Adam Warren will start tonight, Sunday still TBA


Adam Warren will start tonight’s game, the Yankees announced. I can’t imagine he’ll go more than three, maybe four innings, so expect to see a lot of bullpen. Andy Pettitte will pitch tomorrow and Sunday’s starter is still listed as TBA. Hiroki Kuroda is lined up to pitch that game, but I guess the Yankees are considering shutting him down. Not a bad idea considering how gassed he’s look of late. Brett Marshall or a bullpen game could be in store for Sunday.

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  • forensic

    Set the over-under for the series at 24 combined pitching changes for the two teams (4 changes per team, per game).

    Gotta take the over, right?

  • Tim

    Last week, Houston’s game at Cleveland garnered a 0.0 rating in the Houston area. Wonder if there will be more TV’s tuned to the game tonight in New York or in Houston…

  • Matt DiBari

    Aw, that sounds like we’re gonna see Joba again this year.

    That’s a shame.

    • forensic

      He could start on Sunday…

  • Eddard

    On Sunday I’d start Mariano. He came in as a starter and will go out as a starter. Full circle. Mariano wants to play centerfield so maybe they can move him around, 1 inning at each position.

  • Gonzo

    I was wondering if they would start Kuroda on Sunday. They still might, but if he’s part of next year’s plans, I wonder if they want to add to the wear and tear.