Yankees make qualifying offers to Cano, Kuroda, Granderson

2014 Payroll Breakdown: Part Three
Replicating the Red Sox

The Yankees have officially extended qualifying offers to Robinson Cano, Hiroki Kuroda, and Curtis Granderson, the team announced. Qualifying offers are worth $14.1M this offseason. Players have until next Monday to either accept or reject the offer. If they reject and sign with another MLB team, the Yankees will receive a supplemental first round pick as compensation regardless of whether their new team has a protected first rounder. All three guys are likely to reject the offer and test the open market.

2014 Payroll Breakdown: Part Three
Replicating the Red Sox
  • WW

    What if Kuroda signs with a team in Japan?

    • pablos ham sammich

      What if Kuroda sings with a team in Japan?

      • Chip

        We don’t get a pick then, he has to sign a major league contract in the MLB to get the pick

        • I’m One

          And I’ve heard he’s not such a great singer anyway, even in his native Japanese.

          • Chip

            He’s certainly no Koda Kumi

          • MannyGeee

            There is a karaoke joke here somewhere, I’m sure of it.

        • KeithK

          Are you sure we wouldn’t get a compensatory pick in the Japanese league draft?

          • RetroRob


            Sadly, but yes.

  • AnthonyD

    Hate to say this, but the Yankees are approaching Knicks territory where, when they do something that is completely logical, I’m pleasantly surprised.

    • Chip

      Agreed, I was terrified that they were going to let Granderson walk which would be the dumbest move of the offseason.

      • I’m One

        Letting him walk would not be the dumbest thing, but letting him walk without extending a QO would have been (which is what I think you meant). I’d gladly have him back at 1 year/$14.1 mil and would certainly consider a multi-year deal at the right price. He’s not a must sign, but can certainly be a very valuable piece at the right price. If his wrist his healed, 30 – 40 HRs (even with a low-ish BA and a ton of SOs) is very valuable.

        • Chip

          Yeah, that’s what I meant, the words just didn’t quite make it from the brain to the keyboard :) Offering him a QO is an obvious move but I was still afraid they wouldn’t do it

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’s what happens when you live and die with every little contradictory rumor which gets repeated on the internet. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but we add to our own stress that way.

  • Robert

    Do Minor leaguers on the 40 man roster get paid the ML Minimum or do they just recieve the basic Minor League Salery?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      It varies depending on the player,
      but 40-man roster minimum for players in their first time added to the 40-man roster for 2014 is just $40,750.
      For players in their second or subsequent season on the roster, the minimum is $81,500.

      Some players make considerably more (for example, Boesch got a pro-rated $500K for his time in the minors while on the 40-man roster this year)

    • Bob Buttons

      I think they get paid the MInor league salary while playing in the minors or DL in minors, and major league salary in the majors, or major league DL, or bereavement, all that.

  • Farewell Mo

    Thank God.

    To let Grandy walk away without even getting a pick back would have been a crime

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Thought so. The Curtis rumor just made zero sense to me.

  • MannyGeee


    Yup, this is just about what I expected. I can dig it.

    • Betty Lizard

      Easy there. It’s not 5 PM yet is it? Still plenty of time for disaster.

  • 42isNotMortal

    OK, let’s say Kuroda wants to end his career in Japan and he accepts a contract of equal or greater value from a NPB club. Why not award the Yanks a compensatory pick? They still lose an equal amount of value and production.

    I’m guessing there is no such clause due to the potential abuse factor, such as declining the QO and signing with a NPB club only to immediately retire, but I still see a possible disadvantage for the Yanks here. I mean MLB is the top league but not the only one in the world.

    Also, A-Rod, Pujols, Fielder. Learn the lesson here Yanks, no more then 6 years to Robbie. No one at 30 is worth it.

  • Preston

    I hope we bring back Curtis. There are only three legitimate everyday OFers that are on the market this year, Choo, Beltran and Curtis. Even missing 100 games this season Granderson has the highest 3 year WAR total of the 3, and the most optimistic Steamer projections for next year. He is four years younger than Beltran, and even though he’s older than Choo, he runs better. The bonus that we would get to keep our 18th pick instead of surrendering it for Choo or Beltran (while swapping it for a pick in the 30s for Granderson) is icing on the cake.

  • Dicka24

    Common sense for the win!

    I’d expect Kuroda to resign with NY, or go to Japan. So no pick there. Still the right move to offer it. It decreases his options, and helps the Yankees leverage.

    I’d peg Grandy returning at 80/20 to be honest. I think he either accepts, or resigns here for 2-3 years. It just makes sense to, and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s in it for the last penny like most. So it’s unlikely the Yanks get a pick in the end. Which is fine.

    Cano is actually the one that I have the most concern with. He’s so good that someone will probably make a bone headed offer to him. He’s so important that the Yankees might be the one’s that make it to him. I’d say the odds of him returning are 60/40. It’s probably higher than that, simply because the Yankees will be more willing to resign him at absurd dollars, than me. 5-6 years at $120-150 million would be the absolute limit for me. If he’s looking for $200 million plus, then good bye.

    • Preston

      The Yankees are rumored to already have exceeded that in their offers to Cano. I think Prince Fielder’s contract is about what Cano will get. Is it the wisest use of the money, no. But they have it, and there isn’t anything better to spend it on this off-season.

  • steves

    Not sure this has ever happened before but what if Grandy declines and it turns out that no team wants to sign him AND give up a pick. Yanks are no longer bound to pay him $14.1M and, having all the leverage, they tell Grandy if he wants to play in 2014 he can play for $2M. Is Grandy SOL at that point? Is his only option to sit out a year and wait for 2015 to try it again as a free agent without compensation? Can Yanks tell him to find a team to do some version of a “sign and trade” so Yanks sign him and then trade him so his new team doesn’t lose a pick and Yanks get something for Grandy?

    • Tom

      I’m not entirely 100% certain, but I think he could sit out until AFTER the draft and then there would no longer be a comp pick attached.

      The sign and trade is a bit sketchy – Selig has already said he will not allow obvious sign and trade deals to circumvent the comp pick. There was also a rule in the old CBA about a waiting period prior to trading someone you just signed (I seem to remember this when the Yankees added Garcia and Colon and had a bunch of pitching heading into spring). I think the team has to wait until May1 (maybe May 15th?) prior to trading someone just signed, unless they have the players permission. And if they get the player’s permission, then it would probably look like a circumvention of the comp pick process.