Sanchez makes Baseball Prospectus’ top 101 prospects list

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Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus published his list of the top 101 prospects in baseball today, a list that doesn’t require a subscription and is free for all. Twins OF Byron Buxton sits in the top spot and is followed by Red Sox SS Xander Bogaerts and Cardinals OF Oscar Taveras. Those will be the top three guys on pretty much every list you see this spring.

C Gary Sanchez was the only Yankees farmhand to make the list and he ranked 85th. That’s down from 47th last year. OF Mason Williams, who ranked 51st last year, fell off the list following a disappointing season. This is probably the lowest you’ll see Sanchez on a top 100 list this year and that’s fine. Parks doesn’t like him as much as some others and it’s not like he’s some flawless prospect who clearly deserves a better ranking.

Other top 100 lists:

Scouting The Free Agent Market: Jeff Baker
Monday Night Open Thread
  • TWTR

    I would hope that they can actually finish off Sanchez’s development, and then slowly transition him behind McCann so as to ease his adjustment while also extending McCann’s catching career.

  • Gonzo

    Parks doesn’t believe he’s a good catcher and may not stay there. I think he said recently that even though some people say Sanchez has improved behind the plate, he doesn’t see it, and he couldn’t find a scout to back up the improvement claim. He likes the bat though.

  • YankeeGrunt

    Parks is pretty down on the system as a whole. I think he’s way off putting the Yankees anywhere near the Angels in the conversation and he hasn’t explained why the same group of prospects, plus three first rounders and some very good IFA debuts, warrant a fourteen or fifteen spot tumble in his rankings.

    • RetroRob

      Did he mention the Angels? I didn’t see any system evaluations, just players, or is there another piece I missed?

      Have no idea what exists in the Angels system. Perhaps they had a similar year to the Yankees, with some key players stalling, or a number of injuries. Yet, my guess is they don’t. The Yankees had some promising prospects on last year’s list, something the Angels didn’t, and then the Yankees had basically three top draft picks this year, and another top prospect (Banuelos) coming back this year.

      In other words, the Yankees probably have more upside coming into 2014 than most farm systems. I’m not sure the Angels have the bodies right now to make a similar claim.

      Anyway, here’s hoping next year at this time the Yankees have more prospects on these lists. Can’t do much worse!

      • Gonzo

        In his chat today, someone asked him about the worst farms in baseball. He said the org ranks aren’t up yet, but he did think the Yankees will be in the bottom 5, along with the Angels, I think.

      • YankeeGrunt

        The Angels are widely thought to have the worst farm in the sport, and he ranked them accordingly. He had the Yanks at 28 or 29. Not a specific link, he just had them rock bottom when that’s not what the talent level as a whole argues for.

        • RetroRob

          Last year the White Sox were viewed as the Angels are now, thought to be the worst, while the Red Sox were trending down with some of their prospects not quite living up to the early hype. Now, a year later, the Red Sox system is ranked near the top again.

          I mention that because is BP ranking based on what happened in 2013, or projecting forward in 2014? With the Yankees draft of three high-end players last year, the return of Banuelos, Hensley now healthy and beginning his first full year, and a number of players poised for a comeback after being of last year, I’d have a hard time ranking them at the bottom since they have more upside. Yet, once again, it is based on 2013, or is it looking forward?

          Can’t really complain, though. The system took a big step back last year. Hopefully they trend up again this year.

          • YankeeGrunt

            They took a big step back last year, but a couple guys had great debuts, specifically Avelino and Severino, and Bird really came on as a prospect. A bad year, but that sort of drop is something that comes from graduations and trades, not just underperformance.

            • RetroRob

              Agreed. I’ll have to see their org rankings before I take too much issue. If they have the Yankees ranked at #29, then I’ll make loud noises. Not that it will matter. : -)

            • Gonzo

              The list has one Yankee prospect on it at #85. Wouldn’t you be more shocked if he didn’t have them as a bottom 5 team?

            • Steve

              Who did they graduate or trade that would force this kind of drop?

  • ALZ

    Didn’t really expect much. Many of the top guys had down years, and then several had good years and showed potential, but need to do again to get on these lists.

