2014 Draft Open Thread: Day One


2014 DraftThe 2014 amateur draft begins tonight with the first round, the supplemental first round, the second round, and the two competitive balance rounds. A total of 74 picks will be made tonight, including the Yankees’ second rounder (55th overall). They don’t have a first rounder after signing all those free agents last winter. The Cardinals and Royals lead the way with four picks tonight while the Orioles are the only team without a selection on Day One.

The Yankees are said to be targeting a high school catcher or Indiana 1B Sam Travis with that 55th overall selection. Scouting director Damon Oppenheimer also has a long history of selecting players from Southern California (Ian Kennedy, Ian Clarkin, Gerrit Cole, Gosuke Katoh, Austin Romine, Tyler Wade, Angelo Gumbs, etc.), plus we know the Yankees are willing to go off the beaten path with their picks.

All of our 2014 draft coverage can be found right here. Baseball America has a list of the top 500 draft eligible prospects while MLB.com has a great top 200 list that includes video and scouting reports, all for free. If you’re wondering what it’s like in a draft war room, read this FanGraphs article by former Mariners front office staffer Tony Blengino.

All of tonight’s action, all 74 picks, will be broadcast live on MLB Network and streamed on MLB.com. Here’s the video link. You can also follow the entire draft with MLB.com Draft Tracker. The broadcast is scheduled to run from 7pm to 11pm ET, so the Yankees will probably make their selection sometime during that 10 o’clock hour. That’s just a guess though.

Use this thread to day about the draft or anything else tonight. Sorry, there won’t be any liveblog(s) this year, I just don’t have the time. The Yankees already won this afternoon, so there’s no game to watch. The Mets are playing and the NBA Finals start tonight.

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  1. ALZ says:

    Damn, if Kolek can stay healthy he will be a beast. That’s a huge if though.

  2. Should be interesting when we get to No. 10 to hear if Gary Cohen announces on air who the draft pick for the Mets are.

  3. ALZ says:

    alex jackson looks pretty nice wearing that yankees hat. too bad we can’t trade up.

  4. Daniel says:

    If the Yankees had the first pick who would they take between Kolek and Gordon? I really like Gordon.

  5. ALZ says:

    Gammons looks like a corpse.

  6. Daniel says:

    Why exactly are they looking for HS catchers? Could have just taken Denney last year when he was around.

  7. CashmanNinja says:

    I really hope we take a lot of guys who can be fast tracked to the majors in this draft. I realize the picks aren’t there, but I think they’ll go a lot of college guys since the lower level teams are so stacked. I guess I’m just sick of taking on the projects — guys who have tons of potential, but are soooo far from the majors. Thank god for last year with guys like Judge, since he’ll probably be moving up very soon.

    • ALZ says:

      When you don’t have 1st rounder is harder to get fast trackers. I hope they really get some potential nice bats.

      • CashmanNinja says:

        There are always a bunch of college seniors available, but some do lack the potential of guys who would go in the 1st round (especially since they aren’t really well-rounded players). But there are *always* guys like that available if they look hard enough. I hope that’s what the Yankees finally start looking at a bit more this year. There should be some guys who could be had that could have an impact in the near future — aside from obvious bullpen arms.

  8. Daniel says:

    If the Astros have not won their division by 2018, everyone should be fired and minute maid park should be demolished. It’s only right.

  9. Daniel says:

    Losing Zimmer makes me a little more appreciative of Lasorda. Who knows how much longer he’ll be present for this stuff.

  10. ALZ says:

    Like the astros really need 5 minutes to decide.

  11. Houston takes Brady Aiken (LHP) with the overall number one pick.

  12. ALZ says:

    No surprise.

  13. nycsportzfan says:

    Astros are gonna be sick for awhile very soon.

  14. Eesh Brien Taylor on that MLB Network graphic. He’s due to be out of jail soon.

  15. Marlins pick Tyler Kolek with the second pick in the draft.

  16. nycsportzfan says:

    Miami makes surprise pick and takes Nick Gordon. That kids a beast!

  17. ALZ says:

    Kolek still good pick. I like his stuff. He has injury concerns, but you can say the same about Rodon, and he has much more wear on him.

  18. ALZ says:

    I wanna say Marlins go Jackson.

  19. 3. White Sox – Carlos Rodon

  20. ALZ says:

    These commercials are so annoying.

    • Daniel says:

      yeah, I’ve heard enough out of Adam Jones to last a lifetime.

