Reynolds and Ryan express interest in returning to the Yankees

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Joe Girardi and managing the transition

Via Dan Barbarisi: Mark Reynolds hopes to return to the Yankees next season and will have his agent contact Brian Cashman. The 30-year-old hit .236/.300/455 (105 wRC+) — a pretty great approximation of what he’d give you over a full season — with six homers in 120 plate appearances for New York this season. Given how hard it is to find right-handed power these days, the team should definitely consider bringing Reynolds back in a part-time/platoon role next season.

Meanwhile, Brendan Ryan told Chad Jennings he has some interest in returning next year, but also said it’s tough to know what the team will do given their unsettled infield situation. The slick-fielding shortstop hit .220/.258/.305 (51 wRC+) with one homer in 62 plate appearances after being acquired in mid-September. Ryan, 31, is pretty much my last resort at shortstop. I’d rather him play everyday over Eduardo Nunez, but I’d want the Yankees to look for a better shortstop solution — preferably someone who can actually hit — first. There’s a more obvious place on the roster for Reynolds than Ryan.

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Joe Girardi and managing the transition
  • forensic

    I want nothing to do with Reynolds next season. I already didn’t want him back, but then he left the last game early and really pushed me further into not wanting him.

    I’d rather him play everyday over Eduardo Nunez,

    Did you even need to this in there? Doesn’t it go without saying from you at this point?

    Anyway, I might prefer Ryan over Nix for the utility spot, but certainly wouldn’t like to see him play too much, which is unfortunately all but guaranteed given the injury concerns, age, and uncertainty all around the infield.

    • nycsportzfan

      Why? reynolds was fine. I was proud of his contributions, but don’t want him taking away from Nunez , who could be a 290BA 16hr 75rbi 25sb guy who plays decent at 3rd.. Yes, i’m high on Nunez.

      But Reynolds to back up Nunez, and Tex, and DH, is awesome! Pinch Hit agianst lefties late in games! Id focus on getting Brian McCann, and then getting creative. If its a Arroyo, Lincecum, C.Hart trifecta, then so be it. Sox did it with Gomes, Drew , and Napoli..

      • WhittakerWalt

        In…in what universe is Eduardo Nuñez a 16 hr guy?

        • SDB


    • Farewell Mo

      I think Reynolds would be fine as backup 1B, 3rd base and/or DH vs lefties. You’re not gonna find anyone better willing to take a part time position.

  • nycsportzfan

    I hope they both return. Reynolds can back up Tex, DH, and give Nuny a break at 3rd, and Ryan is spectacular with the glove, and hit better then i expected. He looks primed for a breakout offensive yr. Call it a hunch.

    I’d love to sign Corey Hart to platoon with Ichiro and spell the DH and maybe sneak in LF once in awhile, and also sign Brian McCann, and if we don’t bring back Cano, sign Kelly Johnson, albeit, i want cano, for far less then 300million though. Also, sign Bronson Arroyo and maybe Tim Lincecum. Lets hope Lincecum has a David Wells type effect on himself coming to the pr)instripes.

    1). Brett Gardner CF
    2). Derek Jeter SS
    3). Brian McCann C(without cano)
    4). Alphonso Soriano LF
    5). Mark Texiera 1B
    6). Kelly Johnson 2B
    7). Mark Reynolds DH
    8). Ichiro Suzuki/Corey Hart RF
    9). Eduardo Nunez 3B

    i hope we have cano though, but that lineup looks tough.

    Fire a CC, Arroyo, Lincecum, Nova, Pineda.. Lets do this!

    If giardi leaves,we hire Trey Hillman or Dave Righetti, because its my

    • forensic

      Arroyo + AL East + YSIII = new single season leader for HR allowed.

      • nycsportzfan

        Maybe, but i just think he knows how to pitch ala David Wells.. He has always been a guy who knows where to throw guys, and what to throw them. I think hes a 14-10 4.00-4.50 no matter where he is, and hes a innings eater..

        What do you think of seeing Lincecum with a change of scenery? Worked for David Wells , maybe him? Imagine Dave Righetti came here to manage and brought along Lincecum??lol I know, not reality. But can’t we have fun ?

      • Farewell Mo

        Not to mention you’d be bringing a shaky deteriorating Lincecum from the NL east and the cavernous AT&T park to the AL and YS3 bandbox. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

      • Roadgeek Adam

        Arroyo is much better for Citi Field over Yankee Stadium. No questions asked.

