Staff Notes: Tuck, Hillman, Quade

Despite posting system changes, Tanaka remains best pitching option for Yankees
Thursday Night Open Thread
Hillman. (Scott Cunningham/Getty)
Hillman. (Scott Cunningham/Getty)

Lost in the chaos of the last few days were some coaching staff and front office notes. Here is the latest, courtesy of Ken Davidoff and Bruce Levine:

  • Gary Tuck is likely to get the bullpen coach job now that Mike Harkey has been officially introduced as the Diamondbacks’ pitching coach. We heard he was a strong candidate earlier this week. Tuck was the team’s bullpen coach in 1990 and he held the same role with the Red Sox from 2007-2012. He was also Joe Girardi‘s bench coach with the Marlins in 2006, so he’s not a stranger.
  • Trey Hillman has joined the Yankees in a development/consultant role. I figured this would happen. Hillman coached in the Yankees’ farm system from 1990-2001 and he is supposedly very close friends with Brian Cashman, close enough that he was considered a dark horse for the manager’s job before Girardi was hired. The Dodgers replaced Hillman as their bench coach a few weeks ago and it felt like only a matter of time before wound up in New York.
  • The Yankees have hired Mike Quade as a roving outfield instructor. He served as the Cubs manager from 2010-2011 under GM Jim Hendry, who is now a special assistant in the Yankees’ front office. Quade has tons and tons of coaching and managerial experience in the minors.
Despite posting system changes, Tanaka remains best pitching option for Yankees
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Slu

    Quade should start the reactor.

    • eric

      he should, open his mind

    • jimmy

      Ever heard of Recall? They sell those fake memories of being the Cubs manager.

  • Captain Sensible

    Jeter playing some 3rd base with Ryan at short makes much sense to me.

    • Jedile

      It makes too much sense, and therefore why it won’t happen. the Capt’n is a stubborn one, I am sure he will never want to move of of SS, even when he is 82!

  • Fan base

    Incredible how few comments on this. These are three wonderful additions to the team. Great coaches and advisors enhance the product. This is part of the ‘changes in the process’ we heard about right after the system. Excellent work. Yanks are going to be great in 14.