Tuesday Night Open Thread


Let’s set the over/under on the most runs the Yankees will score in a single inning this coming season right now: 8.5. Sound good? They did manage to score eight runs in an inning last year (this game) and the year before they topped out at nine runs in one inning (this game). Obviously the better the lineup, the more runs you’ll score, but I feel like scoring eight or nine or 12 runs in an inning is a fluke thing. It takes a pitcher(s) having a truly awful day more than a good lineup. Right now I’ll take the under on 8.5 but just barely, I bet they score eight runs in an inning at some point this summer but not 9+.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. Neither of the basketball locals are playing, so the Olympics are the only sports on television tonight. Talk about whatever you like right here.

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  • Yankee$ aka Pseudoyanks

    I got the Over. If I win Ben eats his hat. If you win Ben eats his hat.

    • Winter

      As awful as last season was, the worst part was the lack of hat consumption.

      • CS Yankee

        I ranked 2013′s failure as;
        1) No postseason
        2) losing the BoSux series
        3) Stewie behind the plate
        4) Everyone who played 3B less Arod
        5) letting Wells play
        6) acquiring Wells
        7) Not signing Martin for a year
        8) Not signing Swish
        9) letting Hughes pump nothing but high FB’s
        10)not improving the menu

        • Dalek Jeter

          None as big a disappointment as Ben not ingesting his hat. We all knew going into the season that unless A-Rod and Jeter got healthy the playoffs were a long shot, and I personally think the editions of Ellsbury, McCann, Tanaka and Beltran(to a MUCH lesser extent) are better long term for the club than retaining Swisher and/or Martin would have. As for Wells, yeah. Terrible. Tried to catch lightening in a bottle and failed, but it was only 1 year, in a year that again was going to be bad anyway. Hughes? yeah that sucked too, but c’est ‘la vie. 2013 was very little fun for a Yankee fan, but if we can take anything from it, we now know how fans of teams like The Mets feel like every year. And that builds character.

          • Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks)

            Yeah a Met fan friend of mine posted on FB today that he used to love Baseball, but the Mets have ruined it for him. Geez. Good to be a Yankee fan. Of course, not if you suffered through the 80′s and early 90′s like I did…but it never ruined the Game for me.

          • I’m One

            but if we can take anything from it, we now know how fans of teams like The Mets feel like every year.

            Not really. The Yankees actually still had an outside shot at the playoffs in Sept. The Mets were realistically out of it in May, weren’t they?

            • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

              I think it was March actually.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Twelve runs. They will score twelve runs in an inning.

    Against the Boston Red Sox.

    Book that motherfucker.

    Make sure it’s refundable, though. Read the fine print.

    • forensic

      That would be enjoyable.

      Just read through today’s threads, and apparently I got a shout-out in one. Guess Tanaka wants to impress me so avoid the Hughes-treatment.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner


  • CS Yankee

    It likely needs to occur early in the ballgame with a worn-out MRP crew so look for a series against the Astros, Twins or Blue Jays after they have a series against Boston or Detroit.

    I’ll take the over (9+ runs in an inning) where Jete collects a couple of hits (as he tends to start well in recent years but fades as the game progresses) and either a Sori-slam or McCannSlam.

    • Alkaline


  • Joe Kotulak

    I will say 9. It would be nice to see something insanely crazy like 17 runs in an inning, but we know that won’t happen. I would say if there was one thing I wish the game had more of is big innings. I always found big offensive innings the most exciting aspect of offense especially going to a game because of so many things that happen in a big inning. Everything from baserunning to homeruns. Those innings were a treat. I remember going to a Yanks/Sox game back in 1998 and if I remember correctly I think the Yanks go pounded in the game where they gave up like 11 runs in the 3rd inning. On one hand, while I was ticked the Yanks allowed an inning like that, it was definitely fun to see a crazy inning like the Sox had.

  • Alkaline

    It was only 7 runs, but it was a hell of a long game on a hot day. This was my first experience at the new ballpark, too. OOOF!


  • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

    I take the over.


    Does that make me a Pollyanna?