    • Jersey Joe

      Jeter at SS?

    • Algernon Blackwood

      Who is Pineda?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’m pretty sure he’s the one who’s not Avi Abelino.

  • pat

    Would be nice if we could pull some voodoo out of our ass and do to Reynolds whatever the Oriole did to Chris Davis.

    • nycsportzfan

      Chris Davis is Lefty, and much bigger and more of a prospect then Reynolds was. But Reynolds needs to be brought back. We played solidly when Ryan, Reynolds, Soriano, and even Romine(when he was n there toward end) were in there.

      Imagine putting Brian McCann in that lineup, with either Grandy, or Cano, or both, to go wtih Tex, Sori, Reynolds, Nunez(can flat out rake)..etc , with Brendan Ryan over Nix as bench number 1 for infield, which is huge offensive upgrade despite what stats say.

      I’d bring Corey Hart in and maybe Brons Arroyo as well. I’d think about Hudson, but ankles scare me now with Jeter and Adams.. Maybe a trade to Toronto for R.A Dickey?

      CC, Dickey, Nova, Arroyo/Linceum, Pineda/Phelps/Warren.. Nice!

      Sanchez, Williams and Khanle should get Dickey.

      • JAG

        Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams? It better get Dickey, that package is close to the best the Yankees can offer. I would not want to see those two guys dealt for Dickey.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Yeah, I like RA Dickey, but I don’t like RA Dickey that much.

          I promise I’m not back on the grammar bus, nycsportzie, but reading “Alphonso Soriano” is fingernails on a blackboard.

  • nycsportzfan

    Ryan looks like the type of guy who has a career high 270BA maybe double digit HRs, and 60plus ribbys to go with stellar Defense coming up..

    And if Giardi left for Chi-Town, and you had to pick between Trey Hillman Bench Coach Dodgers, Dave Righetti Pitch Coach SF, Sandy Alomar Jr Bench Coach Indians, Chilli Davis Hitting Coach A’s, or Tony Pena Bench Coach Yanks.

    I got a hunch on Trey Hillman. Much expierence in our system, plus held a spot where he had to see over the talent and managed big league club. Hes still fairly young as well..

    • Now Batting

      I hope for your sake you’re messing with us. Ryan is 31 with 2000+ ABs and is a career 237 hitter with 19 hrs

  • Dick M

    I’m the exact opposite Mike. I’d keep Ryan and I don’t want Reynolds.

    • Farewell Mo

      He’d have to play the field like Ozzie Smith to carry a 51 wRC+ and even that probably wouldn’t justify anything more than a utility role.

    • nycsportzfan

      I want both! I think our offene was much better with the R and R Boys.

  • dan2

    I am all for Ryan. Any ground ball pitchers will be glad to have him too.
    Jeter was barely adquate in the field before he got hurt. Now with more age and lingering effects of major injuries I think we can only hope he can make it as a DH.

    We also have to cover if Tex cannot come back fully, or needs more time off. Reynolds will be a good fit. We coud really use Chavez back again to make a good platoon at third and to help out at first.

  • Bobby Two Knives

    Two useful backups – Reynolds and Ryan – IMHO; but lets take care of other business first.

  • Jersey Joe

    I think both could be good signings.

    I really want to see Reynolds improve his defense at third. However, I would love to have him on as a DH option, sometimes playing 3rd, sometimes pinch-hitting, and filling in at first maybe.

    I feel like Ryan is a no-brainer. We got him cheap and he was OK with his hitting. I think a Ryan/Nunez split could be orchestrated for the shortstop and utility infielder positions. If one of them falters early on, just replace them with another infielder. This is really inexpensive, and if Drew is not willing to sign here as he was last season, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

    I really don’t know what to do about 3rd base. A-Rod will be suspended, but it all depends on how long he is suspended. If it is for 50 games, then having Reynolds play 3rd while Ryan plays SS could work. We are not going to find any quality third basemen anyway, but with Ryan playing next to Reynolds, the defensive problems could be balanced out.

    I’m not sure how much Reynolds wants, but if it is less than $8 million, then we have a versatile (1B/3B/DH) hitter who has displayed flashes of brilliance in NY along with a few solid seasons back in Arizona.

    If we can’t sign Cano, then this plan would probably not make any sense because of the extra money available to spend on SS/3B.

