Thoughts following the Brian McCann deal

Yankees turn gaping weakness into immense strength with McCann
Cafardo: Yankees have inquired about Matt Kemp
Beard's gotta go. (Presswire)
Beard’s gotta go. (Presswire)

Last night, the Yankees made the single biggest upgrade they could have made this winter by agreeing to sign Brian McCann. They got close to nothing from their catchers last season and now they have one of the four or five best in baseball. McCann still has to pass a physical before the deal becomes official, and while that isn’t expected to be much of an issue, he did have surgery to repair his left shoulder last October. The team needs to take a good look at that. Here’s some other stuff I have to add.

1. Five years and $85M is pretty much exactly what I expected McCann to receive and probably a bit of a bargain in the current market. I mentioned in the Scouting The Market post that the bidding could get so out of hand — lots of big market teams need catching help (Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, etc.) — that it could take a sixth guaranteed year to land him, but the Yankees were able to avoid that. There is a vesting option, however. This is the third largest catcher contract in history behind Joe Mauer (eight years, $184M) and Mike Piazza (seven years, $91M), but it’s the largest free agent catcher contract ever. The previous free agent record was Jorge Posada‘s four-year, $52.4M deal prior to 2008. Good catchers are never available. This is also the largest contract the Yankees have given out since signing Mark Teixeira. As for the draft pick … who cares? I have no problem giving up a first rounder for a player of McCann’s caliber. The full no-trade clause bothers me more than the pick, but whatever.

2. The contract will count as $17M towards the luxury tax threshold these next five years, so, based on my most recent (unofficial) payroll breakdown, the Yankees still have about $27M left to spend this winter. They have to re-sign Robinson Cano with that money, so it’s not as much as it seems. Of course, that $27M would become roughly $61M if Alex Rodriguez is suspended for all of next season, but that’s hardly a guarantee at this point. If he’s suspended only 50 games, it still jump to $35.5M or so. The McCann contract means one of three things: a) the plan to get under the luxury tax threshold went out the winter, b) they’re going to let Cano walk, or c) they’re confident A-Rod will get suspended. After adding McCann, I don’t see how they can realistically re-sign Cano and stay under the threshold without Alex getting suspended. I mean, it could be done, but they would have very little to spend the rest of the winter. Some payroll shenanigans are afoot.

3. Although I think the Yankees should hang onto their catching prospects unless they get an overwhelming offer, I certainly understand the idea of trading one to help the team elsewhere. Gary Sanchez is the best prospect of the bunch but I actually like J.R. Murphy more as a no-doubt long-term catcher and think he is the best bet to take over behind the plate whenever McCann makes the transition to first base/DH. Assuming Frankie Cervelli serves as the backup next season, Murphy could spend the year with Triple-A Scranton (only played 59 games there last year) before starting a Joe Girardi/Jorge Posada-esque apprenticeship in 2015. That would make Austin Romine trade bait even though he probably has the lowest trade value of the trio. Still, young catching is hard to find and the Yankees should have no trouble finding a taker for Romine if they indeed decide to move one of their young backstops. I’d hang onto them just a bit longer though. None are sure things and catching depth can disappear in a hurry.

4. I’ve been messing around with batted ball distances these last few weeks — wrote this recently — because I think it’s pretty interesting, but I’m not quite sure what to do with it yet. I’m not sure how predictive it is or anything like that. It is fun to look at though. Courtesy of Baseball Heat Maps, here is every ball McCann has hit in the air since 2007, when the data started being recorded:

McCann Batted Balls

The vertical clusters are individual seasons (2007-2013 from left to right) and each red dot is a batted ball hit in the air, meaning a fly ball, a line drive, or a pop-up. Doesn’t matter if it went over the fence, fell in for a hit, or was caught for an out. If it was hit in the air, it’s in the graph. As you can see, McCann’s average batted ball distance (the black line) has been relatively unchanged over the years. I did add the blue line at 350 feet to show he didn’t hit the ball that far as frequently as he once did these last two years. That coincides with his right (front when hitting) shoulder problems, and there is some evidence suggesting an injury to the front shoulder can sap a hitter’s power for a few years or, in some cases, permanently. This doesn’t mean McCann is doomed or anything, he was a very productive hitter this past season, I just thought it was interesting.

