Manny Banuelos plays catch, will start in five days

2014 Draft: Cole Tucker
Game 46: Surprise Sale

Left-hander Manny Banuelos played catch today and had no problem with his sore/fatigued arm, according to Matt Kardos. He will start in five days and be held to either two innings or 35 pitches. Good news, obviously. Seems like Banuelos just ran into a little bit of a dead arm after missing close to two full years following a pair of elbow injuries, including Tommy John surgery.

2014 Draft: Cole Tucker
Game 46: Surprise Sale
  • Andrew

    Can’t believe this didn’t result in an automatic second TJS. What world are we even living in?!

  • The Other Matt

    Glad to here some positive news. It was a bit of a scare when Mike first posted the report of him being scratched from his start last week, but since then it’s been positive. No DL stint, the report of it just being a tired arm, and now him throwing and being in track to start in five days all are good signs. Hopefully he can stay healthy and continue to progress, he may very well be needed come August-September. If he weren’t coming off TJ surgery and was fully stretched out he’d probably be up already.

  • yankeepankee

    Sign Justin Maxwell, a righty hitting outfielder with speed, in DFA limbo.
    Sign Wandy Rodriguez, just DFA’d for at least a second lefty in the bullpen. Maybe you get a few starts out of a guy not seen much by A.L. batters. Cashy still has not come up with a lefty reliever out of the farm in what, a decade??

    • RetroRob

      Phil Coke, but then traded.