Sanchez tops Baseball Prospectus’ list of the top ten Yankees prospects

MLB and NPB officially announce new posting system
Monday Night Open Thread

As expected, C Gary Sanchez sits atop Baseball Prospectus’ list of the top ten Yankees prospects. The list and half of Sanchez’s write-up is free, but you need a subscription to see everything else. RHP Jose Ramirez somewhat surprisingly shows up as the number two prospect, and I say surprisingly only because he’s had trouble staying healthy and is looking more and more like a reliever long-term.

The rest of the list after Ramirez is followed by the usual suspects, no real surprises there. RHP Luis Severino, C Luis Torrens, and RHP Jose Campos get mentioned as guys on the rise while LHP Manny Banuelos, RHP Rafael DePaula, and RHP Bryan Mitchell are mentioned as prospects who may contribute at the MLB level in 2014. I’d like to see DePaula get High Class-A hitters out first before penciling him in for big league time next summer. As for the top ten talents age 25 or youngers, it’s just the top ten prospects with RHP Michael Pineda sandwiched between Sanchez and Ramirez. I think you could make a case Pineda should be ahead of Sanchez even after the shoulder surgery and two lost years.

MLB and NPB officially announce new posting system
Monday Night Open Thread
  • Mike Myers

    Maybe its wishful thinking but I see no reason why ManBan cant be a front line starter.

    He was arguably the teams top prospect then blew his elbow out. Doctors have figured out tommy john really well. A lot of players come back just as good.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Yeah, he still might end up as a 2/3, Homer Bailey type. (Probably closer to the 3 side, though)

      • Laz

        I’d still be happy with that. Dream for an ace, but I’d be happy if they had a cheap cost controlled #3.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          I don’t think anyone other than us ever had him begged as an ace. More of a #2 if everything went right.

  • Matt DiBari

    “and is looking more and more like a reliever long-term.”

    Isn’t developing middle relief what the Yankees are good at though? Might as well play to their strengths

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    These reports always frustrate me. Pretty much every player in our system gets called a probable platoon bat or middle reliever. I don’t know how anyone reads these and doesn’t get depressed.

    Or takes them all that seriously.

    • Bill O

      Usually those projections are right though. And in the case of our current minor league system there’s not a lot to get overly excited about. There will always be the guys that rise above and make their projections look foolish, but there’s a larger percent of guys that don’t even live up to their mild projections.

  • pepes pizza

    Anyone else think it would be a good idea to see if Pirela could work as a platoon with Johnson at 2b next season? Low K rate, walk rate good very good range at 2b and hits well to right.

    • Preston


    • Required

      what happened to Mustelier?

  • PunkPitch

    Well, at least we have three first round picks next June to bolster this saggy, crusty, flacid teet of a minor league system… oh wait…

    • Matt DiBari

      It would probably be more depressing to get excited over the three picks and then watch them blow them.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Who gives a fuck? Unless something goes very wrong, Ellsbury will produce more value than those three picks do on average over the course of his contract. Then you add McCann’s production, then you add Beltran’s production. In all likelihood, it won’t be close in terms of total value. Late first round picks aren’t anywhere near as valuable as people who’ve read Baseball America a couple of times think they are.

    • Required

      first round draft choices dont amount to shit to a tree. Ask Dante Bichette or Cito Culver.

      • Fin

        While I agree with you, people need to stop holding up Bichette as a failed 1st round pick, he was picked in the 50s, second round.

  • dkidd

    i’m still clinging to the hope that pineda and manban achieve their ceilings

    and that cc returns to form
    and that nova figures it out once and for all
    and that kuroda has one more season left in the tank
    and that phelps takes another step forward
    and that nuno is a useful piece

    hope is a thing with pinstripes

    • camilo

      Good Stinking! Optimism with the rotation, and pessimism with the offense makes them a >90 win team. you can still tell yourself you’re impartial

  • Tom

    I don’t understand the mention of ManBan as a potential 2014 contributor. He wasn’t ready for the bigs before the TJ injury and I don’t see how he both recovers (which for starters usually takes 1/2 to a full year) and further develops inside a year while also likely being on an innings limit.

    I think things would have to have gone horribly wrong if he is getting anything beyond an emergency start in 2014. Best case seems to be he stays healthy, shows some improvement in his walk rate and breaking ball and maybe competes for a spot in the rotation in 2015.

    He’s still a good prospect, but people are talking as if he was ready for the bigs before the injury and simply needs to get healthy.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Uh, he went under the knife at the end of 2012. The 6-12 month recovery process happened during the 2013 season. He’s fully healthy now.

      It wouldn’t be at all surprising if ManBan comes up in the second half, at which point he will still be just 23 years old. It’s entirely possible that he won’t be ready, TJS is never a guarantee, but if all goes well, he’ll come up to make some starts in July or August and put himself firmly in contention for a rotation spot next year.

      • Tom

        Uh….it generally takes a half season to a full season for a pitcher to regain command and feel for his secondary stuff. You are confusing physically healthy with pitching effectiveness.

        Rarely does a pitcher pickup a ball and is throwing with the same effectiveness from day 1 after this injury. For relievers it seems like it takes at least a few months of pitching to get back, for starters as much as a year. And again it’s not like he was ready for the majors before the injury so not only does he need to regain his past effectiveness, he needs to improve upon that as well.

        You think he’s doing all that in 2-3 months and he might be good to go in July or August?

        And on top of that Banuelos max innings in any season has been 135-140 (I think?) Fully healthy he’d be on an innings limit, coming off almost 2 years of almost no pitching, I think his innings will be carefully monitored/restricted.

        • Bill O

          They might use him out of the pen late in the season. Otherwise you’re probably right that he won’t be doing much at the ML level next year.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Ah, okay, when you said that it takes 6-12 months to recover from the TJ injury, I thought you meant that it takes 6-12 months to recover from TJS, because it takes 6-12 months to recover from TJS.

          I didn’t realize you meant “it takes a half season to a full season for a pitcher to regain command and feel for his secondary stuff,” because what you said was that it takes 6-12 months to recover from the TJ injury.

          Silly me.

    • Danny

      There was a very good chance we would have seen him in 2011 for a short time had he kept his walk rate down that year

  • Steve

    Rafael DePaula can’t even crack the top 10? I know he struggled once he moved to High A, but jeesh…

    • Bill O

      I agree. Although after Sanchez its a real crap shoot and honestly even Sanchez isn’t that great of a #1 prospect. His numbers were quite pedestrian this year.

      De Paula has as much upside as just about anyone in the system. His Visa issues though really put him behind the curve though in terms age for his level. That along with his poor finish probably takes him off their list.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        It’s nice that Sanchez has created such ridiculously high expectations that his putting up a .348 wOBA in one of the worst offensive parks in all of professional baseball is considered him having “pedestrian numbers.”