5. So what’s next? Aside from getting Cano locked up, of course. The Yankees still need help at third base and in right field, but I think pitching is the biggest item on the agenda right now. Brian Cashman said they’re looking to add two starters this winter and that’s easier said than done. It doesn’t sound like Masahiro Tanaka will be posted anytime soon, but they could target a cheap-ish second or third tier guy to at least get the ball rolling. I’ve come around quite a bit on Scott Feldman (3.86 ERA and 4.03 FIP in 181.2 innings in 2013) and think he’d be a real solid pickup at the right price. The FanGraphs crowdsourcing and Jim Bowden (who’s been ridiculously accurate so far) both expect him to sign a deal worth right around $9M annually this winter, which is more than fair (and probably a bargain) for a number three-ish starter in this market. Landing someone like that solidifies the rotation while leaving enough money (assuming A-Rod is suspended) for Tanaka or Hiroki Kuroda or someone like that. Either way, pitching stands out as the biggest need now.

Yankees turn gaping weakness into immense strength with McCann
Cafardo: Yankees have inquired about Matt Kemp
  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    Greater than signing the best 2B FA to hit the market in years?

    • whozat

      That wouldn’t be an upgrade, it’d be maintaining excellence.

      • The Other Mister D

        I beg to differ. Right now, Cano is not a Yankee. David Adams is the 2B if they make no more moves.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          I think “single biggest upgrade” refers to single biggest upgrade over last years team, not over the current roster.

          • whozat


  • Theonewhoknocks

    Couldn’t be less interested in Feldman.

    Get Tanaka and you have a CC, Tanaka, Nova, Phelps, Pineda base.
    Is Feldman an upgrade over the back 3 of those guys? I don’t feel like he is, and if that’s the case then you don’t spend $9-10mil on the guy, you just wait the marker out and find a cheap back end flyer that will add to depth and compete with those guys for a spot. If you’re going to spend $10mil on Feldman, just spend the extra $6mil to bring Kuroda back.

    Love the McCann deal. A reasonable contract in an insane market that fills our biggest weakness

    • Mike Axisa

      Is Feldman an upgrade over the back 3 of those guys?

      Yes, he is, substantially in the cases in Phelps and Pineda. You’re not replacing those guys anyway, all you’re doing is knocking them down a peg so they’re 4-5-6 instead of 3-4-5.

    • Slugger27

      feldman is not better than nova no, but its really hard to project him to be worse than phelps or pineda. hes an upgrade over those 2 for sure

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Feldman would absolutely be an upgrade, and the starting five you cited would scare the bejesus out of me. Every one of those guys comes with a major question mark. Even adding one solid guy there would make a difference.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Feldman is almost definitely an upgrade over Phelps.
      Who knows what, if anything, Pindeda will do?
      Feldman might even be an upgrade over CC at this point.

      That said, I think ideally they need a #1 and #2 starter caliber this offseason. I don’t see a sure #1 available, so I think that makes it more important for whatever 2 starters they sign to be as strong as possible. I don’t think Feldman quite qualifies for that, but budget constraints, as well as age, might make him a better sign to go along with hopefully Tanaka than someone like Garza, Kuroda, or Jiminez.

    • Mr. Roth

      It depends which nova you get. If you compare Feldman to crappy nova, then Feldman is certainly better.

    • qwerty

      I’d be surprised if Kuroda isn’t worth close to or even as high as 20 million on a one year deal. Six million you say? What drugs are you on?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        I think he meant $6M more than Feldman’s likely AAV.

  • Steve

    I’d rather they spend $9M on Feldman than on Nathan/Balfour. Probably an upgrade over Phelps/Pineda and if not they stick one in the bullpen. Low expectations for Pineda at the point. Kinda love the idea of Pineda in the late innings. Would love a Tanaka + Feldman/Colon pairing.

