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Fair or not, I will probably always remember Chris Stewart as the guy who struck out on two strikes. He was so awful in the second half and that just seemed like the ultimate rock bottom. Stewart is a backup catcher who was miscast as a starter, and that is on the team, not him. The Yankees planned on giving him significant playing time, they admitted it before the season, but it was a plan that was doomed to fail. Frankie Cervelli saved their bacon for a few weeks in April before suffering what amounted to a season-ending hand injury. The Yankees agreed to sign Brian McCann last week and traded Stewart to the Pirates today, a move that makes sense for both sides. He can be a backup and the Yankees have a real starting catcher.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The Saints and Seahawks are the Monday Night Football Game, plus both the Rangers and Devils are playing. It goes without saying at this point that there’s some college something on somewhere. Talk about Stewart, McCann, any of those games, or anything else right here. Have at it.

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  1. forensic says:

    I think people are getting way too excited about this Chris Stewart trade.

    Just wait until the PTBNL is… Chris Stewart.

    Never forget Cashman’s 80 troll tool!

  2. Wayne says:

    Just heard the actor Paul walker died in a car accident. Yeah speed kills man! Condolences to the Walker family!

  3. mustang says:

    Twins “Nolasco’s deal is a four-year, $49MM pact with an option for 2018,….Nolasco’s deal will give him a partial no-trade clause that will allow him to block trades to three clubs”

    WOW!!!!….. I’m serious is there something going on that I don’t know? Please guys I’m calling on all the sabermetrics people help me make sense of this because i just don’t see it.

    • mustang says:

      This happen Wednesday and he passed his physical today I totally missed the signing on Wednesday.

    • Wicomico Pinstripes says:

      It’s not a bad signing. He’s a reliable innings eater( at least 185 IP in five of the last six years) and has decent peripherals. Career 3.52 K/BB ratio and a 3.76 FIP. Edwin Jackson received a similar deal last year( 4/52 I believe) but had a lower career K/BB ratio and higher FIP. Those numbers don’t mean everything but they seem to be pretty good indicators of talent level.

      Minnesota might have had to offer a higher AAV or more years because they just aren’t that desirable of a location. They do have a good home park to pitch in but haven’t contended in a few years and don’t quite seem to be on the verge of contending either.

    • Tom says:

      Nolasco has been one of those guys who’s ERA has never matched his peripherals.

      His career ERA- is 108 (8% worse than average)
      His career FIP- is 92 (8% better than average)

      It seems like a bet that his ERA and actual performance will catch up to his expected performance (FIP, SIERA, xFIP, etc) – normally that’s a decent bet, but when a guy has a consistent mismatch (like Nolasco), you have to start wondering if it’s not an anomaly.

      I actually like the deal and don’t think it is crazy as people seem to think. He’s also been very durable – at least 180 innings in each of the last 4 years.

  4. mustang says:

    “Nationals Acquire Doug Fister From Tigers”

    They probably give up Bryce Harper at these prices.


    • Tom says:

      The early reports being rumored don’t seem to be like they gave up all that much

      Lombardozzi – not much more than a replacement level 2nd baseman/utility guy at this point
      Robbie Ray – lefty pitching prospect
      Ian Krol – lefty bullpen arm

      Maybe I’m missing something but this seems like highway robbery by the Nats. At this prospect price I would have loved to have seen the Yankees take a run at him.

    • mustang says:

      “The Tigers have officially announced the deal, which will send Fister to the Nationals in exchange for Lombardozzi, Krol, and Ray.”

      Hey, Mike or anyone know anything about these guys? I know very little about minor league prospects especially from other teams, but 2 lefties and second basement sounds like a nice hull to me.

      • mustang says:

        Can someone tell me what the Yankees equivalent would be in prospects?

        Early reports say the Tigers got robbed.

        • Danny says:

          Tough one, maybe something along the lines of Nunez, Cabral, DePaula/Banuelos …. No good direct comp here, Lombardozzi is a Util guy, Krol a solid middle reliever and Ray should be a solid MOR arm, the guys at BP said they would rank him as the Tigers 2nd best spec.

          • mustang says:

            Wow! Really

            What the fuck is going on?

            There no place like home, There no place like home……

          • Farewell Mo says:

            I think DePaula or Banuelos are probably both better prospects than Ray who according to Keith Law projects as a back of the rotation starter

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              I would agree with that.

              I’d have loved for the Yanks to be in on him.
              I’d had loved for him to hit a HR in an inter league game, just to hear Sterling’s HR call for him.

              • Lukaszek says:

                “Doug fisted one!”


                “Fister dug one into the seats!”

                or maybe even…

                “Yo, wassup Doug?”

                as last resort…

                “Do it Dougie-style!”

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Rumors say the PTBNL is from the group group of Harper/Zimmermann/Zimmerman/Strasburg’s firstborns.

  5. forensic says:

    Two years and $8 million for Dioner Navarro? Two years and $22 million for Scott Kazmir?? Doug Fister traded for what appears to be spare parts???

    Is this some alternate baseball universe I just stumbled upon?

  6. Steve (different one) says:

    Could the Tigers just be clearing salary for something big? Didn’t Jay-Z and Eminem tour together….

  7. Betty Lizard says:

    25 page article on Alex Rodriguez in New York Magazine. Looks like terrific reading for Alex lovers (me) or Alex haters (not me) or those who love the drama of “As the MLB turns” (definitely me).

    Off to read my iPad version.

  8. Bob Buttons says:

    I want the Yanks to take a look at Bailey, Kalish and Hanson.

  9. Cuso says:

    I’m looking at this Fister trade and imaging both sides attempting to free themselves up to make a run at Cano.

    Which really means the fister deal has no bearing on Cano one way or the other.

    • Washington has a 2nd baseman, and this Fister deal is really crap. Lombardozzi is a bench player, Krol was a failing lefty arm and Ray is the No. 7 prospect in the system. They wanted Taylor Jordan, and even if they did, I still think this is pathetic.

      • Cuso says:

        I agree with all of that except the Washington having a 2b thing. Rendon won’t prevent Natties from pursuing Cano.

        They may not try, but it won’t be because of Rendon. There’s still a chance they give up on Zimmerman at 3B and move him to first while shifting Rendon back to 3B where he was before last year.

  10. Farewell Mo says:

    With Strasburg, Zimmerman, Gio and Fister, the Nats might have the best rotation in baseball.

  11. Tom says:

    This is pretty much the 2nd time Fister was dealt for a whole bunch of nothing.

    I guess since Dombroski basically stole him from SEA a few years back for Furbush and Casper Wells, he must have felt the need to pay it forward?

  12. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Man Johnson just got traded to the A’s. There goes 4-5 blown division saves the Yankees were probably relying on…

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