    Hopefully, the opening day lineup next year…

    Gardner CF
    Jeter DH
    Cano 2B ???
    Teixeira 1B
    Soriano LF
    Almonte RF
    Reynolds 3B
    Romine C
    Ryan SS

    Ichiro OF
    Stewart C
    Nunez IF
    Cheap righty bat (Thames-esque)

  • Darren

    Speaking of Russel MArtin’s 2 home runs tonight, he had some interesting comments in the Post today. Basically, he was like, yeah, catcher is fuckin important, why the hell didn’t you sign me!?

    • The Other Sam

      It’s October 1st and Russel Martin is playing baseball. That about covers it.

    • Matt DiBari

      Well, in Stewart and Cervelli we had a backup catcher that couldn’t hit and a backup catcher that couldn’t field, and I guess somehow that makes one starting catcher.

      Or something.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Except that Stewart could’t hit OR field.

        • SDB

          But he could frame pitches!

          • toad

            Then let him go to work in a frame shop.

  • Matt DiBari

    Honestly, considering the hype, I really, really wasn’t impressed with Ryan’s defense. The range is great and all, obviously, but I saw way too many mental and physical errors (highlighted by allowing a runner to score from second on a grounder) for a man that’s gonna hit .196. He’s a better fielder than Nunez, but so am I.


    • The Other Sam

      I kind of thought the same thing. The description was ‘elite defender’. But there were too many errors to call it that.

      Between Ryan and Nunez they might have a complete backup infielder, but there’s only so many infield utility guys they can carry.

      • Darren

        Totally agree about Ryan. Slag Jeter all you want for his lack of range but part of what makes him so great is the fact that he’s insanely consistent at fielding grounders and making smart baseball decisions. Good hands isn’t as sexy as range, but it impacts the game more frequently.

        • WhittakerWalt

          But Jeter can’t field grounders at all anymore because he doesn’t get to them.

          • Darren

            Obviously I’m talking about Jeter pre-2013. This year was a lost cause. Hopefully Jeter can recover to 2012 era of mobility. If he does, then he’ll be fine, assuming hie can still hit .275

        • vicki

          darren, stop.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Sometimes this is the best intervention.

  • Kiko Jones

    Bring ’em both back for the various reasons mentioned above. Great backup guys and if Long can actually fix Ryan, as he says he can, well…

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    Jurickson Profar. We send them Ivan Nova.

    • WhittakerWalt

      And they laugh at you. Why would anyone send you the top prospect in baseball for a headcase like Ivan Nova? Nova’s just another righthanded starting pitcher.

    • vicki

      they wouldn’t trade him for upton.

  • Tom

    Just say no (to both) The Mariners and O’s cut these guys… and they did it for a reason.

    Ryan would be OK as a backup if the Yankees had no other offensive holes – which would mean Ichiro and Stewart not playing and the Yankees finding a 3rd baseman who can hit. I don’t see that happening though (maybe they come to their sense and fix the catching position, pushing Ichiro to the bench as a 4th OF is probably asking too much)

    Over the last 3 years, Reynolds has put up a grand total of 0.2 WAR over ~1600 AB’s… that is pretty much the very definition of replacement level. That should be an emergency plan, not a “let’s go into the season with this” plan.

    Brendan Ryan has posted 3.6 WAR over the last 3 years – that wouldn’t be bad as a backup (~1.2 WAR/yr) but he is trending down and is at an age where his defensive value will start declining.

  • 189,189,189,…dont you hate thatnumber

    you would prefer a dead person over Nunuz.

    • vicki

      nunuz is good news.

      • Pat D

        You win.

      • entonces

        Eduardo Nunez aka “the Whipping Boy.”
        Hard to keep bashing a guy, though, who hits over .280 for half a season. And shows up in the final game lineup with a BA 20 points higher than anyone else on the team.

        • Pat D

          It’s actually quite simple.

  • vicki

    reynolds, ryan. throw in a murphy and an adams and our roster sounds like freekin nineteenth century mudville.

  • Kosmo

    Ryan and Reynolds ?? The Yanks can do better. Neither should be viewed as everyday players.

    Nunez is what he is a .260-.270 hitter who will consistently give you a 85+OPS maybe drive in 50 runs all the while being an iffy prop on D.

    NY can improve by signing FA Drew or via an unforeseen trade during the HSL. Trade for either Aramis or Freese. Either one could hold down the 3B position in Fort Bronx until the ultimate arrival of Jagielo. I´m sure either could be had at a moderate price.