      • ALZ says:

        But you must know about RBI baseball

        • Daniel says:

          Never heard of it, and have no intention of ever playing it.
          I’m actually not sure if he’s more or less annoying than some guy named Jason Aldean. OMG. Stop. Please.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Not only that, but even when the picks are in, it takes alittle time. These teams are using every drop of the clock as well. In baseball the 1st rd should be 3 and a half mins.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Who are your hopefuls? If you had a dream scenario and then a couple other guys your maybe a bit more realistically hoping for.

  21. nycsportzfan says:

    For some reason I keep thinking Cubs are gonna take Hoffman.. He just reminds me of a Cubs pick.

  22. ALZ says:

    What I thought. They will pair him with Sale.

  23. Daniel says:

    Rodon has that Phil Coke-esque annoying factor.

    • vicki says:

      in what way? i think the root of hughes’ annoying people is his california-ness. stay loose, man. like, you’d never see him punching himself in the balls when things went bad. rodon is a dude, but he’s east coast.

  24. nycsportzfan says:

    Come on Ti’Quan Forbes, make your way to the 50′s, please!!!lol Of course theres probably less then 5pct chance that happens. Love the size of that kid and he projects as a up the middle player who will likely stick at SS. All ready showing the ability to go opposite field and should have solid power as his wirey frame fills out over the yrs. Super athletic. Very exciting prospect.

  25. The Other Matt says:

    I hate to say it, but in this day in age of arm injuries it’s impossible not to think Tyler Kolek will be in large risk of an arm injury with how hard he throws and the effort he puts into his motion. I think the plus is that he has a big sturdy frame, but I honestly hope for his sake that the kid can make it to the big leagues without having to endure any complications related to his arm.

    • ALZ says:

      I think he is a concern, but if he can stay healthy he could be absolutely dominant.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      Those violent deliveries do make one feel like it’s an injury waiting to happen, but now-a-days even those with the smooth, mechanical deliveries are winding up ruining their elbows. I think it’s from guys trying to overthrow and speed their arm up just a tad more than their lower half. It’s kind of scary how many guys are getting TJ surgery now. With that being said I’d still take Kolek in a heartbeat where he was taken because an impact arm is an impact arm.

    • vicki says:

      sliders kill.

  26. 4 – Chicago Cubs – Kyle Schwarber (C)

  27. ALZ says:

    I must say that is a surprise pick. That has to be a predraft deal to save money. Now Twins have to decide on Gordon and Jackson.

    • They could always choose someone else.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      I’d personally go Gordon, but that’s just my opinion.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Good call with Gordon. You were right on. I thought so as well when he made it to them. I thought someone might bite earlier is all. If I was Yankees GM and picking 1st, i’d of taken Nick Gordon.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Bigtime arm on Gordon. Your talking Avg,SB, bigtime arm, who should stick at SS and is extremely athletic. Also ML bloodlines.

        • CashmanNinja says:

          Plus he seems to be very grounded, humble, and has a good head on his shoulder. I know some teams and fans may not value that as highly as others, but I personally think it’s such an underrated characteristic.

          • nycsportzfan says:

            Agreed. Tom Gordon was always a really proffesional player and looks like he was a heck of a dad as well. Must be one very proud father also.

      • ALZ says:

        I generally thought he was the 5th best player so I’m not surprised. I think 1 would have been big stretch though.

  28. Daniel says:

    This only means the Cubs will be less interested in a Smardja for a Yankee catcher lead package right?

  29. ALZ says:

    Now has to be Jackson or Conforto. Seattle really needs power hitters.

    • The Other Matt says:

      I think it will be Jackson. Smart, safe pick.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Good call and pick by M’s.. They are building alittle something offensively in Seattle. I like that Mike Zunino, and they also got Cano, and now Alex Jackson. Thats a middle of the order right there.

  30. 5 – Minnesota Twins – Nick Gordon (SS)

  31. ALZ says:

    There is your man nyc.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Yup. I agree with you Seattle should go Jackson here. Twins on the other hand got themselves a heck of a SS down the line. I see him as a Jimmy Rollins type player with more consistency down the line.

  32. ALZ says:

    There Jackson goes. Highest potential bat in the class. Good pick by Seattle, they have tons of pitching, but they really need him, outfielder long term.

  33. Daniel says:

    Man, what a sweet left side of the infield the Twins could have with Sano and Gordon if it all goes right. Sano, another miss by the Yankees.

