NYP: Yankees have already contacted Omar Infante

Fan Confidence Poll: November 4th, 2013
2014 Payroll Breakdown: Part Three

Via George King & Ken Davidoff: The Yankees have already checked in on free agent infielder Omar Infante. Teams can not talk dollars with free agents until midnight tonight and the Tigers have already confirmed they will not make him (or anyone else) a qualifying offer. “Calling them all,” said Brian Cashman when asked if he has sincere interest or is simply doing due diligence.

Infante, 31, hit a career-best .318/.345/.450 (117 wRC+) with ten homers in 476 plate appearances for the Tigers this season while missing a little more than a month with an ankle sprain. He’s a high contact (9.2 K% in 2013), low power (.132 ISO) guy from the right side. Infante has been a full-time second baseman the last three years after starting his career as a utility man. He’s a solid player but not someone the Yankees would consider if they had any confidence in David Adams, who has a very similar skillset but is several years younger and millions cheaper.

Fan Confidence Poll: November 4th, 2013
2014 Payroll Breakdown: Part Three
  • dars

    If they let Cano go then we must sign McAnn, Beltran, Drew and a good 3rd baseman plus Infante…..

    • Cashman Sucks

      Guess you don’t want any pitching….

    • Tony

      I would love to see the Yanks sign Infante as well as Bryan Pena(Tigers catcher whom they have chosen to cut loose) and use the money that Cano will command to sign Beltran, A.J. Perzinski as well as two mid to back end of the rotation pitchers.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

        All they have is mid to back end of the rotation starters.
        They need front end of the rotation starters.
        Definitely no need to sign 2 C’s. They have plenty of internal backup C candidates.

      • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

        Why would you sign a back end starter? Why would we go out and acquire someone to be bad?

    • Darren

      They’re signing Cano.

    • MannyGeee

      This is silly

  • Dicka24

    If they let Cano go, they shouldn’t sign any FA’s that would lose them their 1st round pick. Instead, they should rebuild, and focus on signing lesser players like the Sox did.

    • MannyGeee

      this is also silly

      • D$1184

        Less silly but yes, still silly. If Cano gets away, it would require one of the most brilliant pieces of roster management ever by a GM to make the Yankees relevant in 2014. Even with Cano, it’s going to take a damn good job.

  • Nate

    Infante, Ruiz, Tanaka, Garza, Reynolds, Granderson

    Keep the 1st round pick. Get a pick for Cano.

    • MannyGeee


      • Nate

        Why is that silly?

        Cano is going to get a ridiculous contract. Obviously, I’d love to have him back, but probably not at what it would cost. If Cano signs elsewhere, than something like this seems to be decent attempt at fielding a team that can possibly contend.

        Not my ideal offseason, but hardly silly.

    • D$1184

      4th place, here we come!

    • D$1184

      Reynolds and Granderson in the same line-up = so very, very, very many strikeouts. Even more if Wells is somehow in there, too.

  • Blake

    Infante is easily the best target if Cano leaves to me…..nobody is gonna replace Cano but he’s at least a solid player. It would all depend of price of course…..

    I agree that if Cano leaves them they shouldn’t sign anybody that’ll cost them the best pick they have had in years in a strong draft class .

    Yes they could replace Cano’s production with a combination of other players but that just gets them back to where they were last year and clearly that wasn’t good enough……

    If they are going to lose that pick then they need to bring back Cano plus add more players…..McCann, Choo, Tanaka etc……if they can’t put a legit title contender on the field in 2014 then they should keep that pick

  • Andrew

    I don’t understand this idea that the red sox took ‘lesser’ players to fill their team this year.
    They want toast like they are the ‘every guy’, but just in this last offseason, they signed Dempster (a top FA for 13M/year, Victorino 13m/yr, Napoli (which was 3/39 before the hip industry), and they traded for two significant closers who both happened to get hurt.

  • dasani

    My two biggest fears, losing Cano and having Chris Stewart as our starting catcher in 2014.

    • Blake

      If Chris Stewart and Ichiro start for the Yankees next year then they aren’t serious about competing

    • D$1184

      I have a strong feeling that Stewart will be non-tendered. Why keep him around for even $1 million when you can get the same (or ever-so-slightly better) production out of Cervelli, Romine and/or Murphy for less?

  • Blake

    Cherington did a masterful job putting that club together but they also had a ton of good fortune.

    Victorino bounced back, Lester bounced back, Lackey bounced back big time, they got elite closer performance out of nowhere with Uehara….Papi hit like .700 in the WS etc .