  • mt

    For those who want to immediately dismiss Reynolds and Ryan because of all their flaws, I am not sure Drew is walking in that door given what I call the Jeter overhang situation – what free agent who has options to go to other teams is going to choose to deal with that. Ryan at least knows what he is getting into and he has fewer options.

    There also is an Arod overhang situation – so, especially for this year, go ahead and sign Reynolds – given they are are having a week of hearings every day this week for Arod suspension resolution and then may have to do more hearings at some point in the fall, I do not want to be left standing in December or January with no options or a panic signing of Youkilis type player. Reynolds can be a back-up 1B (Teix also has question marks) and DH and do occasional 3b if and when Arod comes back – before return of Arod, he and Nunez can manage third. I am also assuming Reynolds will get $6-7 million for a year – if he goes higher than that money, then move on. (I am also assuming Arod will get somewhere around 80-120 games suspension.)

    Jhonny Perlata may be a better choice than Reynolds but will Yanks go near a Biogenesis person? I have no idea.

    I am also assuming 2 major offensive upgrades – catcher and OF to offset the offensive challenges of Ryan and Reynolds.

    Basically these two cannot just be looked at in a vacuum of 2 very difficult (SS and 3B) situations.

  • MannyGeee

    Two days removed from the regular season ending, and Nunez has morphed into a 16hr guy, Brenden Ryan has morphed into a 20 hr guy, and Ivan Nova has gained enough trade value to acquire Jurickson Fucking Profar.


    Well done, RAB Commenters.

    • nsalem

      Some of those comments unfortunately seem to be the new normal here.

    • Kosmo

      You didn´t receive the last memo ? Yanks have struck gold with Ryan, Reynolds, Nunez. Early returns suggest Nova is next seasons leading CYA candidate.

    • Shittyshittybangbang

      Ok Manny, does Ivan Nova even move the needle if you’re The Rangers ? How much better was James Shields (Wil Myers trade) ? Better yes, but how much better ? Does inclusion of Gary Sanchez move the needle ? The Rangers have holes and have 2 M.L. shortstops, so they might be amenable. Profar is “great”, but he’s still a PROSPECT !

      • Kosmo

        Even if Nova is all that you think he is why would NY open up an even bigger hole at SP where the picking are a bit thin right about now for Profar ? You strengthen 1 hole at SS and create more of a hole at SP. NY would then be forced to dip into FA and pay a ton for underwhelming “talent“. Please don´t compare Shields to Nova. Shields is a much better pitcher with a proven track record.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        He is still a prospect for sure, but you’re not going to pry a guy who a team thinks has all the potential in the world, at this point in time, for anything less than much more than he is worth. That’t not Ivan Nova.

  • Wayne

    I could see the yankees giving up jose Ramirez Rafael depaula and Bryan Mitchell for Elvis Andrus on the rangers. They get replacement for jeter and rangers improve their farm system depth in pitching.

    • Kosmo

      and NY is saddled with a SS who is overpayed and tied to a long term contract. 15 million per yr for a 85+OPS SS.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Wayne has either been trading or killing off every pitching prospect the team has for months now. I think he was once a pitching prodigy who had his arm torn off by a rabid warthog and now takes it out on us.

  • CashmanNinja

    I actually wouldn’t mind keeping Reynolds and Ryan. Ryan would add infield depth and could be more of a utility guy. I really do like Ryan’s ability to play the other side of 2nd. He shows tons of range. Reynolds could play 3rd if he had to (if) and does have some right handed power. He strikes out a ton, but as a bench guy I wouldn’t mind him too much. In the end they should only be retained if they’re willing to take a team friendly deal because they are not guys you overpay for; they’re the kind of guys that you offer a fair contract. If they accept, fine. If not, fine. They aren’t guys you break the bank for.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I don’t mind either guy. They’re certainly not my Plan A at either position.

  • entonces

    Isn’t Reynolds already signed/ Didn’t Cleveland sign him to 2 year deal? If so, if they released him they still must pay 2014 salary. Reynolds may not cost anything. Or am I missing something here?

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    How ’bout that Italian fella from the red-sux, Mike Na-po-li. 2/3 years at 12/13 per. Or is he Youkilis deja vu ?

  • Eduardo VeggieTales Nunea

    I think we should sign Ryan Reynolds and solve our empty seat problem by selling out every night to single women over 30.

  • C.Roy

    If we can aquire enough offense I’m in favor of Ryan at SS. For instance, if we got Cano back and signed Mcann and Cruz and trade for Headley then we could easily have Ryan at the bottom of the lineup card and have an elite defense.