  34. vicki says:

    watching the yankees lately has taken me to a dark place. but can you imagine what it must be like for tampa bay’s eleven fans?

  35. 6 – Seattle Mariners – Alex Jackson (OF)

  36. 7 – Philadelphia Phillies – Aaron Nola (RHP) (Hey it’s Wheels and Sarge!)

  37. CashmanNinja says:

    I’m saying the Rockies go after someone like Freeland.

  38. The Other Matt says:

    Interesting pick right here with Colorado. I assume they’ll continue to try and build their pitching. Who though?

  39. 8 – Colorado Rockies – Kyle Freeland (LHP)

  40. vicki says:

    seems a preponderance of 6’4″ lefties.

  41. CashmanNinja says:

    Pentecost seems too good of a fit for the Jays. A catcher who can stay behind the plate. This has to be their pick, no?

    • Well, they have the benefit of having the 9th and 11th picks. If the Mets don’t take him, which I don’t think they will. (I want them to take Trea Turner personally.)

  42. 9 – Toronto Blue Jays (1) – Jeff Hoffman (RHP)

  43. Daniel says:

    The Angels are such trash. What a division that is. This is some “renaissance” that Pujols is having.

  44. TheRealGreg says:

    The brilliance and luck of sucking at the right time. Blue Jays are running away with the division and have 2 top draft picks this year

    • Daniel says:

      It almost makes me wish the Yankees were 20 wins shorter last year and maybe even this year. If not for Rivera and now Jeter ending it at the moment it almost seems preferable to trying and failing to compete.

      • TheRealGreg says:

        Well this year might be the year we could get a medium or so draft pick. Last year, we drafted well (Judge and Clarkin are playing well and Jagielo (please be healthy) has also played well.)

  45. CashmanNinja says:

    The Mets could certainly use the middle infield help…

  46. CashmanNinja says:

    This *has* to be Pentecost now…

  47. 10 – New York Mets – Michael Conforto (OF)

  48. Hall and Nokes says:

    Conforto being compared only to Italian guys

  49. Tom says:

    Surprised by the Hoffman pick by the Jays. Not sure I would take someone that high coming off surgery. I know they had back to back picks, but that seems like a pretty big gamble/reach

    I think Jeff Zimmerman (?) did a study on time between 1st and 2nd TJ surgery and it was something like 400-600innings on average (obviously the data set was small and somewhat sketchy).

    I wonder if they have a below slot deal done with him

  50. Looser trader droids FotD™ says:

    Can we please return Culver to the draft pool? Get the pick back?

    That’s a thing.


  51. 11 – Toronto Blue Jays (2) – Max Pentecost (C)

  52. EndlessJose says:

    The Cubs are the future Orioles….great position players and no pitching to help them win.

    I hope a pitcher comes out for the Yankees in the minors because there are stacked with great infielders from Baez to Soler.

  53. CashmanNinja says:

    I’m thinking Trea Turner here. Maybe Touki Toussaint.

  54. 12 – Milwaukee Brewers – Kodi Medeiros (LHP)

  55. 13 – San Diego Padres – Trea Turner (SS)

  56. Yanksinfirst says:

    Evan Skoug? Seems like a future yankee

  57. 14 – San Francisco Giants – Tyler Beede (RHP)

  58. nycsportzfan says:

    43more picks baby! Just a reminder Peter O’Brien, John Ryan Murphy were both 2nd rd picks, and Mason Williams, Adam Warren, and Mason Williams went well after that. Also Aaron Judge went only 23picks before our pick tonight.

    Point? Don’t tell me we cant get a difference maker at pick 56.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Even better. Brett Gardner(3rd rd pick), Dellin Betances(8th rd pick), Robertson(13th?). Figured i’d keep the momentum going. I’m just trying to get you guys hyped for the next baby bomber is all.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      There are tons of potential future stars in the draft. A lot of great players are obviously 1st rounders (and 1st round supplemental picks), but the MLB draft is more of a crap shoot than things like the NFL draft. Talent falls through the cracks because there are simply soooo many guys to scout and they’re all over the place. Some guys get more coverage than others. I’m confident we can get some talented guy in the 2nd round.

    • The Other Matt says:

      You mentioned Mason Williams twice. Not to mention, he is terrible.