    • Robinson Tilapia


      • Robinson Tilapia

        But not on Pineda in the bullpen part. Missed that part.

        Not on the Colin part either.

        Basically, I only agree with the money going towards Feldman rather than someone who’d theoretically push DRob.

    • I’m One

      Yes, definitely agree with Feldman over Nathan or Balfour. I actually prefer Feldman to Colon and would love the Yanks to sign him and Tanaka. Hopefully CC comes around and that could make for a good rotation.

      With McCann locked up, I thin the Yankees &/or Cano’s team look to get serious about negotiations. If they can’t get him, then go get Beltran or Granderrson & Infante. I’d hate to see Robbie go, but the team can’t wait forever or be stuck with a contract that ties them up financially for the foreseeable future (they’ve got those kinds of contracts already).

  • Jill

    I don’t know how they can stay below the 189. If they resign Cano they need a RF and then pitching. I was hoping maybe they could sign Ellsbury and use Gardner as trade bait along with a catcher and bring in some pitching? Just a thought.

  • Pacman

    It is a great signing for sure! Catching depth now: McCann with cervelli. Stewart ? Romine, Murphy, Sanchez. You have to like the depth. Let Murphy and romine roll with AAA. Sanchez AA. Cervelli plays vs lefties. Great situation! Next is: cano, sp, 3b, rf. I would like Reynolds back too. 3b and 1b, good bat off bench. Come on cash and comp.

  • Joe R

    What is the site where you can lay spray charts over different teams fields? Im curious to see McCann’s laid out in YS. How much more HRs he wouldve had

  • Guns

    “Is Feldman an upgrade over those 3 guys (Nova, Phelps, Pineda)?”

    Feldman’s FIP over the last three years has been pretty consistent at 3.99, 3.81 and 4.03. By comparison, the inconsistent Ivan Nova has posted 4.01, 4.60 and 3.47. Phelps has posted 4.32 and 3.81 over the last two seasons, mostly in relief.

    You could argue Nova is the better pitcher and won’t get too much resistance. He’s got the upside. But he’s been very inconsistent and one would have to believe his true talent level is more around his 4.01 FIP rather than the other two extremes. Which makes him about equal to Feldman. I also think you have to definitely take Feldman as an upgrade over Phelps, who hasn’t started more than 12 games in a season, and over the huge question mark that is Pineda. And you’re not just plugging a hole with a back end number 5 type. Feldman could legitimately be the number 2 starter on this team depending on what happens with the rest of the offseason. I think he’d be a nice pickup.

    • Poconos Adam

      FIP on Feldman was surprising….I didn’t think of him as consistent, but that’s pretty good. Problem is that he barely averages 6 innings a start. I mean, I’d rather have his consistently decent 5.3 innings than 5.3 of Hughes (if he could last that long in a game) or some AAAA guy…..but I think talk of him being a #2 SP is a bit optimistic.

      I just don’t see how resigning Cano happens if 189 is still in play…..if 189 is in play, they still HAVE TO assume ARod gets paid this year…otherwise all of the efforts can get blown up.
      I think he’ll get 50 games min., but at this point, who knows.

  • Steve (different one)

    My best guess is that Hal is taking the Joe P. approach. They will blow through the $189M to the extent that ARod’s money is coming back. If it doesn’t, they live with it. If it does, great (for them)

  • Mouse

    I think the Yankees will still try their best to stay under 189 and still spend but if they can’t, then so be it.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    27m left if they stick to the celery cap, which they’ve said over and over is simply a goal, and I’ve always believed they’d punt on at some point this offseason. My guess is it’ll be when it’s time to find the hidden pot of gold to pay Robbie.

    All those guys you mentioned would be the epitome of a fifth starter. I’d say find a vet for those guys to push, but it’s not a top priority. Get the two other top/mid guys you need first.

    Soriano plays left. Right is next on the list.

    You have the choice to believe they’re going to be aggressive this offseason. They just did it last night. You’re choosing to go down the road you’re going down.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      This was a reply to what seems to be a deleted post, not to Mike.

