Tomase: Drew passed on Yankees, took less money from Red Sox

Yanks can't support shaky Pettitte in loss to Sox
Roster Moves: Almonte, Gonzalez, Mesa, Neal

Via John Tomase: Stephen Drew passed on an offer from the Yankees and took less money to sign with the Red Sox this past offseason. Tomase indicates New York made the infielder the same one-year, $12M offer they gave Kevin Youkilis. Drew eventually signed a one-year deal worth $9.5M with Boston.

“The Yankees wanted me to go play third, play a role, go to short, second, whatever,” said Drew. “First of all, I haven’t been a platoon player. That’s asking a lot of an everyday player to go play somewhere different. You never know how the year would pan out, but the Red Sox needed a shortstop, and for me it’s been a blessing coming over here and playing with this team that’s got a lot of life. I feel like I’m a good fit here.”

Drew, 30, is hitting .233/.313/.409 (92 wRC+) with five homers in 262 plate appearances this season. He’s currently on the DL with a hamstring problem, and he missed the start of the year with a concussion as well. Obviously Drew would have been fantastic to have around these last few months given all the injuries. Walking away from $2.5M couldn’t have been easy, but I can’t blame him for taking the full-time shortstop job over being a role player.

Yanks can't support shaky Pettitte in loss to Sox
Roster Moves: Almonte, Gonzalez, Mesa, Neal
  • trr

    It speaks volumes about our situation this year that someone like this would be a godsend

    • RetroRob

      Few truer words will be spoken today.

  • CashmanSUX

    Can’t blame the guy… It was clear in the offseason Brian Cashman was building a giant pile of sh*t. Why would anybody who’s not insane and has options want to be a part of this abortion?

    • pat

      I’m just going to go out on a limb and guess that reading isn’t your strong suit. He didn’t want to come here and be a utility player. The Red Sox needed a shortstop. It’s pretty clearly stated. Not surprised you missed it.

      • CashmanSUX

        Ya… That’s the politically correct thing you say when you think the organization you want to avoid is a giant pile of sh*t.

        • jjyank

          …or he really just wanted to play his favorite position.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Sorry about your Bruins, Garnett, and Pierce.

          • Deathstroke Heathcott

            Been a rough year in general for Boston sports. Let them enjoy the Red Sox for now.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              93 losses last season and as many “who the fuck is that guy” faces as the Yanks this year. Took a miracle of God to get them to where they are now. Without that miracle of a trade, where would they be?

              I’ll take my chances with my favorite team.

              • jjyank

                The Sox also missed the playoffs for three straight season and the Yankees have the more recent WS trophy.

                Besides, as good as the Sox are playing right now, I don’t think their exactly build like a dynasty powerhouse.

          • jjyank

            You forgot Tebow!

            • Dalek Jeter

              and his super-murdery teammate.

              • MannyGeee – Proven Starter

                Oh who do you mean? Oh, Shooty “Avis Gold Club” McFlophouse? I love. That guy.

                Fun off topic fact, on many 3rd party resellers of NFL apparel, would you like to guess what the TOP selling jersey is right now? Y

                es and yes… Aaron Hernandez and this is why the rest of the world hates us.

        • pat

          Thank you for translating. I had no idea you were an athlete whisperer. You’re right, it’s ridiculous to think a 30 year old SS wouldn’t want to make the transition to supersub just yet. Why would he want to try and rebuild his value playing as a full time SS? That would be a really dumb decision.

    • Tisha

      and sadly you have a mouth that belongs in the sewer

    • Geno Bambino

      You’re sort of the definition of a troll, huh?

  • Dicka24

    I live in Boston. This guy is horrible. They rip his ability all day long on the radio, and wonder who he has naked pictures of, that warranted handing him $9.5 million. What’s ironic about the situation, is that he’s basically a platoon player for the Sox right now. Iglesias has passed him on the depth chart. I get why both teams are/were willing to grossly overpay for marginal players like Youk and Drew on 1 year deals. For teams like the Sox and Yanks money, on a 1 year deal, is pretty much disposable. I understood why Cashman made the offer to Youk, and why the Sox overpaid for Drew. Ultimately neither panned out, but come the end of the season, it was only money.

    What gets me about some of these players is their perception of their worth. Drew sucks really. The guy is a platoon/utility type player on a good team.

    • Jonathan

      Because before his ankle injury he was shaping up to be one of the better SS in the game and worth almost 5 WAR the year before. He hit for power, walked, had a little speed and played good defense. People were hoping he would have a bounce back year and even after that injury and poor performance in his recovery he was by far the best SS available.

      • RetroRob

        He has only once had a 4.0+ WAR season, despite being 30 and in his 8th year. Most of his value early on was defense driven, which was most likley noise in the defensive metrics based on his history. Those numbers would have regressed.

        I do understand why he took took $2.5M less. He’s only played SS and he’s trying to re-establish his value as an everyday SS so that he can make MORE money in the future. He didn’t think he’d get the opportunity with the Yankees, and he went to a team that many predicted would finish last. He wasn’t going there to win. He was going there to play everyday at SS and make more money in 2014 and beyond.

