only in mental exercises with no negative ramifications.

              I just wanted to get where we differ. I have a stricter definition of elite prospect than you do. Remember, I’m the guy that would do Sanchez for Lucroy easy.

              • LK

                Oh I would do Sanchez for Lucroy for sure. He just turned 27, is signed cheaply through 2016 with a team option for ’17, and supposedly rates as arguably the best pitch-framer in the game, so he’s likely more valuable than something like WAR would suggest. I actually think that one’s kind of a no-brainer. He’d be exactly the type of longer term piece I would be willing to trade an elite prospect for. I don’t think there’s any way the Brewers would give him up for just Sanchez though.

                • Gonzo

                  My bad, I thought it was you who disagreed with me. My bad. It was recently where I mentioned that I would definitely deal Sanchez for Lucroy and said the same thing, that is was a no-brainer, and two people said no. I thought you were one of them.

                  I was surprised that people thought it was a bad idea. I agree. Lucroy’s contract is awesome, and he’s one of the better catchers in the game. I agree that they’d want more thought too. I’d even do Sanchez and DePaula for him if you want to know the truth.

                  • Gonzo

                    Probably more than that too.

                  • LK

                    No problem at all, I certainly have trouble keeping track of who’s who on here. In general I think I’m more willing to give up prospects than the majority of posters.

                    I think I’d probably do Sanchez and DePaula for Lucroy, at least off the top of my head. More than that I might balk though, at least if the “more” was significant pieces.

                    • Gonzo

                      I’m in your boat. I’m less of a prospect hugger too. Or I should say that I’m a reformed prospect hugger.

        • I’m One

          … I basically would be OK with 2 kinds of “buy” moves:
          -marginal prospects for short term upgrades
          -elite prospects for long term pieces, whether because of team control or younger players the team would want to re-sign

          That’s very much in line with my thinking. I’m on the “buy” side, but with the cavaets above. Buy carefully and thoughtfully. I think they can still compete this year and really want Mo to get to the post season one last time.

  • Batsman

    The answer is easy BUY.

    Yankee pitching is excellent. Our main starters are battle-tested and bullpen is top notch. Winning the Division is a pride thing. All those years that the Yankees won the AL East and all that money they spend, one has to be baffled on how the Yankees were only able to win one world championship.

    Since the pitching is set, but always can be improved upon, the Yankees obviously need to focus on the offense. The bad news is they need 3-4 everyday players in the lineup. The good news is, they need to be at least .265 hitters with .330 BA. Those type of players shouldn’t be too expensive to obtain.

    • Kosmo

      Maybe AROD , Jeter and Granderson could give you the .265/.330 OBP you throw in Morales and Young and we´re up to 5 players. Sounds easy.

  • Bill

    Its a tough call and things could swing very quickly especially with a series against the Sox later this week.

    I tend to lean toward sell. However the only value in selling is if you can trade big chips like Cano, Kuroda, and CC. Which is INCREDIBLY unlikely. The reason I say this though is that the Yankees aren’t built to be competitive if they want to cut payroll. This year and beyond their only real shot to compete is to sell their best guys now or to spend like the new rules aren’t happening (or more than that).

    I’m 90% sure though that they will be buyers. Although they don’t have much to buy with unless they take on a big salary which they don’t seem prepared to do.

  • Gonzo

    I would love for the Yankees to take a real good crack at this season and buy. I don’t think anyone is untouchable either.

    I think the problem is that they don’t have a ton to trade for the good pieces.

    Wait until the Keith Law top 50 post comes up. That’ll be a fun comments section.

    • ChrisS

      I think they have plenty to trade to a contender (some chips, like CC, have their own hurdles). If they are serious about selling, Gardner and Robertson are probably the two most valauble chips they have to move (given performance, cost, and contract status), but they are also the most attractive to keep.

      I would especially shop Gardner. He’s coming up on 30, and slowing down. Get something for him before the legs go entirely.

      • Gonzo

        I’m taking about chips to buy not sell.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I know they won’t do it but I’d sell. Now’s the perfect time and tbh I wouldn’t have a problem if the Yanks won’t have a shot to win anything for 5 years. Believe it or not but so far I enjoyed this season as much as previous seasons. Most people probably don’t think the same way but I enjoy watching the Yanks no matter if they’re winning or losing. Winning is more fun of course ;)

    At some point money just won’t fix the problem(s) anymore and frankly I think we’re not too far away from that scenario. We’re probably right at that spot now.

