GIFs: Jose Campos’ Spring Debut

Open Thread: 3/12 Camp Notes
Thoughts before the Panama exhibition games

Right-hander Jose Campos, the Yankees’ 15th best prospect, made his spring debut against the Tigers on Wednesday afternoon after being brought along slowly earlier in camp. The 21-year-old pitched around a leadoff double in his inning of work, striking out one and getting both a ground ball out and a fly out.

By my unofficial count, Campos threw eight of his 15 pitches were strikes. His fastball sat anywhere from 89-93 mph on the YES Network gun and he only threw a handful of sliders and changeups. I’d say fewer than five non-fastballs total. It was a short look but Campos was solid. Better than Manny Banuelos in his spring debut, that’s for sure.

This wasn’t the most GIF-able outing, but there are two more after the jump if you’re interested. You have to mouse over each GIF to get it to animate now, as you can see. If that isn’t working for whatever reason (new feature, working out the bugs, etc.), here are each of the three GIFs: one, two, three.

Open Thread: 3/12 Camp Notes
Thoughts before the Panama exhibition games
  • Jd

    Good news so far with these injured guys. Pray it stays that way

  • Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks)

    Mouseover worked for me. What level will he be at this year?

    • Aims

      gotta imagine a full year at High-A Tampa would do him well, he was solid last year in Low-A, but he also had his innings limited a lot. I still think the Yankees push him up this year, he’s already on the 40 man roster and is going to lose the first of his 3 options.

      • ALZ

        Has to be. Already over 100 decent innings in Charleston, and since he on the 40-man needs to start progressing.

  • Cheval Anonyme

    Good move on the new GIF style!

    • Paco Dooley

      Yes, neat feature, but the actual quality of the gifs isn’t great – look a bit like gif meets water color painting

  • forensic

    Thanks so much for the new GIF functionality, Mike! That works so much better on portable devices.

    • Adam from Bay Ridge

      I second this big time.

      • Slu

        Thirded! Thanks so much for the change.

  • Keith

    Assuming the mouse over is to keep us from viewing the gifs in RSS readers? It worked well.

    • pat

      It’s for the people who complain their Commodore 64’s can’t handle the gifs.

      • RetroRob

        Well, yeah. I’m outraged!

        Gonna have to go get me a CompuServe account and check out some Usenet groups to follow baseball this year.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Usenet is still alive and well, though. :-p

  • TWTR

    Someone mentioned on the GT that he raises his arm after almost every pitch. I wonder why.

    • Jonathan

      A lot of guys do it to get their sleeves to stop sticking to their arms since they have a glove on the other hand.

      • OB/GYN Kenobi

        I used to do this on huge mound too. And that was when I was 12.

        • OB/GYN Kenobi

          On *the* mound

          iPad autocorrect adventures

      • go

        Might be that since he is skinny his sleeves aren’t staying snug enough.

  • Pro

    Is there a way to see the GIFs on an ipad?

    • OB/GYN Kenobi

      Just press the Play triangle in the middle of the gif.

  • Johnny B

    I can’t tell if its the camera angle or not, but does Campos finish his delivery by falling to the first base side? That may need to be straightened out as he seems to be off balanced by the end of his delivery. Fixing this may bump his fastball up one or two mph, and will likely prevent the fastball from being flat at times. Or it could simply be the camera angle

  • Wayne

    Could be a good reliever for us in future.

  • neaks

    that middle gif of the curve was middle-up, a cookie! understandable if offspeed stuff not that sharp at this stage though