Sanchez tops’s top 20 Yankees prospects list

Open Thread: 3/10 Camp Notes
Outfielders, not only catchers, being showcased for trades this spring

The crew at published their list of the top 20 Yankees prospects today, a list that is topped by C Gary Sanchez. No surprise there. OF Mason Williams and OF Slade Heathcott round out the top three. Jim Callis published his list of prospects 21-25 as well.’s lists are always great because they include full (and free) scouting reports, 20-80 scouting scale grades for individual tools, and video for many prospects. The rankings can be a little unique from time to time — this year’s list looks pretty reasonable to me, perhaps because Callis took it over — but that’s okay. Different perspectives are a good thing.

Other Yankees prospects lists: RAB, Baseball America, Keith Law, Baseball Prospectus.

Open Thread: 3/10 Camp Notes
Outfielders, not only catchers, being showcased for trades this spring
  • Matthew Saiki

    Will you please trade Sabathia to Oakland? He will be like 6-20 this year.

    • hogsmog

      Shhh! We’ll never manage to pull of the trade if you leak your perfect knowledge of CC’s certain failure to the enemy!

      • Robert G Kramer

        Matt Sakki, he’s a goop. All you got to tell him is Russia is planning to nuke them and he’ll run away.

  • Matthew Saiki

    Yankees are still working on a Headley deal centered around Angelo Gumbs. The package is said to include either Nuno or Phelps, a catcher and more.

  • Matthew Saiki

    “Killer Cali February 26, 2014 11:28Reply

    The Yankees are in talk to acquire Chase Headley without an extension. Talks are centered around Nuno, John Ryan Murphy and Angelo Gumbs.”

  • Matthew Saiki

    found that on nomaas website. 2014/02/2014 forecasting-the-defense

    • Mike Axisa

      Please stop.

      • Matthew Saiki

        English…I speak Japanese.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Ahhhhhhh, the incredibly reliable source that is the jagoffs at NoMaas.

  • Matthew Saiki

    Mike its SJK, I posted this blog on nomaas over the weekend. Your plagiarized my work. You can settle for 30 thou.

    • Angelo

      ^^^I imagine this guy will get blocked soon enough…?

  • forensic

    Well, this is an interesting set of comments…

    • dkidd

      yeah, that escalated quickly

    • ALZ

      And according to timestamps it took him about 45 minutes to come up with them.

  • ALZ

    I’m pretty excited for the Milb season too. It was a down year, and many of the players didn’t get the stats to boost their rep. Aside from Austin, who is a safe player all the rest on the top 10 have huge potential, and I like that. They also have several huge potential pitchers, something it is hard to buy in free agency.

  • Cheval Anonyme

    There’s been a troll posting under the name “Matthew Saiki” on No Maas. I suspect there is a real Matt Saiki somewhere, but this isn’t him. There are a couple of trolls who frequent No Maas who like to do that. You can be sure he isn’t really SJK.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Didn’t think anyone was all that worried

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Someone needs to go back to trolling school I see. Maybe Greg and qwerty have an online course.

  • Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks)

    What is that going on at the top of the thread?