  • Mike Myers

    how are we comparing 117 WRC to David Adams who:

    A) hits like 50 WRC
    B) Cant play 2B anymore.

    Cano at 25MM PLUS crazy long term contract
    Infante + Mccann + a LOOGY for 25MM MINUS crazy long term contract

    I would go option 2. Hate to see cano go, but its the best move.

    Look at the cardinals when they let Pujols go, or Sox letting AGON go, or Texas letting Hamilton go.

    Avoid the shiny object….

    • MannyGeee

      this whole goddam court is out of order…

    • Darren

      The three example you gave don’t compare to Cano.

      Hamilton was often injured, inconsistent, played a high impact position and had a history of substance abuse. Cano is none of these.

      The Red Sox TRADED Gonzalez because he was a malcontent and he contributed to the clubhouse mess and they wanted to get rid of payroll.

      Pujols comes close but he was more of a plodding first baseman than an athlete like Robbie.

      • MannyGeee

        Also, Pujols was already a health concern before he signed in LA.

        Horrible comps all around.

      • D$1184

        Also, it’s a lot easier to replace a first baseman (St. Louis has found two since Pujols left town, in Allen Craig and Matt Adams) and a corner outfielder than it is to replace a second baseman like Cano.

  • BronxBomber

    Red Sox were also helped immensely with the salary dump to the Dodgers – if that doesn’t happen, they don’t have nearly the flexibility to make these moves.

  • tommy cassella

    if the yanks could lose with cano, then they certainly
    could lose without him.

  • Don Bonomi

    Dear Yankee fans. I don’t have much faith in the Present Yankee ownership and G.M..Brian Cashman. The Steinbrenner family talks about putting a competitive team together but actions speak louder than words and I don’t believe that they have the same burning desire that their father had to put together such a team. When George wanted to get the players he needed, he did so and made no excuses to the media and to Yankee fans when the team failed to reach their ultimate goal. Their conservative approach to spending, poor draft selections and a weak minor league system, and a really out of touch G.M. will keep the present parent Yankee club out of the division race for quite sometime.
    As for Brian Cashman’s famous saying: “you sift thru the nuggets and separate the gold from the rest of the debris”. I ask all you Yankee fan how come all the Boston fans got the gold in 2013 and the Yankees ended up with all the debris. The reason is that Cashman isn’t a good gold digger, yet ownership has continued to trust his baseball judgement instead of questioning the “debris” he has signed the past few years. Jeter’s career is coming to an end and the Yankees need new leaders and new heroes that the fans can cheer and be proud of. Let’s hope the Yankee brass can do better “sifting” and sign new leaders and heroes for the next generation of Yankees.

    • mike

      Despite my wanting to point holes in the line of thought because of specific instances which could contradict the narrative, generally i agree with the “big picture” points.

      this is NY, these are the Yankees, and we have a GM who proudly is jerking around with Chris Stewart and Nunez as viable options to wear the pinstripes.

      if you want to be the Brewers – a few star players every now and then, nuggets in the FA market, not be a financial bully….then go work there

    • D$1184

      Yes, because Boston was able to win this one year, it clearly shows that they are geniuses and the Yankees scouting people up to and including Brian Cashman are idiots. Because there are people out there who are successful at what they do every single time. Because Mike Napoli and Kevin Youkilis didn’t face the same odds as being boom or complete bust and it wasn’t just shitty luck that this time, the Red Sox got boom and the Yankees got bust. Because predicting how a player will do next year isn’t, at least to some degree, always a crapshoot and freak injuries (like Granderson’s two this season, for example) should always be able to be 100% flawlessly predicted.

    • Jonk

      Dear Don Bonomi,

      Please kill yourself.

      Thank you.

      • Don Bonomi

        Dear Jonk,

        It’s “jerks” like you who make ludicrous statements like yours who should be arrested and locked up in prision for the rest of their lives. Your comment doesn’t really deserve a response but if you had half a brain you might trying writing a comment worth reading. Until then you should refrain from such advice to people you don’t even know.

        Best to you,
        Don Bonomi

  • MannyGeee

    If the Yankees have in fact already contacted Infante, it can mean a number of things:

    1. They are looking at Plan B for Cano’s departure. I doubt he’s going anywhere (ZOMG TAKE TEH DRAFT PICKZ!!!!!!!) but if he is, then you have to think they are going on a binge spend. I guess Infante would be the logical choice here to hold down 2B.

    2. They realize they will need a proper glove for the infield because of Jeter’s legs or A-Rods legal woes. This is the most logical choice for why they’d go for this guy.