  59. 15 – California Angels – Shawn Newcomb (LHP)

  60. 16 – Arizona Diamondbacks – Touki Toussaint (RHP)

  61. a says:

    others can’t post?

  62. nycsportzfan says:

    I think Twins and Mariners have made the best picks at this point(value taken into consideration). Cubs and Mets made worst picks so far. Obviously just guess.

    • While I felt the Mets should’ve taken Turner, any reason why the Mets were worst?

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Don’t think the Bat is all that for where he was taken and don’t think hes good enough defender in monster sized Citi Field. Hes got power but some of that will be zapped by Citi field even lessening his overall value. This is just a hunch by the way.

    • ALZ says:

      Conforto was looking to go as high as 4. I don’t think that Met’s pick is that bad. Cubs I don’t think picked the best player, but it really seems they picked someone they can save a ton of money on.

      • Tom K says:

        The biggest problem with the Mets pick is that he has a poor defensive reputation. In Citi Field, it is very tough to hide an outfielder. And when you can’t play defense, your bat has to be special, not just very good. It seems like a typical kind of Alderson pick – a kid known for his plate discipline and power with limited defensive value. The upside on these types of kids is typically not very high.

  63. ALZ says:

    Really surpised how far Touki fell. He is a really good talent, and had been connected to the Jays by far. If they can get him close to slot that’s a great pick.

  64. nycsportzfan says:

    I was only one pick off on Beede. Thought Pads would snatch em up but SF did. Sick pickup! Reminds me of Matt Cain a bit.

  65. 17 – Kansas City Royals – Brandon Finnegan (LHP)

    • ALZ says:

      Probably is someone they rush to the majors. I think he will eventually burn out, but they should be able to provide some value. Being so small you would worry about him long-term, but I think is good chance he provides some good years early on.

      • ALZ says:

        Might have been a bit of a reach, but KC might be looking to save some money for later rounds.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Justus Sheffield is small as well. A LH Chris Archer if you will. I like Sheffields pitching motion, but he has been hurt all ready.

        • ALZ says:

          Smaller guys you tend to worry about burning out long term. For KC though I don’t think it’s a huge concern, because they won’t have him in his 30′s to begin with.

  66. 18 – Washington Senators – Erick Fedde (RHP)

  67. nycsportzfan says:

    6 LHP’s within first 17picks.

  68. Daniel says:

    Who’s the biggest threat to not get signed this year?

  69. ALZ says:

    Anyone else’s stream went offline?

  70. nycsportzfan says:

    Fedde ranked 70th on one board I use.

    • ALZ says:

      Good stuff.
      It depends how much you want to drop him based on the TJ surgery recently.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        All ready a bunch of guys going who were predicted to go a bit higher. That means guys drop. Could be interesting group on board for Yanks at 55.

  71. 19 – Cincinnati Reds – Nick Howard (RHP)

  72. nycsportzfan says:

    36 more picks to go till Yanks are on the Clock.(cincy pick in)

    CINCY takes Nick Howard RHP Virginia

  73. 20 – Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Casey Gillespie (1B) – Brother of Conor

  74. 21 – Cleveland Indians – Bradley Zimmer (OF)

  75. 22 – Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers – Grant Holmes (RHP)

  76. nycsportzfan says:

    Sick pick by Dodgers. Holmes was highly ranked on a ranking list I like.

    • ALZ says:

      Yea, some places had him lower, some had him top 10. Has a really nice curveball, but can also back it up by pushing mid 90′s heat, but sitting 92.

  77. 23 – Detroit Tigers – Derek Hill (OF)

  78. nycsportzfan says:

    Is Michael Chavis still out there?

  79. 24 – Pittsburgh Innocents – Cole Tucker (SS)

    • ALZ says:

      Not a big fan. They really reached. I would rather be looking for a big bat, or a top starter with some questions. Sure there are some questions that Chavis sticks at ss, but could also go with Gatewood. I’d rather go that than someone who probably won’t hit enough.

  80. 25 – Oakland Athletics – Matt Chapman (3B) (Ray Fosse on the pick!)

  81. 26 – Boston Red Sox – Michael Chavis (SS)

  82. nycsportzfan says:

    29picks to go!

  83. nsalem says:

    Two more hits tonight one being a double from you know who in Trenton.

  84. John C says:

    So much for my hopes of Weaver falling

  85. 27 – St. Louis Cardinals – Luke Weaver (RHP)

  86. 28 – Kansas City Royals (2 – Santana Comp) – Foster Griffin (LHP)

    • ALZ says:

      Good pick, but you do wonder if he could be a tough sign. He is one that could really fly up if only pitches in college.

