Kaplan: Nationals have asked for permission to interview Joe Girardi

Thursday Night Open Thread
A-Rod suing MLB for "witch hunt," buying Anthony Bosch's cooperation

Via David Kaplan: The Nationals have requested permission from the Yankees to interview Joe Girardi. They’re looking for a manager following Davey Johnson’s planned retirement. Girardi is under contract until October 31st, so no other teams are allowed to talk to him for another few weeks.

Unsurprisingly, it has been reported the Yankees are unlikely to give any club permission to talk to Girardi before his contract expires. Not only are they trying to re-sign him — the two sides recently exchanged contract parameters and are expected to talk again today — but letting him talk to another team right now only boosts his leverage. The Cubs are reportedly planning a big offer and I supposed the Reds could get involved as well now that Dusty Baker has been fired.

Thursday Night Open Thread
A-Rod suing MLB for "witch hunt," buying Anthony Bosch's cooperation
  • Chris Z.

    Silly question. Can he be traded for a competitive balance draft pick?

    • Pat D

      I’m guessing not. It would have to be something real, like a player. I guess the only precedents are the Piniella to Rays and Farrell to Red Sox moves. Those both involved real players, if I remember.

      • mitch

        You can’t trade him if he’s not under contract anyway

        • Pat D

          Obviously. I just assumed the OP was referring to if something happened by the end of the month.

  • mike

    I think this leverage for Girardi is great for the fans….if he stays, it will not just be for money, it will be to win in NY….the Nationals can offer success in a packed stadium every night, and the Cubs can offer tons of money.

    IMO Girardi will stay only if the front office convinces him he will not be working with a $90mm payroll outside of a declining Tex, Sabathia, Cano and Arod for the next few years…meaning the hard cap of $189 is not gonna happen

    • Mike Myers

      115mm payroll if you subtract A-Rod.

      Tex, Sabathia, Cano + 115MM should be a really good team.

      *I would underline ‘should’ if I knew how

  • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

    Paying Girardi $4mm+ per year for however many years is foolish IF it contributes in the slightest to the yanks not spending money on the field. Yes, I know that manager salaries don’t count in the cap (duh) but when looked at as an overall corporate P&L it’s yet another line item the Bros. Stein. have to consider.

    You may not agree that at $4mm it’ll have an impact, and that may be true. But to use an extreme example to make the point, if we paid him $100mm per year then it would clearly have an impact. The question is where the Steins draw that line.

    Fwiw I’m not of the view that he brings much marginal value beyond that of a league average replacement manager. His in game management is overly rigid to often tired oldthink, and I think the media management/clubhouse stuff is over rates. I’m more or less fine with resigning him, but not in a bidding war.

    • mitch

      I agree he’s not the type of guy to retain at all costs, and i wouldn’t be bothered too much if he moved on. However, I don’t think the media/clubhouse stuff if overrated when you’re talking about the Yankees. Things could get real ugly with the wrong person. The omnipresent Arod situation, the phasing out of Jeter, etc need to be dealt with the right way, and the ability to handle those things should be taken into consideration.

      • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

        I certainly agree it’s a factor, and needs to be considered as part of the screening process. I just think it’s over rated as a factor. See: Martin, Billy, who oversaw one of the most tumultuous club houses in MLB history, yet somehow found a way to win a couple of rings. (And in a sort of inverse, I do believe that an average manager likely would’ve won the titles Torre won in his years as manager.)

        All this said, I’m okay with being wrong on this point, and certainly have no issue being disagrees with.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Also, I’m sure a printout of the New York Yankees budget is more complex than anything anyone here has ever had to deal with.

      • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

        I bet it even has macros!

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

        …there may be a few folks here living in mom’s basement but I think a bunch of us actually have real jobs, and budgets aren’t that complicated…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t think media management is overrated at all, and I think Joe does a good job at setting strong professional boundaries with media. That being said, again, I don’t think he’s the only person that can do that.

      If you want to see how you can fail spectacularly at this in New York City, I give you Jerry Manuel.

      Can you imagine what it would have been like to deal with Billy Martin in the current media world? That story would have been written quite differently, wouldn’t it?

      • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

        See I actually completely disagree.

        Yes, of course the media landscape has changed dramatically in the ensuing decades. But I think those late 70’s teams win no matter what, that NO manager could’ve “tamed” them in any meaningful way, and certainly not in any way that would’ve led to more titles (the only way that matters in the context that I am measuring), and I also think a league average manager would’ve won Torre’s titles in his stead. Might the back page stuff gotten more “interesting” with someone else as manage? Sure. But those teams likely win no matter what IMHO.

        As for Girardi, I mean jeez he got into cursing matches (!) with reporters (!!) and fans (!!!) so it’s not like he’s mister smooth. (Note I’m not saying he wasn’t justified or that there was no provocation in these cases).

        Manual’s biggest problem was that his roster consisted largely of a bunch of choking chokers and guys who plain sucked.

        Again, I think it matters, I just think it’s over rated as a qualification.

  • ChrisB

    Are you kidding me? Girardi is exactly the right guy, at 4 million a year, to take this new 189 million a year Yankee team into the near future. Look what he did this year with less, because of injuries. Imagine what he will do with a team thats his and built around his philosophy, not the leftovers from the Joe Torre era. GIRARDI IS MUST HAVE FOR THE NEXT DECADE!!!

    • CashmanNinja

      I don’t know if the next decade is a wise move because sometimes you need a fresh face to shake up a team once they get too comfortable (see: Torre, Joe). I do think Girardi should be kept. I HIGHLY doubt the Yanks suddenly don’t get a player that would help them because they paid their manager a million or 2 more than they originally planned. This team was completely shredded, but Girardi helped keep them in the playoff hunt til the last freaking month! No Tex, Jeter, Youk, A-Rod, Granderson,a bad CC, etc. Add in the fact that he had guys like Andy and Mo retiring…he’s made all the right moves and did the most he could with what he had at his disposal. He was forced to play Ichiro, Vernon Wells, Nunez (when he wasn’t hurt), Nix, Overbay, Stewart, etc. The average lineup was downright AWFUL, but he still kept them in the Wild Card race. He’s handled everything admirably whether it be A-Rod or Mo. Managing in NY is different than managing elsewhere.

  • Pat D

    In other news, ARod is suing MLB and Selig and I may have wet my self laughing as a result of hearing this news.

  • Paco Dooley

    He’s staying in NY – they will pay him as much or more than anyone else will be willing to and he can remain in the position he is familiar with without disrupting his family. He has managed a world series winner and knows the team will try to compete. Those other jobs might be nice, but not nice enough to mean uprooting his family etc,

    And yes, he is worth $4+MM a year – as a single person he will have a larger marginal impact on winning outcomes than they can possibly hope to get from a player they can sign to put on the field. Plus, his salary does not count against the luxury tax.

  • hornblower

    No story here. Girardi will manage the Yanks if he continues to manage. No one will pay him what the Yankees will.

  • Tisha

    if he wants to leave, let him go. If he wants to uproot his 3 kids from their schools and friends, let him.

    • Mister D

      “And the same goes for you, every free agent with a family and manager under the age of 50 or so! Stay where you are!”

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I moved to another state when I was 14 and look what happened to me.