    • I’m One

      I see your point on why they should sell and also agree they won’t do it. I just hope they don’t stand pat with only the returning players as reinforcements. I don’t think that will cut it for the remainder of this season.

  • SDB

    If you’re going to throw in the towel, at least do so in October if you’ve failed to make the playoffs.

    I’m all for buying, as long it’s nobody that requires the farm to be gutted.

  • mike

    I wish Cano would start running out ground ball like Jeter has always done

  • The Lime

    While this team could squeeze itself into the playoffs, they should sell because too many things need to go right.

    Look at the things may help the Yankees:
    -Return of Jeter, ARod, Granderson, Cervelli, Phelps
    -Need for a 1st Base platoon mate

    You could break down each player’s return in to 3 parts:
    Part 1 -will they return to the field on time?
    Part 2 -will they be able to remain healthy?
    Part 3 -will they be able to perform at the same level as last season?

    Let’s take Jeter as an example and I recognize that I’m pulling these probabilities out of a hat

    Part 1 -he’s old and he’s had setbacks before. Let’s say there’s a 90% chance
    Part 2 -he wasn’t able to last time, but I have no idea how that will affect him going forward, so let’s say 90% as well
    Part 3 -he’s old, so I doubt that he’ll perform anywhere to the same level, especially after his lack of play this year, so we’ll go with 50%

    I feel like all of these %s are pretty aggressive, but when you add them up, you still go to only a 40% that Jeter will be able to contribute. Now perform the same guesswork at each player and you can see how the %s move down. Even if you give each player a 95% chance in each category (which is reasonable for some of these guys), you still only get less than a 50% chance. What I’m trying to get as is that too much has to go right in order for buying to make sense.

    The other caveat to selling (and buying) is price and I have no idea where the market is (nor does anyone in the comments, I presume), so sell/buy may make no sense in that regard.

    And of course there are many other confounding variables relating to the rest of the team and to other teams, so this could go on all day…

  • Brian S.

    The Yankees need Cano the next few years don’t trade him. In 2017 when he sucks and is making 25 million it won’t be a huge deal because we will have Teixeira off the books then. But yeah trade CC, Kuroda, Robertson, Ichiro. Maybe Hughes if you can get a top 100 prospect.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    I say buy for Mo’s sake (irrational as that is).

    But realistically, if they can’t make significant upgrades, this isn’t a playoff team. And I don’t hold out much hope that they’ll be able to make significant upgrades.

  • steves

    Too early to make a call. Yanks should hold off until the very end of the deadline to pull any triggers either way. If the 7 against Bos/Texas go poorly (like 1-6 or 0-7 poorly) then they should gear up for a substantial sell but hold on to Hughes, Cano and Granderson for the draft picks. The non-signing of Cano and/or a CC dump is intriguing since that would be akin to the Red Sox dump of last year in terms of getting out from under long-term financial commitments (include the eventual Arod suspension in that one as well). The Red Sox have shown that you can rebuild quickly with a viable farm system, some mid-level free agents and financial flexibility. Whether the Yanks end up buyers or sellers at the deadline a significant re-build is going to be needed anyway IMO so starting the process sooner rather than later makes better sense to me.

  • Dalek Jeter

    You forgot the “do either to show your fanbase you’ve got some sort of plan” option. I can get behind either buying to try to make a run this season or selling for future seasons, but it seems like (I’m not saying it is, I’m saying it seems like) the FO has been on cruise control since the beginning of last season with no short or long term plan besides “get under 189 by 2014.”

    • MannyGeee – Failed Starter

      This, although I would hate for them to make a move for moving sake. Show me you have a plan in either direction.

  • mt

    I say buy but realistically not going to get 5-7 positions – everything could be improved but the 2 real essentials, given Yanks do still think many of the injured players are coming back, say by August 15 (and Yanks will have to have 25 man spots available to them), are:

    1) a righthanded 1B/3b who hits lefties well and splits against righties are OK (gets Overbay off field against lefties and hopefully improves our dreadful 3B production – even if Arod come back he can be at DH or if this person by some miracle actually hits really well and Arod is functional, Overbay can just sit.