  • dasani

    Unless this is it for the big signing this winter, there is no way they are going to stay under that magic 189 million number if they are seriously going after Beltran and Drew and two or three more SP’s,not to mention Cano. They are probably hoping A-Rod gets suspended, but if you listen to his camp they truly believe they beat Selig and his gang of thugs hands down.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Their camp would say that no matter what.
      I think they realize it’s a lost cause and are trying to set things up for the lawsuit.
      I doubt ARod storms out and refuses to finish the hearing if he really thought they were going to win.

      • Captain Turbo

        I doubt ARod storms out and refuses to finish the hearing if he really thought they were going to win.

        Why not? It’s good theater. The man’s a showman if nothing else.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Putting on a show to make it look like he was treated unfairly to try to further the grounds for his lawsuit.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    “the Yankees still have about $27M left to spend this winter. They have to re-sign Robinson Cano with that money, so it’s not as much as it seems. Of course, that $39M….”

    I may still be hungover, but I’m confused.

    • Mike Axisa

      I forgot to add the $12M in benefits when I wrote the post and fixed it before I published. I forgot to change that second $39M there.

      • Matt :: Sec110

        cool, like I said, I’m probably still hungover, butI thought something was fishy.

  • Now Batting

    Don’t get the Feldman love. I’d just as soon have Hughes back (which I don’t). He’s younger with a better career ERA and FIP. This team needs a #2 not a #4/5.

    • zs190

      That #2 guy is supposed to be Tanaka or Kuroda. Cash said the team needs 2 starters(400 Innings), Feldman is supposed to be the lesser guy like Mike said in this post. He’s ok but not great, you are not signing him to be the #2 guy, but as a #4 guy? I would be alright with that, though giving $9-10 million is another thing, might not be able to fit that kind of salary in under 189 plan even with ARod off the book next year.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      They need a #1 and #2.
      That’s going to be difficult to find in general and especially with any budget constraints.

      I agree Feldman isn’t ideally what they need, but he’s not a bad fallback option if they can’t get what they need and the contract is reasonable.

      And I’d take Feldman over Hughes all day, every day.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Love” would be term, from me at least. I’d like him as a Plan C for the middle of the rotation and a Plan A for the back of the rotation if we’re really pulling out the moneybags.

  • Delbert Grady

    I love this move. I think this was primarily about HR’s from the catching position but also about team character. With Jeter struggling with his health and Mo retired, the Yankees needed to find some new leaders in the clubhouse. If the reports are true that McCann is that kind of guy off the field, it’s a step in the right direction. When the Yankees get real offense from the catching position, the Yankees win. Although I can only imagine Girardi sobbing hysterically right now that he can’t start a no hit, great pitching framing, catch & throw guy the majority of the games behind the dish. I’m glad the Yankees are taking away his woobie. His falling in love with players who reflect his own abilities as a major leaguer is his kryptonite.

    • Lukaszek

      I really like your psychological approach to this. Makes you think, how does playing time affect major league managers? With Billy Beane I think it’s the opposite; he was an impatient player with very little power, so he starts to sign powerful, patient players in order to fill the hole that he could never fill when he was a player himself. What about Dusty Baker? Maybe the only reason he wears down pitchers so much is because when he was young he was worn out by his parents or coaches, so he wants the young pitchers to go through the same experience, almost as a “Rite of Passage”

      • Delbert Grady

        I do think there’s a psychological flaw to Girardi and I think Cashman needs to really build a roster full of depth so Girardi can’t get fixated on his “professional baseball player” types. Girardi ,outside of his post season heroics, was not an offensive catcher and lost his job here to one. I don’t think that ever sat well with him. While Beane favoring guys with patience and power shows he recognized the things that kept him from succeeding in the majors, I think Girardi thinks that catcher is a defense first position and any marginal offense is gravy because thinking otherwise indicts the career he had. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was stumping for Stewart to back up McCann right now. We wasted a season of active development for Romine and Murphy (to an extent) playing Stewart. And to be fair, I think this is Girardi’s only big flaw as manager. I like the rest of what he does for the most part.