        Yet the role the Yankees offered him is most like the one he will need to convert to, but I understand his reluctance to go there now.

    • oh yea?

      Here is my rebuttal.

      Reid Brignac

      Luis Cruz

      Jayson Nix

      Eduardo Nunez

      Alberto Gonzalez

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’d rather have Cruz and Nix.

        • Dalek Jeter

          R-Tils, your Nix love has officially crossed into Suzyn Waldman territory =P

          • Robinson Tilapia


            • MannyGeee – Proven Starter

              “Every Day… EVERY day he does something.”

              Like she was expecting to show up at the stadium and see him laid out in left-center on a zero gravity chair drinking a Heineken and reading Weekly World News or some shit…

              • Robinson Tilapia

                Like Robbie Cano does.

          • MannyGeee – Proven Starter

            The kind of love that never shows up on a box score.

  • kenthadley

    Don’t think Drew would have been a difference maker had he come here. He would have helped, but his numbers haven’t been anything to get excited about.

    • Below the fold

      I agree but it would have been nice.

  • diedez

    I think this guy is nuts. He is a platoon player in boston. That could have gotten more playing time in NY thru the course of the year. Lets revisit this at the end of the year. May have a better chance at winning but not a being a everyday SS in boston.

  • Duh Injuries

    Awwww poor baby would have had to be a team player who’d have to do what’s best for the team not what’s best for him. Fuck him.

    He would’ve hardly been “fantastic” with that crap slashline which shows he can’t hit for average or get on base, and while 5 HR HR 31 RBI in in 262 PA would be about what a healthy all year decent Jeter would post in the first half of the season, it hardly would’ve been a difference maker.

    This guy is running his mouth about the Yanks (for what reason?) only because the Yanks just lost to the Red Sox which is pretty weak considering he had nothing to do with the Red Sox win last night. I’d LOVE for a Yankee to tell him to shut up and see if Drew confronts him one day.

    If you compare 2013 Drew and 2013 Nix, the Red Sox grossly overpaid for Drew at $9.5M while the Yanks grossly underpaid for Nix at $900K as Nix has been serviceable at best. I will say I would’ve chosen Drew over Youkilis who I never wanted on the Yanks because of his history of injuries which repeated itself but what’s done is done.

    • MannyGeee – Proven Starter

      In fairness, the beauty of being a free agent is that you can to EXACTLY that. Players have taken less money for more trivial reasons, comfort in where you’ll be spending the next 8 months seems as logical as anything.

      • Duh Injuries

        If he wanted “comfort” Boston is the last place on Earth anyone would want to play considering you will be in the fans’ doghouse for any number of reasons, especially if you get off to a bad start, aren’t perceived as worth the money, or certainly both. As demanding as us Yankee fans can be we don’t boo, taunt, and demonize our team’s players or pick on one like Red Sox fans do to their team’s players.

        Yeah, Drew can sign with who he wants to sign with who will take him, but he had to have known he was gonna be the Yankees’ everyday 3B until the All-Star break or at least for an indefinite period or possibly their everyday SS going into the season.

        He comes off like a guy who wasn’t confident that he could play so well at 3B or SS every day that he would play every day between the field and DH.

        Bullshit if he says he signed with Boston cuz he had a better chance to win it all with them after they finished 69-93 last season. He lucked out with Boston. The only reason he’s not a total dog to the fans is the Red Sox are doing very well. If this was last year he’d never hear the end of it.

    • going428

      It is par for the course in the Drew family just look what his brother did when he was drafted, both Drews thought they were great even back when they played at FSU, both very over rated.

      • going428

        He’s just following in his big brothers shadow in Boston.

  • OldYanksFan

    Speaking of Yankee and Boston middle infielders….

    “According to a major league source, the Red Sox made a formal offer to Pedroia…..”

    “Yahoo! Sports reported the deal could be in the $100 million range and average more than $20 million a year”

    Yikes! If the midget gets and AAV of $20m, what will Cano want?

    • Dalek Jeter

      I really think the lowest (in both years and dollars) that is even reasonable to expect Cano to sign for is 6/140

    • RetroRob

      They are probably trying to lock him into a new contract before Cano signs, knowing that will drive up his value substantially. Dustin Dinklage should hold out. He’s made millions. He might as well use the upcoming Cano signing as leverage.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    With that line and DL history, sounds like he thinks he’s actually on the Yankees.


    Tip your waitress.

    • Stevie

      Keep trying.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Hal asks Cashman to go sign the big Cuban guy. Brian misunderstands and comes back with Ronnier Mustelier.


  • EndlessJose

    Drew knew that Jeter would “pout” if he couldn’t pay SS and didn’t want a problem. The Yankees are so worried about there injured players and that’s why there in this mess.