  87. 29 – Cincinnati Reds (2 – Shin-Soo Choo Comp) – Alex Blandino (SS)

  88. 30 – Texas Rangers (Nelson Cruz Comp) – Luis Ortiz (RHP)

  89. ALZ says:

    We can sign Morales now.

  90. TheRealGreg says:

    Are we sure that we pick tonight?

  91. 31 – Cleveland Indians (Ubaldo Jimenez Comp) – Justus Sheffield (LHP)

  92. nycsportzfan says:

    NOOOO!!!! There goes one of my main Hopefuls Sheffield about 20 some odd picks before ours.lol

  93. 32 – Atlanta Braves (Brian McCann Comp) – Braxton Davidson (OF)

    • ALZ says:

      Fantastic pick. Great approach especially for a hser. Great potential, and should be very good middle order hitter.

      • ALZ says:

        Really like picking great bats in the late first round, and I think this was a really good pick. Wasn’t on tools pick, it was about him being a great future production.

  94. I know Bud Selig’s old, but it’s not 20014 yet, Commish.

  95. 33 – Boston Red Sox (Jacoby Ellsbury Comp) – Michael Kopech (RHP)

  96. 34 – St. Louis Cardinals (Carlos Beltran Comp – Final of 1st Round) – Jack Flaherty (RHP)

  97. ALZ says:

    Nice, the speed rounds coming up. Get up to that NYY pick.

  98. ALZ says:

    Reid-Foley should be coming off the board really soon.

    • ALZ says:

      also surprised Gatewood is still on the board. I doubt he is a shortstop long term being 6’5″, but still he has some nice power.

  99. The Lime says:

    RBI Baseball 14 – good lord. I’m not sure what excited me more, the ps2 graphics or Adam Jones and Michael Wacha playing grabass.

  100. 36 – Miami Marlins (Comp. Balance A) – Blake Anderson (C) – Selected by Andre Dawson

  101. ALZ says:

    It’s Selig’s bedtime.

  102. 35 – Colorado Rockies (Comp. Balance A) – Forrest Wall (2B)

    • ALZ says:

      Still really don’t like this competitive balance thing. I’m fine giving them money to balance it out, but come on their is all this tv revenue coming in, and small market teams are locking their players up, and you want give them more picks, but attack big spenders.

  103. 38 – Cleveland Indians (Comp. Balance A) – Mike Papi – Selected by Charles Nagy

  104. 37 – Houston Astros (Comp. Balance A) – Derek Fisher (OF) – Selected by Adam Everitt

  105. ALZ says:

    Well. There goes Papi. I like his plate approach.

  106. 39 – Pittsburgh Pirates (Comp. Balance A) – Connor Joe (OF) – Selected by Jack Wilson

  107. nycsportzfan says:

    Were almost there! Ti’Quan Forbes is still on the board!

  108. 41 – Milwaukee Brewers (Comp. Balance A) – Jacob Gatewood (SS) – Selected by Greg Vaughm

    • ALZ says:

      Really good pick. He probably goes overslot, but many had him going way higher. They got a fantastic deal for going this low. I would say signability is biggest concern, just because he fell so much.

  109. 40 – Kansas City Royals (Comp. Balance A) – Chase Vallot (C) – Selected by Willie Wilson

    • ALZ says:

      solid. Sure there are questions if he can catch, but they went offensive potential. Like him alot more than the Pirates pick, just due to offensive ceiling.

  110. Joe says:

    Anyone like Gettys?

  111. CashmanNinja says:

    I was hoping Gatewood would fall to us, but oh well. Most think he’s a 3B, but who cares because he has a ton of power potential. I’d love TiQuan Forbes, but I highly doubt he lasts to us. He could very well stick at short stop and yeah…I doubt he falls to 55.

    • ALZ says:

      If he did fall to us, I really doubt they could afford him. He should have gone way higher, and I hope Brewers saved some money.

  112. nycsportzfan says:

    AJ Reed is a cool prospect.

  113. 44 – Chicago White Sox (2nd Round) – Spencer Adams (RHP) – Selected by Carlos May

  114. 42 – Houston Astros (2nd Round) – AJ Reed (1B)

  115. 43 – Miami Marlins (2nd Round) – Justin Twine (SS)

  116. nycsportzfan says:

    Matt Imhof LHP Cal Poly is another player out there I like. Is Mac Marshall still available?