      • LiterallyFigurative

        That only works if the Yanks had another option at catcher after Cervelli got hurt.

        Girardi’s main catchers have been Posada (offense), Martin (defense and power), and Cervelli (improved defense and some offense). Romine is a defensive catcher first, so it’s not like he was sitting Mike Piazza in order to pay Chris Stewart.

        To make this a psychoanalysis is a bit of a stretch.

  • D$1184

    I’m confused about point 2–do they have $27 million or $39 million left to spend here?

    • Mike Axisa

      $27M, the $39M was before adding in the $12M in benefits. I goofed.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Anyone else readying/hearing that Kuroda is leaning towards returning? So that’s probably $14-15M.

  • BrianMcCannon (formerly HateMclouth)

    Already have my new handle ready.

    I kinda hope A-Rod doesn’t get any suspension. Granted, that’s very unlikely, but if that were to happen it would probably go a long way in making ownership scrap 189. Especially since I really don’t see Cano going anywhere else. Who else can still be considered in on him? The Rangers?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The one that crossed my head was “Yes We McCann.”

      Yes, that can be had.

      • BrianMcCannon (formerly HateMclouth)

        Haha, that one ain’t bad!

  • MC

    1). Great signing with McCann. He is Yankee material in addition to all that’s been written.
    2). I’m on the record saying that I could see Cashman signing Johan Santana for $5mm with incentives for innings pitched, etc.
    3). There is a big part of me that is in the camp that the Yanks might walk from Cano. Two weeks ago, I’d put less than 5% chance on that, today I’m thinking it’s 50/50.
    4). Arod without question is suspended 50 games (considering that’s what the other player received and served) – more likely 100 games and at this point, the entire season seems inevitable. That 100 games is approximately McCann’s $17mm salary.
    5). I no longer see Beltran being an option for the Yanks.
    6). Infante slots in very well.
    7). They really need to focus on acquiring a young 3rd baseman or outfielder via trade. Headly not happening.
    8). I read in the NYDaily News this morning that Kuroda has informed people he will return next season?

    • MC

      9). Talk of Matt Garza has been crazy quiet and I could see the Yanks having interest in him, if for 2-3 years.
      10). They are likely better served signing Cervelli and trading Romine or Muprhy. Murphy seems to be the more valuable of the two and that’s using their assets best at this point.
      11). Tanaka is still an option, but hard to speculate how that whole situation will play out.

      Do the Yanks match up well with the Twins? They’re looking for arms and a catcher and a Phelps/Murphy trade for?

  • Michael

    My theory – They would like to stay under 189 if A-Rod suspended for entire year, but are willing to go over if he plays at all.

    They realized that if A-Rod plays the whole year, they would still not be competitive if they stayed under 189. And, if they approached FA trying to get under 189 with him, and he ended up suspended for all or part of the season, it would be very difficult to improve the team after the decision. It would also be difficult to add talent in next year’s FA class, so 2015 would probably be a down year as well.

    So they think that they can go up to 189 without him, and be competitive (plus set themselves up better for 2015 and beyond). If he ends up playing, then they will accept going over, and he will improve the team by playing.

    • OldYanksFan

      Assuming ARod is suspended the whole year (or 150 games) is NOT a good bet. Assuming he plays the whole year is a worse bet.

      He WILL be suspended… the question is how long.
      You can guarantee at least 50 games (saves $8.3m on the Cap)
      65 Games (Braun) is probably a safe bet ($11m on the Cap)
      I think 85-125 is the range, but considering the Cap, 65 is the most I would assume.

      • Now Batting

        You need to factor in the home run bonus if the suspension is less than a full season.

    • Captain Turbo

      I’d say that’s a pretty sound theory.

  • mike_h

    Yankees need to make these moves:

    1. Trade Gardner + Romine + Heathcott for pitching I’m sure they can fetch something for that trio

    2. Sign Cano

    3. Sign Ervin Santana as a starter

    4. Sign Shin Soo Choo to play CF next season

    5. Sign Tanaka

    6. Move Phelps to bullpen

    • lou

      I’m in with you! If they trade Gardner this off season I’m going to do the biggest jig ever! Behind closed doors tho ;)

    • Dalek Jeter

      1. Where is all this Gardner hate coming from?

      3. GAWD NO! I wouldn’t touch Ervin Santana with the Red Sox’s money and the Met’s roster. He’s one season removed from being literally the worst starter in the majors according to fangraphs.

