Curry: Yankees don’t appear to have interest in Ike Davis

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Saturday Night Open Thread

Via Jack Curry: The Yankees do not appear to have any interest in Ike Davis. The Mets have made it no secret they are open to trading their first baseman, but they have turned down a bunch of offers these last few months according to Andy Martino. The Yankees lost Mark Teixeira to a right hamstring strain and the 15-day DL on Friday.

Davis, 27, is currently riding the bench as Lucas Duda gets an extended audition at first. He hit .205/.326/.334 (90 wRC+) with nine homer in 103 games last year, and was so bad in the first half that he was shipped to Triple-A for a month. Davis hit .227/.308/.462 (111 wRC+) with 32 homers as recently as 2012. He has big lefty power and patience, two things the Yankees love, plus he has at least one option left and can go to Triple-A. Davis would made sense as a depth player and reclamation project for the Yankees.

Game Five: Big Mike is here
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • vicki

    stuart a’s head would explode.

  • Bob

    Free Ike Davis

  • forensic

    Davis just said:

    “Someone please trade for me! Get me off the Mets!”

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    Hah, please no. Don’t want this bum anywhere near a Yankee pinstriped uniform, he’s terrible.

    32 HR is definitely nice power output (albeit two years ago and IMO will never be reproduced) but .308 OBP w/ .227 BA doesn’t mesh with my idea of “patience”

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      His .326 OBP from last year is better, I’ll admit. But every time I’ve seen the guy play (admittedly not all that often) he looks like a total hacker who’s often lost at the plate.

  • LK

    I’m not a huge fan of Davis, and it sounds like the Mets don’t want to give him away. That said, when you call up a 3rd catcher to replace your injured first baseman, it’s probably time to do something.

    Also, I think we’ve now reached the point where we can say Tex is an injury prone player at this stage of his career. Having no backup at first like they did this year isn’t prudent anymore.

  • KennyH123

    Yeah, lets not bring Ike Davis in, we have so many other options. Like Kelly Johnson? Please.

    Ike Davis is a former 1st round pick who still has potential, has a left handed power swing built for Yankee Stadium, his dad was a Yankee, and a change in scenery might be just what he needs. Oh yeah, he’ll cost next to nothing too.

    Oh and he just hit a walk off grand slam bomb in the bottom of the ninth for the Mets. Yeah lets not take a flier on him.

    • vicki

      i don’t see that he’s cost next-to-nothing. noone’s going to give the desperate yankees a bargain, least of all a cross-town rival. sandy alderson is pretty shrewd.

    • forensic

      What part of

      but also just as in the offseason, they want a decent return. Despite their preference for Duda, the Mets have declined several trade proposals for Davis in recent months, including Baltimore’s offer of pitcher Zach Britton


      they are not ready to release or give him away.

      tells you that “he’ll cost next to nothing too”?

  • pepes pizza

    he just hit a walk off grannie

  • vicki

    this sounds like a job for scott sizemore. i think i saw him taking reps on a back field during spring training.

    okay, it was probably kelly johnson, but what if.

  • Bill

    Not sure the Yankees need another platoon bat. He’d be a good fit if the Met’s weren’t asking for much of anything in return, but honestly this offense really just needs Beltran, McCann, and Soriano to actually hit. They’ll score runs when that happens.

    That said I’d take Davis if the price is right. In addition to 1B Soriano has been so bad right now that if he doesn’t get going there may be an opening at DH against RHP too.

    I think the Yankees wait it out though and call up Sizemore when he’s ready.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Not a terrible idea, and I do think they should have interest in him and can move some actual useful fodder to the Mets for him. I just don’t buy into the idea that, with our infield as constructed, we need a pure first base only backup. I’d rather maintain versatility right now…..which is exactly why Austin Romine is here. Not.

  • Dave Guarnieri

    Do it. Heres the acceptable deal. Yanks get Ike for Mark Tiexiera and the remainder of his contract, no money involved in the deal.