Tuesday Night Open Thread

Jeter has not yet made decision about player option
Reynolds and Ryan express interest in returning to the Yankees

After one day of silence, we finally had our first bit of offseason news this afternoon. Brian Cashman confirmed he spoke to Joe Girardi face-to-face about a new contract yesterday and is scheduled to meet with his agent tomorrow. The Yankees certainly haven’t made it a secret that they want to re-sign their manager, and Girardi has understandably played the “I need to speak to my family before making a decision” card. The Cubs canned Dale Sveum yesterday, so if nothing else, Girardi will be able to use them as leverage. Hopefully they can work out a new agreement and soon so the team can move on to other important business.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The Reds and Pirates are playing the NL Wildcard Game at 8pm ET on TBS (Johnny Cueto vs. Francisco Liriano), officially starting the postseason. Last night’s tiebreaker game between the Rays and Rangers was technically a regular season game. The NHL season starts tonight, but otherwise there’s not much else going on. You folks know how these things work by now, so have at it.

Sporcle Quiz!: This is a good one — you have to name the 95 (!) pitchers who have had a win saved by Mariano Rivera. I only guessed 55 and got almost all of the obvious ones, but I completely spaced on Hiroki Kuroda. There’s a freebie for ya. Good luck.

Jeter has not yet made decision about player option
Reynolds and Ryan express interest in returning to the Yankees
  • Darren

    I won’t try to get all 95, but I’m gonna try for some semi-randos.


    • Darren

      Got 41. Awesome quiz but that dredged up some bad memories!

      SPOILER: Tom Gordon. yuck!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You’d be wrong on a couple.

      • Darren

        Yup, I was wrong on a few. I thought Mo saved a few for Key and Kaminiceki in 96 filling in for Wetteland.

        Oh well, at least I remembered Brandon Claussen and Ron Villone when I took the actual quiz!

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I didn’t remember either. Darren wins.

          • Chris Z.

            40. I forgot Wang but. Remembered kei igawa. Because I was there and a friend said “you probably won’t see that too often”. Boy was he right.

            I’m glad I got some random bullpen ones tho.

            • JAG

              49, remembered Shawn Chacon, Aaron Small, Darrell Rasner (boy, what great days those were….:P), I forgot a couple fairly obvious but forgivable ones. Remembered Javier Vazquez but not Bartolo Colon or Kevin Brown. I was surprised Key wasn’t on there, but Sterling Hitchcock was.

              • vicki

                i call bullshit on you coughing up rasner.

  • Pseudoyanks

    Everyone in Chicago is wearing a Black Hawks shirt today.

  • Leg-End


    Quite bizzare how some of the lesser relieves just remain etched into the back of your memory though, Mitre, Witasick and Chan Ho Park have no reason to remain in there.

    Ah man, I forgot sweaty Freddy! Most winningest pitcher I forgot was Randy Johnson.

    • Robinson Tilapia


      My mind immediately went to Dan Giese and Darrell Rasner. Towards the end, Wickman and Hitchcock suddenly appeared.

      • JGYank

        Spoiler alert

        I got Gaudin, kennedy, albaladejo, rapada, clippard, rasner, bruney, and leiter. Some were just complete guesses admittedly.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Of those, I missed Albie, Clippard, and Bruney.

    • tmoney

      61 I missed Mussina though

      • tmoney

        I also missed vazquez because I choose to forget.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    52 out of 95. Most obvious missed was Ramiro Mendoza. Most recent missed was David Huff.

    I have zero recollection of Dan Naulty.

    That’s quite the trip down memory lane there.

  • JGYank

    That was hard. 40/95. Not too bad for a guy who started watching games in 08.

  • Lukaszek

    Got Ted Lilly and Phil Coke, so I feel accomplished already

    • vicki

      coke deals.

  • Robinson Tilapia


    200 out of 230

    Notable names forgotten: Kevin Youkilis (!), Bobby Abreu, Danny Tartabull, Ruben Sierra.

    I did get every Opening Day starter. I’m impressed.

    • Lukaszek

      >Didn’t live in America until 2004
      >Didn’t go to first baseball game until 2006
      >Didn’t start watching regularly until 2009
      >Mfw I get 150/230 right

    • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

      There was a 2000-2009 All-Star game lineups quiz I took the other day while on a Sporcle run.

      I got 183/188, or so. The only freebie I’ll give is that I TOTALLY forgot that Gary Sheffield played a year for the Braves.

    • JGYank

      171. Early 90s killed me. Missed Nix.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        There is no reason whatsoever to remember Tim Leary.

      • JAG

        I literally know almost nothing about the early 90s Yankees. I really wasn’t a big baseball fan until 2004, which was a truly upsetting time to start really following the Yankees. I could picture Mariano Duncan, Shane Spencer and Enrique Wilson in my head but could not name them for the life of me. I did get all the starting pitchers back to Jimmy Key.

    • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

      Missed Josh Phelps.

      Suddenly, I’m reminded of that amazing ARod walk off game against the Indians.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I actually got Phelps, believe it or not.

    • Get Phelps Up

      195. I did way better on the 92-95 lineups than I thought I would.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries


    I tried that same Sporcle when I saw it on Mike’s Twitter feed the other day. I don’t remember my total. I did manage to chew up some of the semi-big numbered pitchers when I thought back to the late ’90s and the relievers.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    Somewhere, people are going to whine about how playoff games at Yankee Stadium don’t get as loud as they are in Pittsburgh tonight, fully failing to realize that games of this magnitude haven’t been played in Pittsburgh in over 20 years, and that there’s about 20 years worth of frustration coming out of these fans on nights like tonight.

    I think the Pirates have a better chance at beating the Cardinals; much better chance, in fact. Couple that with wanting to see more PNC Park in the playoffs, and I’m full on the Pirates here.

    • forensic

      I’m still a big Burnett fan, so I’m rooting for them too.

    • Betty Lizard

      Rooting for the Pirates as well. Would love to see Clevelabd and Pittsburgh in the World Series.


      • Mandy Stankiewicz

        Missing the ‘Russell showing some muscle’ in 2013

  • cheddar

    You guys are impressive.

    I don’t know if it’s my recently turning 50 or anesthesia from surgery a couple of weeks ago, but I can barely remember who the closer was this year.

  • forensic

    I guess it’s too much work for Marlon Byrd to button his shirt all the way up?

    • http://riveraveblues.com/2013/10/tuesday-night-open-thread-17-94979/ Mike Napoli

      Shut up.

      • Manny

        Yea whatever bro

  • ClayDavis

    Martin just contributed more in a single postseason game than Chris Stewart did in a month. What a genius move that was..

    • Betty Lizard

      But teh framing.

      • Farewell Mo


        I loved that narrative last offseaon some used to justify going with Stewie as starting catcher because his pitch framing skills were so superior

  • Betty Lizard

    Russell Martin part 2.

  • WhittakerWalt

    I bet Chris Stewart would have put on a similar show.

  • David N

    Damn, Russell.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Dammit that was an awesome Sporcle, I hate that it was timed though.

    I drew a blank and only got 45…

  • WhittakerWalt

    I like watching Adam Dunn hit home runs. I hate having to hear Hawk Harrelson call those home runs.

  • YankeeTX

    Raise the Jolly Roger!

    Is it just me or does Ron Darling sound exactly like James Woods ?

  • i love the big long ball (once and future vicki)

    i’m not a goal. i’m a mandate.