Sunday Link: Breaking the language barrier with Masahiro Tanaka


Looking for some Sunday morning reading? Here’s a great piece from Jorge Arangure on Shingo Horie, Masahiro Tanaka‘s translator. Arangure goes into Horie’s background (he applied for the job despite having no translating experience), the relationship between the two men (they first met the day of Tanaka’s introductory press conference), and why Japanese players are given individual interpreters rather than sharing one. It’s really interesting stuff, so check it out. Comes with RAB’s highest level of recommendation.

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  • @rational_sports

    Great article. I’d also recommend the article about the Latroy Hawkins fan club by Jim Caple. We all spend a lot of time breaking down the numbers, but I think it’s always a good idea to take a step back and remind myself why sports are so important to me – the relationships it fosters.

  • vicki

    jiwon bang. gets me every time.