  • Dan

    Wow. You’re not a “role player” huh? Well get ready to become one full time in the next 12-16 months buddy, cause you’re not that good.

    • Zack D

      He has a wOBA of .314 on the year, that would place him #7 for SS if he had enough PAs to qualify.

      I hate how people totally ignore positions of players.

  • Rick

    I think this truly just speaks to the fact that fans need shut the hell up before criticizing Cashman. We have no idea what offers he puts on the table, what players turn down, what move he chooses not to make that ends up looking like a win in the long term, etc. Like this potential move, there are so many we don’t hear about until months later.

    • jjyank

      “Like this potential move, there are so many we don’t hear about until months later.”

      This. Or potential moves that we don’t hear at all.

      I’m not saying that nobody can criticize the front office. But if and when you do so, it should be kept in mind that we really have a very limited understanding of the ideas that were discussed, the offers that were made, etc. Not saying that Drew would have been the right move necessarily, but who knows who else received a Yankee offer that we don’t know about?

      • Rick

        Exactly. I likely shouldn’t have been so stern in my words, but there truly is a ton of information we don’t know. Also goes to show that just because we put the highest offer on the table, doesn’t mean the player is going to accept. While we all would love to be Yankees, it’s not true for every player.

  • CONservative governMENt

    Drew would have fit in with the Yankees this year, for sure, but what really bugs me is the missed opportunity for Nunez. I had (somewhat) high hopes for him and now his stock is even lower (still unproven, injury prone, year older).

    Yankees need to pull the plug and trade Cano, Hughes, Chamberlain…

  • Bubba

    I think this is the perfect example to hold up to the dim bulbs who whine “why didn’t Cashman get player X… he sucks as a GM!” We have no effin idea what goes on in the front office. If we hear (ass number coming at you) 25% of what goes on, I’d be shocked.

    • jjyank

      Right. And say what you will about the Yankee front office, but they are pretty damn good at preventing leaked information too. It seems like most of the trades they make come without the usual weeks of rumors beforehand. As I said above, I’m not saying you can’t criticize, but you should do so while realizing just how little knowledge you have.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Mike should try a test post in which he makes up that Javy Vazquez signed with another team and claimed the Yanks offered him more. I wonder what the response to that would be.

  • MannyGeee – Proven Starter

    Meh, easy come easy go. Not the biggest Drew fan, but I could have seen the value added if having his bat in the lineup.

    If he was not going to be comfortable playing other infield positions, then his body of work potentially would have suffered and we (and by “we”, I hope you know I mean you….) woulda been all like “Cashman sucks for signing this assclown. We shoulda signed da Youkz instead”…

  • LarryM Fl

    Hey Guys, the fat lady is singing but we have not heard it as of yet.

    Cashman is a good GM. He formulates plans for the team based on ownership’s desires for the club. He makes offers and deals for the club. You hear about the ones made by signings for the most part. I’m so glad Drew singed with Boston. We have scissor hands making 560K and is batting a few points down from .233. To think I thought Tony kubeck was a weak hitting shortstop with a lifetime BA of .266 with 57 HRs. The guy would be worth about 15 million in today’s game.

    On another note I watched the game last night. My initial thought was did the Yanks sign a non compete contract with the AL East with that lineup/roster. The left side of the infield was hitting respectfully .042 and .213. Scissor hands had the higher average. The replacements after Gardner’s lax moment, Gonzalez and Cruz. You can not win with this roster. So the Yankees press to push Joba and Hughes in trades is way too late as the team free-falls in the race. They have minimal value as I can see.

  • Bill

    At 12M I think people would be criticizing Cashman for that move especially considering he’s on the DL right now, a place he has been no stranger to over the past few years.

    That said this is a guy I think the Yankees should again pursue in the offseason. He’s a very good defender at SS and solid offensively for the position. He’s potentially a solid option to replace Jeter when he hangs them up.

  • R Mann

    Ummm…is this a joke? a .232 hitter on the DL is the subject of a “we could have had ’em” article?

    The bar is really getting lowered as to what you expect us to be upset about.

  • vicki

    “and for me it’s been a blessing coming over here and playing with this team that’s got a lot of life.”

    this is a yankee dis, right?

  • Adam

    He can go fuck himself. Would’ve provided the same shit Nix has given us for that much more. I’m surprised he even remembered we gave him an offer with his concussion. Impressive.

  • Greg C

    How is starting at 3rd for the majority of the season a “utility role”? I’m sure the starting 3rd basemen for the first 60% (at least) of the season could have earned the other 40% with productive play. Maybe a handful each of DH, SS, 2nd, and days off scattered in there.

  • SeventhAce

    I can’t stand it when a player signs somewhere and then months later the player or a “source” comes out saying they refused a certain offer from blah blah team (specially Yanks, cause of their unlimited moneys) for an offer that was for less or the same money.

    If they’re really sticking it to the Yankees and showing them that they don’t give a fuck about their money, declare during the fucking off season that they’ll never fucking sign with the Yankees even if they offered a trillion dollars.