    2) an OF/lefty DH so Wells/Hafner do not have to play so much (may hold off on this if Curtis is really coming back closer to August 1 than August 15)

    As for other positions, the back-up infielder can be Nix when he gets healthy(assuming Jeter and/or Nunez are healthy to start); if Yanks not willing to send down Romine and get the Shoppachs of the world in here to back-up, I don’t see us getting a real catcher better than both Stewart and Romine – reluctantly it may be probably best to wait for Cervelli;

    As for pitching, as far as relievers, the over-use of Robby and Mo should be diminished by a better offense and Girardi can use Kelley and Claiborne more (and Betances may be an option); for starters, let’s hope Phelps and Pineda can improve mix for the fourth and fifth spots (even if we magically can trade Hughes) CC and Pettite just have to be better as #2 and #3 – Yanks not going to find a pitcher on trade market to improve over those two pitchers’ potential high perfoirmance (at least at any type of reasonable cost in traded players) – CC/Andy are not going to be taken out of rotation. Overall, I am reluctant to trade any of our resources for pitching when we desperately need to import the best bat or bat(s)to improve our horrible offense.

  • MannyGeee – Failed Starter

    I would be OK with selling IF AND ONLY IF you were selling the high priced guys to place them in a better position for the future. That would mean moving guys like CC & A-Rod. There is no sense in moving a guy like Cano and still carrying corpse contracts.

    We are all know moving A-Rod isn’t happening, so I would say you buy on the season. As I have said many times, I am not opposed to the Austerity Budget route, but when it makes sense to do so. I don’t think 2014 is that time, as you are carrying a SHIT TON of dead weight (my first point…). So yeah, right the ship in 2014 and work on saving money in 2017 post A-Rod/CC/Jeter.

    • mac1

      That second paragraph is exactly the way I feel.

      With the Yanks revenue they should always field a contending team.

  • Chris z.

    The Mets got great players back for Beltran, who is older, with terrible knees. I’m sure the Yankees can cause one hell of a bidding war for Cano if they trade him.

  • Crime Dog

    I figure they’ll do something in between. They won’t make a big splash, but they’ll pick someone up who can fill a small hole and hope the reinforcements get it done.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    I know it is purely hypothetical and that it would never happen, but what do you think the yankees could get for mo? I would imagine many teams would have interest. What would be the ceiling regarding prospects?

    Once again, I know this would not happen ever. There would be riots in the streets.

  • Dan

    Right now, I vote buy. They’re really close to being a playoff team, where anything can happen. And with Jeter, ARod and Granderson coming back, they really only need to buy 1-2 additional bat (part time1st/3rd baseman, and a platoon catcher). They can easily trade for that.

    I say this and it’s the 18th. If in the next week it’s apparent Jeter has to go back on the DL, ARod is garbage and Grandy has another set back, then they should sell.

  • VaYankeeFan

    To expect Jeter, ARod & Grandy to right this team is a pipe-dream! To late for this year, time to sell!! Besides Jeter & Mo all should be on the table to the highest bidder. Yes it will take a few years to rebuild, if that what the Steins want to do? As someone atated above the BoSox did this last year and look where they stand right now.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Red Sox were able to dump their worst contracts. The Yankees won’t be able to do that.

      • Brian S.

        It’s a good thing they did. Boston would be unstoppable with Crawford and Gonzalez this year.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          That assumes they’d have the same performances in Boston, far from a given.
          Regardless of that. Crawford probably means no Victorino. Victorino 2.4 fWAR this season. Crawford 1.5.
          Gonzalez means no Napoli. Gonzalez 1.8 fWAR, Napoli 1.7.
          Not making the trade also probably means Beckett instead of Dempster. Dempster 0.6, Beckett -0.1.
          Even with Agon and Crawford having solid years, the Red Sox are still probably better as a team, and have a lot more flexibility now to make other moves/add payroll.