    I think there is a lot of potential in this system. They just need to prove something to get on these lists.

  • bpdelia

    I’m generally bullish on prospects but I don’t think this is really justifiable.

    When analysts like prospects they say don’t worry about stats look for tools and development.

    Sanchez has plus raw power and actual game power. His k rate is improving, and he is the only analyst questioning the defense.

    In fact many analysts are beginning to praise his defense.

    I see at least an average system with big upside potential.

    Sanchez, depaula, clarkin, hensley, judge, jagielo,williams and heathcott, ramirez, campois all have all star potential with quite a few having solid regular floors.

    Murphy, looks like has solid regular potential and upper level success.

    They have three low level IFA guys with all star tools at up the middle positions
    And a low level IFA third baseman who was a consensus top three IFA of his class.

    I follow all systems and love prospect analysis. The Yankees realistically have a chance to be a top five system next year.

    A bunch of their best ate going to be AA or higher at the end of next season and an incredibly exciting group of IFA’s some at premium positions will finish the year i in full season ball.

    Basically I think it’s very difficult to rank this system right now.

    And that’s simply too low for a power hitting catcher with in game success who almost everyone agrees will stick at the position long term.

    • billyball15


      Just like you Im really big into following the prospects as I search and study rankings, scouting reports, and any articles on specific players.

      It is really like a hobby.

      I’m not the guy who can watch a prospect and immediately say he will be an all star, I usually need to combine what I see with what the experts see to make an informed decision if I think the project is worth keeping.

      I have to say I cannot agree with you anymore and in fact I would be surprised if our farm system doesn’t jump up into the top 10 after this season, that is why I disagree with these recent organizational rankings but it is what it is because of the injuries throughout.

      Saying that I just would like to add I’m not as down on Romine as many on here are. You cannot judge a player based off such a short timeline in the majors. The kid has a live bat that can still develop with an improved recognition of pitches. He has great arm and frames pitches well. I laugh at people on here that just dismiss kids like this. I also like Murphy and see him as someone that can adapt and maybe eventually play multiple positions with a good bat. I think Nunez has so many high end tools (speed, arm, live bat) but fielding has everyone on here giving up on him which is understandable but he is also just a kid. I remember Bernie Williams coming up and people saying the Yankees should trade him, Gardner the same thing. Lets give some of these young guys chances to fail because we maybe surprised.

    • Gonzo

      I think the problem with your assessment about all the upside in the Yankee system is that you are only looking at the Yankees system. Almost every team has guys that are “if things go right” guys.

      • RetroRob

        True, although as Mike noted in one of his past postings, the Yankees probably have more upside in this area than other teams.

        • Gonzo

          I haven’t really looked at all the farms to make that much of an educated assessment, but I would like to know how many other teams and such. Otherwise, it’s just shooting in the dark.

      • bpdelia

        That is so but no other system has anywhere near the volume of star potential coming off down or injured seasons.

        And mainly I just can’t see that low a ranking for Sanchez. Catchers are such a commodity that any catcher with a chance to be a league average hitter with pop is insanely valuable.

        And Sanchez isn’t tools. Young for his level at every stop and numbers that stack up with any catcher.

        • Gonzo

          If you read my post above, you’ll see that he doesn’t think Sanchez is a full-time, big league catcher. We don’t have to look far to see this played out before. I remember reading that Montero was getting so much better behind the plate, etc…

          Not saying he’s right or wrong. I’m just letting you know that he ranked Sanchez at #85 because he’s doesn’t think he’s going to play catcher in the bigs. That’s how much he likes the bat.

          • Gonzo

            Also, I think you are blowing the star potential out of proportion a bit. Historically, a system is lucky to have one all-star in the farm.

  • PunkPitch

    Sadly, Hal made few changes this offseason. I would expect that it is time for certain execs to put up or move on elsewhere. And with all draft picks in the first round gone, there is a ready made excuse for failure. A shake up is inevitable.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Yeah, he didn’t even include Mookie Betts so, as far as I’m concerned, this list isn’t worth the paper it isn’t printed on.

    • Gonzo

      Good thing I read it on a website.

  • Mike

    I can’t wait to see Sanchez behind the plate in the near future.