      4. Defensively, Choo is below average in Right field, in CF for the Cardinals he was like 1 step away from unmitigated disaster.

      2/5. Absolutely on board, sign me up for both yesterday

      6. Nah, if he’s not starting in the majors, let him wait in the wings in AAA. I’d rather them try to keep him a starter unless absolutely necessary (same can be said for Pineda, Nuno, Nova, Marshall, etc.)

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        But how was Choo in CF for the Reds??

  • lou

    Love the signing hopefully the Yankees keep adding more. Go after Choo or Ellsbury, Beltran, Let the market play of for Cano I don’t see anyone making offers.

    I would like to see Choo in pinstripes Yankees have been lacking a true leadoff hitter for quite some time. Let’s just play here for a bit.

    Choo OF
    Jeter DH SS
    Cano “if” 2b
    Mccann C Yea!!
    Beltran “if” RF DH
    Tex 1B
    Soriano LF DH
    Gardner – I cannot wait till Gardner is no longer a Yankee
    3B ? Would have been nice to land Freeze. I think a package of Gardner + Prospect could have got the job done.

    • OldYanksFan

      And who exactly are our 5 SPs?
      And what makes you think we can afford McCann, Cano, Choo AND Beltran? NO WAY!

      With McCann onboard, we now have about $35m to spend. That could be Cano and an OF’er, but A SP is far more important. So we are now looking at 2 of Cano, Tanaka, #2-#3 SP, Choo, Beltran)

      • lou

        Adding more doesn’t mean the entire Boat load.


    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      You cannot wait until one of their most valuable and cost effective players is gone?
      That makes sense.

  • Farewell Mo

    Kudos to Cashman for making this deal. While I do have some concerns about McCann, specifically the fact that he’s caught a lot of games, is turning 30 and has had a major injury, this was a move they just had to make if they were serious about being a playoff contender the next few years.

    As Mike mentioned, they stlll need a couple of starters though I disagree somewhat about Feldman. Sure, he’d likely be solid as a 4th or 5th starter but with CC and Nova both uncertainties, I think they need a couple of guys closer to front end like Tanaka, Garza and Kuroda rather than another back end guy. Between Phelps, Warren, Nuno and Pineda I think they have enough between those 4 to at least fill the 5th spot.

  • Forget 189

    Yanks need to go all in now. Forget the cap. Resign cano and kuroda. Sign tanaka , choo and Eric Chavez. Hope arod only gets suspended for 50 games. Spending the money now allows the farm system to continue to develop. If they don’t go all in they’re just punting and overpaying while punting.

  • Captain Turbo

    It sure sounds like they think they will have to let Cano walk. I don’t see any reason they should give him more than 7 years and even that is pushing it. A-Rod’s probably not going to get more than 50 games if that, so they can’t count on that money.

  • matt s

    This could be a good opportunity for the yanks to bend a little on their archaic no facial hair policy.

    McCann has a nice well groomed beard, no reason he should have to shave.

  • C. Roy

    I’m not sure if it’s been discussed here but I just read the article on ESPNNY about trading Sabathia for Kemp (no reason to think this would happen, they were basically thinking out loud). Thinking it over I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. It depends on how you feel on the current FA market with regards to SP vs OF. Also, what you think about the two players rebounding. I would say if they take Ichiro too for their bench it make be temping. Use the $ that would have been to Beltran on another SP. At that point its possible we could do Garza, Nova, Tanaka, Jimenez and Feldman.

    • Wicomico Pinstripes

      Trading Sabathia would have to be a pure salary dump. Kemp’s salary is almost as large as Sabathia’s. It’s an interesting thought but I’d put my money on Sabathia rebounding before I would Kemp.