  • ChrisS

    They can’t look at 2013 in a vacuum. Especially with 2014 on the horizon and what they’re going to need WITHOUT considering that either Arod or Jeter could be gone or completely ineffective. Selling is always an option, and if they were to move in that direction, I’d heartily endorse a fullscale firesale.

    What other teams going through rebuilding don’t have is the Yankees’ financial resources to A) keep their home grown studs through their primes and B) acquire FA parts here and there either on the market directly or in salary dumps.

  • CONservative governMENt

    If they sign Miguel Gonzales they can buy and sell at the same time by trading Hughes, gauge the market forguys like Phelps or Nova, etc.

    • MannyGeee – Failed Starter

      This assumes Gonzales can step right in and have an impact. Hell, even that assumes he has an impact AT ALL.

      I would say trading Hughes and signing Gonzales are the two most unrelated moves this team can make.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Never trust a Cuban guy who spells his last name like a Brazilian.

  • mt

    For those wanting contracts to be dumped, except the angle of CC being convinced to waive his no-trade to go back to California (although he seems to have set up deep roots in NY area), I do not see any team wanting to take Teix and Arod – Cano really does not count in this regard – we owe him the prorated share of his annual $15 million 2013 salary – we do not have his control past September so I don’t think we we will get a huge haul in return if we traded him by himself. I know people point to the Zach Wheeler trade wheen Mets traded Beltran to Giants for 2 months before he became a FA but they were the defending World Series champiosn who were trying to get back to playoffs after winning (who would step up this year to give up a significant peice – maybe the Tigers or Nats?)

    Trading Cano with the other 2 to get rid of other contracts (like Red Sox traded Adrian Gonzalez to get Dodgers to take Crawford and Beckett) does not work in Yankee land for several reasons because we do not control Cano past this year (and then you have the no-trades of Arod/Teix mixed in).

  • trr

    To be or not to be…

    To be. IMO, we make a run at it. We buy.

    Everything must be tempered by common sense, not acting out of desperation. If the deals we want aren’t there, don’t overpay!
    And if we find ourselves plummeting over the next 10 games, we may need to slam on the brakes.

  • Greg

    answer of course is (C) neither. We’ll never be a seller, and we have nothing to sell, since we need those players others would want. And we’re not buyers, since we have nothing to offer. Only solution is to have the kids move up.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      “and we have nothing to sell, since we need those players others would want”

      That’s what selling is. Giving up good players that you need to compete now in the hopes of the return helping in the future.

  • Victor Levin

    Sadly, this team won’t make the post-season. If they can trade Grandy for a real prospect, it’s insane not to. He won’t be re-signed.
    History, though, tells us they will buy, which will be foolish. Get ready for some version of Raul Mondesi.

    • Gonzo

      Raul (formerly Adelberto) Mondesi Jr is a stud. I’d love for the Yankees to have in the fold.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I didn’t know that was his real name. It was my grandpa’s name and one if the three zillion middle names we put on my son’s birth certificate which he’ll probably never use.

  • Tisha

    This team is not making the playoffs. Too many injuries and too old. They need to sell as many pieces as they can.
    IN the pen other than Rivera and Robertson, anyone else should be up for grabs. Trade Kuroda , Hughes and Chamberlain. Trade Cano.
    We are In for some lean years anyway so Oppenheimer needs to go and so do the scouts.
    The Yankees always pick at the bottom of the barrel every year. Meanwhile , teams like the Rays, Red Sox , Tigers and Cards usually pick as low and yet they make better decisions on whom to draft and they have better player development than the Yanks.
    Take a page out from the Rays and the Cards, Rangers and Red Sox. Yankees need scouts who make better elevation of players and our player development stinks right now

    • There’s the Door


    • Brian S.

      Honestly? I’m down with getting rid of Oppenheimer. We have a deep farm system but the lack of real blue chippers (other than Gary Sanchez, who wasn’t drafted) is a concern.

    • MannyGeee – Failed Starter

      “Take a page out from the Rays and the Cards, Rangers and Red Sox”

      What page is that? The Tampa Bay “suck for a decade and draft the Longorias/Prices of the world”? Or the Texas “Roll the dice on reclamations and super duper expensive Darvishes in hopes that it pans out”? Or is it the Red Sox “Sign all teh playerz, then get lucky and trade them for nickles on the dollar when shit goes pear shaped and then re-sign the cheaper players” game.