    3. They are doing their own version of Cherington’s ‘sign all the mid level guys!’ move, which would not at all surprise me.

    Either way, I am not loving or hating the move. It just… is

    • Steve

      My god those all caps spelling jokes never get old. You’re just so god damn witty! I did notice that you made a mistake but not adding some 1s and ones in your !!!!!s though. Keep that in mind for next time, I’m sure you’ll trot it out a few more times today anyway and practice does make perfect. Hope this wasn’t too silly for you.

  • Conor

    Mike said it himself. What the Sox did, and the results they got, was 99th percentile stuff in a lot of ways. If teams try to duplicate their model it won’t work out well.

  • Nick

    As a fan of the Yankees.

    (A)I have no problem with the Yankees going out on a spending spree to try and win. Mind you, the last time they did not make the playoffs (2008) That offseason they went out and spend 250 million on 3 players and won a WS.

    (B)Just because the Yankees are signing high priced free agents doesnt mean they are ignoring the farm system. Believe me, if there were better options than what they have now in the minors, they would be playing.

    (C)This idea that the Red Sox won build young talent and win “that way” is complete nonsense. The Red Sox have 3 players on their roster that are homegrown players who actually contributed this year and that was Pedroia, Lester and Ellsbury. Napoli is high priced free agent, as is Lackey, Ortiz, and the Japanese closer who has a name I cannot spell. They spent just like the Yankees did for a lot of 1 or 2 year contracts that were hit or miss. This year the Red Sox hit and the Yankees missed, we shall wait and see next year

    and (D)I know Arod’s contract looks terrible (and it is) But the fact of the matter remains that since the day he got here in 2004, he has been our best player at that position. And even know they are paying him a ton, they have tried to sign other players such as Youkils for 13 million and try other guys there such as David Adams, Nunez, Lillibridge, and even dating back to Cody Ransom, hardly equal to an even declining Arod. Maybe Yankee fans should not be so quick to get rid of him, until they have a SUITABLE replacement.

  • Tony

    Peralta, Pierzinsky, Infante, Bryan Pena. Cut loose Chris Stewart, Cervelli and give Romine another year at AAA. Take a flyer on Josh Johnson, resign Reynolds and Brendan Ryan.

  • Kramer

    Release Wells.

    Teixeira will be back playing flawless 1B and hitting .250 and if we get that from him by June (as usual, with him) we should be happy, as long as he doesn’t strike out two or three times in each game like Granderson.

    Let Adams play 3B every day, then once A-Rod comes back, let them share the 3B chores. I think Adams is one of those guys (unlike Nunez, who should be sent packing) who will benefit from every-day-play. Nunez will never learn how to play defense, and all he’s ever been for us is a utility guy who makes errors. Interesting that he’s seemed to learn how to hit, sometimes, but…is that enough? not so far, i say.

    Let Brendan Ryan handle all our worries about SS, and have K-Long spend the entire winter teaching him how to hit. Takes the pressure off Jeter, whom i doubt will have a Mariano-like “comeback” year.

    Sign Infante. Good Riddance to Cano or anyone else who wants a 10-year deal, regardless of the asking price.

    Jason Nix can fill in the blanks defensively, just in case.

    Sign McCann. Let Stewart go. Romine is a waste of time; a lifetime minor leaguer. Cervelli can back up McCann, if he can be an adult about it, which is yet to be seen.

    Yankees NEVER win without a slugging catcher. Shoulda kept Muscle Martin. Big mistake there. when he busts out offensively, watch out.

    Re-sign Granderson, despite the high strike outs. He’s only 32 and he’s gonna roar back, for sure. Grandy & Soriano in Left Field.

    Sign Carlos Beltran in Right Field, with Ichiro filling in twice a week and pinch-hitting when we need a bunt.

    Gardner in Center every day. Gold Glove year for him.

    A-Rod, Beltran, Jeter & Soriano platooning at DH. That’s 4 classic hitters to choose from. Girardi will be in heaven.

    That leaves pitching, and i swear i haven’t the foggiest idea what to do about THAT.

    I think Kuroda ran out of gas after the all-star break, and at his age, i think that’s a bad sign. Let him go back to Japan.

    CC is just so-so and we have to just deal with that, or trade him. i think he could be good trade bait. He’s no ace anymore. we all know that.

    Hughes is useless. Consign him to the history books.

    Nova will be a HUGE question mark. Just because he had a great year in 2013, doesn’t mean that in 2014 he won’t suddenly look more like Hughes again, like he used to. Maybe worse.

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