Sherman: Yankees not interested in Miguel Olivo

Close games and recent workload could make bullpen help a trade deadline priority
Game 90: More Than A Split

Via Joel Sherman: The Yankees do not have interest in the recent released Miguel Olivo. The veteran backstop asked the Marlins to release him last month because he wasn’t getting any playing time, and they instead suspended him without pay. He was released three weeks later.

Olivo, 34, hit .203/.250/.392 (73 wRC+) with four homers in only 80 plate appearances for Miami this season. He hit a measly .223/.248/.385 (74 wRC+) in 830 plate appearances for the Mariners for 2011-2012. Olivo has some pop (31 homers with Seattle) and is a good defender with a strong arm, which automatically makes him better than Austin Romine. The Yankees passed on better backup catcher replacements like Kelly Shoppach and Ramon Hernandez, so it’s no surprise they’ll pass on Olivo as well.

Close games and recent workload could make bullpen help a trade deadline priority
Game 90: More Than A Split
  • Craig Miller

    Obligatory “Ruiz!” comment.

    • Gonzo


    • I’m One

      Obviously the reason they’re passing on these other, easily available backstops.

      • Mikhel

        I don’t think so… check the NYYs acquisitions in the past 15 years after the all-star and before July 31st deadline.

  • DERP

    Hernandez is available again!

  • Preston

    Perhaps the fact that Cervelli aggravated his elbow will finally give them the impetus to go after a BUC upgrade.

  • I’m One

    I get wanting to stick with your home-grown player, but it does seem odd that the Yankees are passing on cheap players that are clearly better than what they have.

    • Mikhel

      One of the many pains of being a low revenue, small market team… WAIT!!!

      • Winter

        It’s not even like they’d be that expensive…

    • OhioYanks

      I don’t think it has much to do with him being home-grown. They sent down Adams in favor of pretty mediocre guys like Cruz and Gonzalez even though he is homegrown and arguably performing better than Romine.

      Romine has been terrible, but he rarely plays and they could easily expect him to be better going forward than he has been. The cheap players are clearly better than what they’ve had. What they have going forward is more debatable. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them replace Romine, but these might just not be the guys for them.

  • WFAN Caller

    Maybe the Yankees can coax Chad Moehller away from whatever Walmart he is working at?

  • Chris

    We always say the Yankees could use a bu catcher but is Stewart a good starter??..if we get Ruiz I think he’ll start and Stewart is the backup so we need a huge upgrade at catcher .

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’ll take the under on that one, Chris.

    • Preston

      Whether or not you think Chris Stewart is a starting caliber catcher depends entirely on how you view defensive metrics on Catchers. If you think he’s a great defensive C, then he’s an adequate starter, if you think he’s just an okay defensive C, then he’s pretty terrible.

  • trr

    Consider that Stewart has never played this many games at the physically demanding C position at this level….doesn’t that make him a prime candidate to breakdown during the second half? Who will be our #1 C then?

    • Preston

      I don’t know, is catching at AAA really less demanding then MLB? I think you could make the case it’s more demanding. You ride buses instead of chartered jets, you have an inferior training staff, and younger often wilder pitching staffs that probably make you work just as hard. I could imagine it’s tougher on the body being a AAA C then a MLB C. But even so, he’s never caught more than 100 games combined between the two levels in a season.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Is there a worse catching duo in the majors than Stewart and Romine? Would Stewart start for any other team in baseball? Why not pick up any of these other catchers and see if they can do better than Romine’s putrid performance? Why was the I Luv You not listed in Ludwig’s records? And if it was, did he know about it? And if he didn’t, who did? And where the hell was I?