      You, sir or madam, are the epitome of the “Spoiled Yankee Fan” that cannot appreciate how good we’ve had it for 15 years and chastizes the team for not being like the teams who have had their share of lean years. I would bet you 1 BILLION Internet Dollars that any Rangers/Rays fan would trade their 1995-2012 fandom with ours in a cocaine heartbeat. We’ve had it THAT DAMN GOOD.

      Shame on you. For better or worse, this is what we have. Get ready for the ride or get off the train.


      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’m a huge supporter of not winning a WS for 86 years. OH SNAP.

        • Jim Is Bored

          Or you know, in ever years.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Toilet Tisha, damn we miss ya
      Toilet Tisha is the issue
      Damn we miss ya, Toilet Tisha
      Damn we miss ya


  • Jigga

    Buy. For Rivera.

    • I’m One

      And for Prussia.

      (Did I do that right?)

      • Brian S.

        Prussia blows.

  • YankeeVent

    Does anyone think this team can actually contend for title? simple answer…NO. They are the Yankees so you will not see them sell off their stars. Cano is going nowhere. He is the player that will help them transition from the old gaurd (Jeter, Rivera, Andy) to the new guys coming up. They won’t even mention Kuroda in a trade since they 100% would want to resign him next season. Do you morgage your future for players like Young & Morales who are free agents to be? NO Biggest problem with this team was how it was constructed during the offseason. Since all they injuries hit Cash & Co have found nice fill in guys but the problem goes back the offseason and not signing a respectable back up catcher or trading for Justin Upton…2 biggest mistakes of Cash’s career.

    • mitch

      I do. Any team that makes the playoffs has a chance to win. Even if the Yankees entered the playoffs with their CURRENT roster, they’d be at worst +250 to win a series against whoever the best team is. There are no huge underdogs in baseball.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      They had a respectable backup C. Two of them actually. Starting C was the question.
      Trading for Upton may very well have not been possible, as they weren’t a particularly good fit for what Arizona was looking for.
      And it’s not like Upton has been all that great this year. Good, but not great.

      • YankeeVent

        Upton filled a desperate need the Yankees had..young RH hitting power corner outfielder who was resonable cost controlled. Once the Seattle deal fell through they should have tryed to put together a 3 team deal. would it have happened who knows but to come out and say it was “too expensive of a contract” is just terrible. The catching situation is just a hard one because as bad as they have been, I def was fine not signing Martin back.

        Imagine if Cano had Upton hitting behind him though :)

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          Upton definitely filled a need. I’m still somewhat skeptical that he’d be worth what the Yankees would have to give up, and even more skeptical that the Yankees could have gotten the deal done, even involving a 3rd team.

          • YankeeVent

            Granderson would have had to be packaged to Seattle since they needed the offense. You are right though idk if they had the prospects to kick in with Seattle’s to make it happen. I would still give up a prospect and their projection for a known commodity however

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Does anyone think this team can actually contend for title? simple answer…NO.”

      Then why did you ask?

      • Pat D

        He changed the question before he answered it?

  • mitch

    Absolutely buy. Make the playoffs and anything can happen. They don’t need to rebuild the entire roster to land a WC spot. Add a couple rentals (Morales, Young, etc) and they’d be right in the mix.

  • Pseudoyanks

    Just for all the folks who believe this is a No Brainer (using words like Definitely, Absolutely, etc.) …look at the voting… Very tight vote now marginally in favor of selling.

  • toad

    They could make up a three-game deficit in a weekend. Heck, they still have 13 games left against the Red Sox. That six-game deficit in the AL East is makeup-able as well.

    Be careful here, Mike.

    There’s a huge difference between making up six games on one team and making up six games on the leader when there are three other teams ahead of you. Just catching Boston doen’t mean you win the division.

    Similarly, the Yankees may be just three games away from a wild card spot, but they are tied with Cleveland for fourth place in a five-team contest for it.

    Not to say the deficits are insurmountable, they are much bigger than you make them sound.

    • I’m One

      And the team has come back from much bigger defecits than this, even later in the season. I’m not saying it’s going to happen (especially if they don’t make some moves), but it can happen. Plenty of games left.

