Yanks acquire breathing human for Eduardo Nunez

Yankees place David Robertson on 15-day DL with groin injury
Mark Teixeira has Grade I hamstring strain

Brian Cashman has turned the recently-DFA’d Eduardo Nunez into a minor league pitcher. As the Yankees announced a few minutes ago, the team has acquired Miguel Sulbaran from the Twins in exchange for Nunez. Sulbaran is a 20-year-old lefty pitcher who has put up decent numbers with both the Twins and Dodgers since arriving in the U.S. in 2012, and he has yet to pitch above Single A.

Sulbaran was the player to be named later in the Dodgers’ deal for Drew Butera last year, and at the time, Dodgers’ bloggers seemed to rue the trade. That said, Sulbaran is a 5’10” lefty who sits in the 89-90 mph range with breaking pitches described as “average.” Maybe he could one day be a bullpen arm, but for now, he’s org filler in acquired exchange for a bench player who was opportunities with the Yankees.

Yankees place David Robertson on 15-day DL with groin injury
Mark Teixeira has Grade I hamstring strain
  • TWTR

    If someone has a BA subscription, could they summarize what is said here?

    Twins Intrigued With Polish Of Miguel Sulbaran

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      Here are the key parts:

      “He’s got three pitches, and he’s more polished than most 19-year-olds,” Radcliff said of Sulbaran, who simply switched Midwest League teams after the trade, and put up a 2.70 ERA in 20 innings for Cedar Rapids. “At that level, pitchability means he can get all three pitches over. He looks like he can use his breaking balls in counts where other guys can’t.”

      Sulbaran is barely 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, so the Twins are hopeful his velocity increases from its 91-92 mph ceiling as he gets older.

      Mike Radcliffe is the VP of player development for the Twins.

      • TWTR

        Thank you.

      • MartinRanger

        He’s a year older, but still just 20 and in A-ball. Who know – I doubt he’s a starter, but could be a lefty reliever if he keeps getting people out. It’s a good get for Scissorhands.

        • Yankee$

          20 year old Lefty Pitcher with 3 pitches and control and he’s been traded twice. Perhaps he’s a dick?

      • vicki

        he’s wee.

    • Mikhel

      Was he an OF or… uuh? “intrigued with OF Miguel Sulbarán” and later described as a P.

      • Jarrod

        It’s not OF, it’s of, as in “a piece of pie”

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          OF Felix Pie?

          • Jarrod

            Well played!

          • lightSABR

            Bravo. Very nice.

  • pat

    Not sure about this Sulbaran guy. What’s his MPG? Hopefully over 30.

    • CashmanNinja

      Highway or city?

  • Preston

    Sickels gave him a C+ rating, so he’s not exactly a non-prospect.

    • RetroRob

      Agreed. A C+ rating from Sickels for a player down in A ball is actually pretty decent. It means there could be something there beyond fogging a mirror.

      I’m not expecting anything, but he might be more than filler.

      • Preston

        I wonder if they start him or move him to the pen. 20 of his 23 appearances last season were starts, his lone appearance this season was in relief.

      • CashmanNinja

        The fact that he’s a lefty automatically gives value because if he fails as a starter, and as a reliever, then he could always make a career as a LOOGY. He’s also 20 years old so it gives him a long time to hone his pitches and fine tune his mechanics. I believe Adam Warren is 26; think about that…he’s 6 years older than this lefty. This new guy may not have the biggest ceiling there is, but I could totally see him get the most out of his talent because he’s a lefty and is young.

  • pat

    Apparently the Kelly Blue Book value for a 1994 Sulbaran is a slightly used Eduardo Nunez.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Awesome. I like how you made in-thread adjustments and hit it out of the park.

      • Dropped Third

        That’s what’ll keep you in the big leagues son.

    • Pineda Colada

      This is an 80 on the funny

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    When I saw this pop up in my feed I had to double-check headline wasn’t coming from the Onion.
    Good luck Nuney.

  • Dicka24

    His minor league numbers don’t look too bad. Started quite a bit too. Decent K/9, and a BB/9 in the 2’s.

  • Bronx Boy

    That was a big, sudden fall for a guy I figured was on the team up until two weeks ago. Good luck, Nunez.

  • RetroRob

    So who is the starting SS for the Twins? I guess what I’m asking is there a chance that Nunez is now the starting SS for the Twins? More of a fantasy baseball interest. Nunez starting could mean 40 SBs from a weak position overall. (I play in an AL-only league, so you can’t draft a team of All Stars.)

    • Jarrod

      I’d pick him up in an AL-Only league, he will see plenty of playing time. Plus, now that the Yankees have traded him he will no doubt become an All Star.

      • RetroRob

        It wouldn’t shock me at all if Nunez triple slashed along at a .270/.330/.390 rate and chipped in 30 or so SBs, solid numbers for a SS in today’s environment. The glove is an issue, but if the Twins want to play him, he’s probably worth a pick up in deep leagues.

        It seems the Twins have already sent him to AAA, but that maybe just for some tune-games. I checked. Pedro Florimon is their current SS. The bar is low.

  • Mike myers

    Sad to see him go. But a Ss that can’t throw to 1b isn’t a ss.

    • vicki

      a pocket with a hole in it is not pocket.

  • Deep Thoughts

    It’s a good fit. With Phil Hughes pitching there won’t be many balls hit to the infield.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Twins have Nuney AND Hughes? I know one guy who won’t be booking a vacation in Minnesota any time soon, even if they balanced it out by signing Tatanka.

    • forensic

      Assuming this is aimed at me, I never had a problem with Nunez.

      • vicki

        you (and i, and noone else) actually gave him some credit.

  • Dan

    Thank God we didn’t trade him for Cliff Lee.

    • Winter

      They also wanted Nova in that trade. Now, I’d rather have Cliff Lee than Ivan Nova, but at least it makes it look a little less stupid.

      • Preston

        It’s also fair to include the fact that we got Pineda for Montero too. We would have gotten half a season of Lee for 5 cost controlled years of Nova and what is hopefully 4 of Pineda.

  • TheJman

    To whomever is playing first base in Rochester, might I suggest getting a bigger mitt. One three feet wide should do.