ESPN: Yankees fine both A-Rod and Cervelli

Saturday Night Open Thread
Heathcott & Sanchez team up in Trenton's win

7:30pm: Both A-Rod and Cervelli were docked one day’s pay, reports Wally Matthews. That’s approximately $153,005 for Alex and $2,816 for Cervelli, who said he was “too stressed out” to report to the complex on the day the suspensions were announced.

4:00pm: Via Andrew Marchand: As expected, the Yankees have disciplined Alex Rodriguez for seeking a second opinion on his quad injury without the team’s approval. This is the whole Dr. Gross/Mike Francesa thing. A-Rod denied receiving anything informing him of the discipline but acknowledged it could have been sent to his lawyer.

The Yankees also disciplined Frankie Cervelli for “failing to report to work” on Monday. That was the day the various Biogenesis suspensions were announced. Cervelli probably knew the suspension (and his decision not the appeal) was coming that day and never bothered to report to the complex in Tampa, where hew was rehabbing his hand and elbow injuries. The nature of the discipline is unclear, but both players were probably fined. They could have made A-Rod pay for his own medical bills or something.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Heathcott & Sanchez team up in Trenton's win
  • trr

    at this point, a non-story


    Anyone know why A-Rod was sitting today? Tired? Just one of those Joe brain freezes I’m guessing. Guy loves to play 30 guys a game.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Trying to keep him healthy for the playoffs


        heheheh =)

    • RetroRob

      A-Rod’s 38, coming off hip surgery, didn’t have much rehab, day game after a night game. Just a rest day.

      When A-Rod came back from the first hip surgery they played him a bit too many days and it caught up to him. He’s four years older now and has surgery on two hips. He’ll be back tomorrow.

  • Al

    American League
    East W L PCT GB L10 STRK
    BOS 70 48 .593 – 6-4 L2
    TB 66 49 .574 2.5 4-6 L4
    BAL 64 52 .552 5.0 6-4 L1
    NYY 58 57 .504 10.5 3-7 L1
    TOR 54 62 .466 15.0 5-5 W1

    • Laz

      And the Jays won the winter according to most writers, they were running away with the east.

  • RetroRob

    Outrage again A-Rod for taking PEDs.

    For 99% if all other players, such as Cervelli, nobody gives a shit.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Even Braun gets less shit for his doping, and that asshole got someone fired.

  • Massparking

    It’s about as tough to root for a team owned by this petty Steinbrenner family as it is to root for anything owned by the Dolans, or most other sports billionaire owners for that matter.
    But these fines take petty to a new low.

    • Steve (different one)


      • Robinson Tilapia

        Because it’s apparently easier to root for those sports teams owned by regular Joes like you and me. Oh, wait.

  • forensic

    $153,005 per day?

    Nice work if you can get it.

    • Laz

      I’d be happy with $2,800 a day,

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I could pay off my remaining student loans in less than a day.