    • MC

      It was the stupidest proposal of all stupid proposals. Take a guy who is under contract for longer, more expensive, at a position that we don’t really need for our #1 pitcher who is cheaper, under contract for a shorter period? Did I get that right?

      Kemp is the type of player that is all style. Has immense talent, but he a two time wonder. Meaning he’ll have 2 maybe 3 MVP like seasons over his entire career and the rest moaning and groaning and frankly, being a bit of a pussy, which he is. He is NOT Yankee material. I love how CC who is/was a consensus top 10 pitcher in baseball for the past decade has one ONE (ONE FREAKING) bad season and now we need to listen to shmuck proposals like that? Yeah, sure CC may fall back some, but my money is that he wins more than loses in the next 3 seasons. Pisses me off. This whole CC thing. Guy had one bad (and it wasn’t even that bad – see John Lackey, and 100’s of other pitchers for BAD).

    • Poconos Adam

      So you’d basically want 4/5 of a new rotation and all of the players from FA? In this market the pitching you lined up there will cost above 50 million…maybe in excess of 60 million or more since obviously there would be an increasing bidding war as each guy came off the board.
      Not gonna happen.

      CC will bounce back to be at least a decent SP again. Sure, his days as an ace may be in the rear view mirror, but he’s got plenty of solid innings left.

      • qwerty

        CC didn’t just have an off year, the effectiveness of his pitches, outside of his slider has taken a career altering tumble. You can see this in his advanced stats. He can’t possibly be expected to give the yankees anything next year.

    • johnnyb93

      The Dodgers want cheap prospects for Kemp and will eat some of his contract for same. Sabathia and Ichiro do not fit the profile.

  • Wicomico Pinstripes

    You have to think the FO is operating as if Rodriguez will be suspended. A Cano resigning is becoming more and more obvious. He really put himself in a whole with the $300m talk. The Yankees leaking of their 7/161 offer didn’t help either. Anyway, you would still need two SP, an OF, a 3B, a back up 3B/ 1B, and two or three relievers. Where is that money coming from?

    Perhaps, they were always operating this way. Personally, I always thought they should have had this line of thinking. Some sort of Rodriguez suspension has been inevitable for a couple of months.

  • mustang

    For years this site along with many in the media have thrown the words “Yankees Budget” like they actually mean something. While Hal has always stated it as more like a goal then a line in sand. I think Hal understands that his 2.3 billion dollar empire runs off putting a product on field that at least gives the perception of a championship caliber team.
    Although it may not be the seemly bottomless pit that his father had he is not going to let the millions of a tax-hit ruin a 2.3 billion dollar company. That would truly be a dumb business model.

    • Wicomico Pinstripes

      I think 189 was a real plan within the organization for a long time not just some idea that the media and fans blew out of proportion. I do, however, think this plan has either been revised or scrapped altogether due to lack of on-field performance and fan attendance/ interest.

      • mustang

        Ok, well said.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Hal, Randy, and Cash brewing up a nice fresh cauldron of reality potion.

    Hang in there, Robi. It’s almost ready.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    CF Gardner
    SS/DH Jeter
    2b Cano
    LF Soriano
    C/DH McCann
    1B Teixera
    3B Reynolds (Until Alex returns)
    RF Ichiro/Wells/Almonte (two of the three)
    Bench/9th hitter Ryan/Cervelli/Adams


    • Poconos Adam

      If 189 is in play…..maybe, nah….that means we still have Kuroda, Tanaka and Cano to fit…..not sure they’ll make it.

      Even with that roster, ss that team, with its age and injury history winning 90 games?

      I agree Reynolds is coming back — probably most cost effective answer at 3b.

  • Wayne

    The mcann signing gives more time for Gary Sanchez to develope at aa. Also think their other catcher prospect peter o’brien can be a brandon inge type player with power.

  • Wayne

    If we sign kuroda but not Cano the more hard we go after tanaka i think. Real high bid like 100 mill for his rights. But i don’t know how the new rules coming affect that though. Do we end up bidding succesfully but more than we need to do or less than we needed to and lose out.