  • bleacher creature sect 43

    Sell. No talent ready to come up from AAA/ AA to help fill out injured players. No one is untouchable when you decide to throw in the towel and begin a rebuilding, even the great mariano who Detroit would pay a kings ransom for and would give Mo the best shot at finishing his career in a post season run. Mo belongs in the World Series, not gonna happen this season in NY. Full rebuild mode is the lesson learned from the Knicks after the Ewing era. Patching not gonna help this squad take a World Championship and isn’t that what Yankee baseball is all about?

    • Mike HC

      Trading Mo? That is a bold suggestion.

      • Vincent Vega


    • jsbrendog

      yeah, bleacher creature in a nonexistent section, eh?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that guy.

        *throws out ticket for tomorrow in section 43*

  • Mike HC

    I wouldn’t necessarily do either. I would probably stand still or make smaller trades that aren’t going to be huge franchise changers either way. With the team decimated by injuries, I don’t think we should make any franchise altering moves, like selling our best major or minor league players, until we have a better idea of how good our injured guys will be when they get back.

    If I had to lean one way or the other, I would probably say buy just because I don’t exactly want to watch the Yanks punt the next few seasons.

    • YankeeVent

      I agree I wouldn’t sell off big names, just small upgrades is what we will get. Also this is beyond injuries you cant rely on 40 yr old men to play premier positions anymore. With the money coming of the books and Arod’s contract most likely not counting much towards the luxury tax next year (isn’t that the rumor for when he is suspended) I think if they punt they can still contend next season.

  • jsbrendog

    kidnap Ruin Tomorrow Jr and make him sign off on trading Coal Hammels and Demonic Brown for pat venditte .

    Bam. World series.

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    My brain says sell, my gut says buy.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I refuse to click a box here. You can’t make me.

    You try to retool in order to give you a better shot both in 2013 and beyond.. You don’t give fully into buying or selling. If you can add parts at a reasonable price, you do so. If you can get very good value for a few pieces that may return nothing when they leave at the end of the season, you look into that.

    If you really wanted me to click a box, it’d be “buy,” but you can’t make me. :)

  • Fin

    Isnt standing pat possibly the best option? I mean if you can get a good prospect for Hughes go ahead and trade him. If you can get some help for this year with basically salary dumps go ahead and do it. Trading people like Cano, Robertson and Gardner will lead to a long drawn out rebuild I think. You have to have some people to build a team around. I would hate to see the Yankees empty their roster of any talent and suck for years. I would also hate to see them trade any of their good prospects for help this year as its too much of a crap shoot with this horrendous offense.

  • Duh Injuries

    If the Yanks sweep the Red Sox, they’re right back in the mix for the division title only three games back with 65 games left to play for the Yanks and 63 games left to play for the Red Sox with nine more games between the Yanks and Red Sox after this upcoming series where the Yanks have a chance to gain at least another game on the Red Sox if they go at least 5-4 in those games. If the Yanks take two of three from the Red Sox, they made a little dent in the Red Sox division lead (gained a game on the Red Sox.) If the Yanks lose two of three to or get swept by the Red Sox, they can forget about winning the division or it will be a longshot. The series with the Red Sox this weekend will tell if the Yanks should go into fight for the wildcard mode or sell for 2014 with a possible wildcard slot this year.

    The Yanks should trade Sabathia to an N.L. team for three starting pitching prospects who could compete for slots in next year’s rotation. I think there’s an N.L. team out there who wants to go for it, thinks Sabathia would at least ensure them a trip to the 2014 World Series and make them 2015 World Series contenders, and thinks they’d be getting over on the Yanks.

    The Yankees advantages with this trade are as follows:

    – They still have a rotation of Kuroda/Hughes/Pettite/Nova/Phelps plus plenty of reinforcements (Warren, Nuno etc.) for the rest of 2013.

    – They clear $71M for 2014-16 ($23M for 2014 + $23M for 2015 + $25M for 2016) plus Sabathia’s remaining 2013 salary and his ridiculous $28M vesting option for 2017 for up to $99M plus his remaining 2013 salary cleared total.

