It’s official: NYC Football Club will play home games in Yankee Stadium in 2015


As expected, the New York City Football Club will play its home games in Yankee Stadium during the 2015 season, it was announced. The expansion Major League Soccer franchise was unable to build a stadium of their own, so they will play in the Bronx for the time being. The Yankees co-own the team along with Manchester City. Although only the 2015 season was announced, NYCFC is expected to spend three years total in Yankee Stadium while they secure a facility of their own.

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  1. forensic says:

    Can’t wait till Ellsbury tears up his knee by stepping in a divot they failed to fix.

    That couldn’t cause too many problems, right?

  2. will says:

    As much as i love soccer, i don’t feel comfortable sharing a field with another team that plays a different sport, taking that mound down each and every time will at some point make a difference once, i am not too worried about the field itself, i am more worried about a pitching staff used to their home mound and loving it.. and then it’s a random mound.Tanaka and Pineda both seem to thrive on mounds they are really comfortable with.Same With betances

  3. mike_h says:

    “NYCFC is expected to spend three years total in Yankee Stadium while they secure a facility of their own”

    how much you wanna bet this is really a test bed to see if Yankee Stadium can have co-tennants. They’re probably thinking more long term

    • simon says:

      I actually don’t know about that…. Soccer is such a radically different sport from baseball. I think it is tough for a baseball field to be shared with any other sport. Baseketball anyone?

  4. Bahdda Bing says:

    Poor Steinbrenners couldn’t get the taxpayers to pay for a new stadium while taking public parks and flattening neighboring nusinesses so they don’t have a soccer ball ricochet off their monument to Yankee great Nelson Mandela.

    Does anyone feel bad about this?

  5. ajra21 says:

    they won’t play there for long. eventually, playing games in front of a stadium that is mostly empty will be fairly crap.

  6. Yankeefan91 says:

    first of all i hate soccer and second i hate the idea of soccer been played in our stadium if there a injury on the yankees because of the field condition im going to be extremely upset. so i pray that doesn’t occur.

    • ajra21 says:

      despite what many non-footie (soccer) fans think, the pitch won’t be destroyed or harmed by having soccer played on it. anyone who has spent anytime playing on a good soccer pitch knows just how immaculate the pitch has to be.

      • Mikhel says:

        In some european premiere leagues, yes. in the rest of the world not so much. You surely don’t recall how the pitch has ended in US fields (Qualcomm for example) whenever they play under the rain.

        Soccer fans are usually and mostly ignorant to the fact that soccer uses different grass than the one used in baseball. If you are a fan of english or german premiere leagues sure, the pitch is immaculate, but those represent less than 1% of the leagues and not taking into account how it ends.

  7. Tanuki Tanaka says:

    Screw Man City. Feeding my team’s relegation rivals.

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