    – They could re-sign Kuroda to a one-year $20M ($5M raise) contract he’d accept and re-sign Hughes to a three-year $10M a year $30M total contract he’d probably accept (after they offer him the one-year $14M qualifying offer to see if he takes it) and still have tons of money left over from clearing Sabathia’s salary as the Yanks would be spending only $7.85M more on Kuroda and Hughes for 2014 ($15M to $20M for Kuroda, $7.15M to $10M for Hughes), which means they’d still have $15.85M left over since Sabathia’s $23M for 2014 would be off the books. The Yanks could even offer Pettitte a minor-league contract only to see if he’s healthy enough to pitch at his age (not for a lack of ability) where he makes a low base salary – say $3M – and has a chance to make double, triple, or even quaruple that on games started, innings pitched, awards, and rank in the 2014 A.L. Cy Young Award voting, and the Yanks would still have $12.85M left over to what they want.

    – They’d have more than enough money to keep Logan who they should re-sign as good lefty relievers are hard to come by and more than enough money to sign two top-flight relievers to share closing duties with Robertson and complete the bullpen (the two new guys, Robertson, re-signed Logan, figure Clairborne, Kelley, and whoever wins the final bullpen slot in spring training among Montgomery etc. rounds out the bottom part of the bullpen.)

    – They could trade young pitching for hitting and still have more than enough pitching considering the Yanks could have as many as A TEN options for the 3, 4, and 5 slots in the 2014 rotation if Kuroda and Hughes are in it even after trading two kids: ten from Pettitte, Nova, Phelps, Nuno, Warren, Marshall, Pineda, the three Sabathia trade acquistions, two other guys (another minor-league invitee, a free agent.) And who says they couldn’t sign and/or trade for a starter or two?

    The only other Yankees who could be traded for a significant bounty are Rivera, Pettitte, Cano, Gardner, and Robertson (not surprisingly all homegrown) but the Yanks are not trading any of them, especially the first two. They’re not trading their young, cheap, in control players like Almonte, Nunez, Nova, Phelps, Nuno, Pineda, or Adams. They’re certainly not trading any of their catchers (Stewart, Cervelli, Romine, Murphy, Sanchez.) They can’t trade Granderson or Teixiera because both are on the disabled list. Teixiera is untradeable at this point although I think he and at least half his remaining salary could be moved in the offseason. I’d offer Granderson the one-year $14M qualifying offer as he’d actually cost a mil less if he took it ($15M to $14M.) Wells is cheap for next year (only $2.4M) but too much money for this season while Suzuki is cheap for this year (remainder of $6.5M) but too much money for next year ($6.5M.) Hafner is cheap (remainder of only $2M) but has little or no worth (old injury-prone DH.) Overbay is even cheaper (remainder of $1.2M) but has to be kept for 1B.

    • toad

      I didn’t know the AL East had been officially reduced to a two-team division.

  • first name only male – Retire 21

    Can we selectively sell. How about trading Tex for Elvis Andrus, Matt Harrison and Neftali Feliz?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Why Tex?

      Lyle Overbay for Andrus, Harrison, and Feliz.

      • Pat D

        Need to figure out how to get Salty then, too.

  • Bronx Bombers23


    If they go forward with the same aging roster, AND sign Cano to a ludicrous long-term deal in the offseason, then they are headed for a period of at least 3-4 years of mediocrity.

    You can’t keep paying aging veterans, insane money, for 6,7,8 years, for past performance. It will eventually be the death of you.

  • http://www.unnatural-selections.com Mister D

    I would have to say “sell” before “buy”. They need too many pieces, and I don’t think have the goods to beat other teams in acquiring them. The team is so hollow now it isn’t funny, and unless the Yankees are planning on blowing apart their budget, I don’t see how they replenish their talent without moving every movable piece.

    And don’t give me that crap about Mo. This is a guy who has pitched in the post season every year of his lengthy career save 2. He has won 5 world series and been on the mound for the final pitch of 4 of them. He isn’t Don Mattingly or Ken Griffey Jr, who we would have liked to see get a ring before they retired.

    • Adirondack Murray

      Yes. Finally someone said it. I love Mo but this whole “Mo’s last year we gotta win” thing is out of control. This is about the next 3 – 5 years when Mo will be sitting in the YES booth watching with the rest of us