  117. EndlessJose says:

    Could the Yankees trade for one of those Compensation picks like the Pirates did last year?

  118. nycsportzfan says:

    I can see Grayson Griener C South Carolina being our pick..

  119. 45 – Chicago Cubs (2nd Round) – Jake Stinnet (RHP) – Selected by Fergie Jenkins

  120. EndlessJose says:

    Can’t believe Nick Burdi fell so far.Hopefully we don’t get another Katoh this year.

  121. Yanksinfirst says:


  122. 46 – Minnesota Twins (2nd Round) – Nick Burdi (RHP)

  123. nycsportzfan says:

    Matt Imhof LHP Cal Poly
    Mac Marshall LHP GA(HS)
    Ti’Quan Forbes SS Miss(HS)
    Marcus Wilson CF Cal(HS)

    There goes Imhof

  124. 47 – Philadelphia Phillies (2nd Round) – Matt Imhof (LHP) – Selected by the great Sarge Matthews.

  125. nycsportzfan says:

    Andrew Suarez LHP Miami U is another guy i’m very high on. May be a tad early but i’ve seen him ranked in the 65-75 range on many boards. Hes rising.

  126. CashmanNinja says:

    There’s still some talent left:

    Monte Harrison
    Marcus Wilson
    Joe Gatto (NJ guy)
    Michael Gettys
    Jakson Reetz
    TiQuan Forbes
    Taylor Sparks
    Milton Ramos (terrific defensive SS)

  127. 48 – Colorado Rockies (2nd Round) – Ryan Castellani (RHP)

  128. If Monte Harrison makes it to 55, take him.

  129. nycsportzfan says:

    Personally i’m sticking with Grayson Greiner C S.Carolina as my guess pick. Not who I hope for, but who I think Yanks will draft.

  130. 49 – Toronto Blue Jays (2nd Round) – Sean Reid-Foley (RHP) – Selected by Paul Quantrill

  131. Yanksinfirst says:

    Jakson Reetz maybe? nice pick if he falls

  132. ALZ says:

    side note: Rays have joined the RS in 10 loss streaks.

  133. 51 – San Diego Padres (2nd Round) – Michael Gettys – Selected by Randy Jones

  134. CashmanNinja says:

    Damn…the Brewers are cleaning up with this draft.

  135. 50 – Milwaukee Brewers (2nd Round) – Monte Harrison (OF)

  136. CashmanNinja says:

    Trace Loehr is also available. Great defense and solid bat (could be a terrific #2 hitter). Great speed, great defense, and very “gritty”. Only problem is his arm is seen as average so he may have to move to 2B instead of SS, but yeah…intriguing to say the least. If he had the arm he’d probably be a top 10 pick.

  137. dicka24 says:

    So who are the best remaining players?

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Marcus Wilson CF Cal(HS)
      Ti’Quan Forbes SS Miss(HS)
      Mac Marshall LHP GA(HS)
      Dylan Davis RF Oregon St.
      Jackson Reetz C Neb(HS)
      Grayson Greiner C S.Carolina

  138. CashmanNinja says:

    I’d be happy with Trace Loehr, Marcus Wilson, Milton Ramos, or TiQuan Forbes right now. We’re bound to get someone good.

  139. CashmanNinja says:

    What is it with the Angels taking Jersey guys?

  140. 53 – California Angels (2nd Round) – Joe Gatto (RHIP) – St. Augustine Prep

  141. nycsportzfan says:

    There goes on of the Catchers I forgot about in Garcia

  142. 52 – San Francisco Giants (2nd Round) – Aramis Garcia (C)

  143. nycsportzfan says:

    And people were hell bent on telling me Forbes woulden’t last till our pick.lol I actually didn’t think there was much a chance, but a small one.

  144. The Lime says:

    With the 55th pick of the 2014 first year player draft, the New York Yankees pick Dante Bichette Jr. Jr.

  145. John C says:

    Forbes, Marcus Wilson, Milton Ramos still thete

  146. vicki says:


  147. nycsportzfan says:

    Jacob Lindgren LHP Miss St. is actually pretty good. Forgot about him.

  148. vicki says:

    fuck luis gonzalez.

  149. dicka24 says:

    Yanks are on the clock. What about Bukauskas here?

  150. Jimmy says:

    Kid looks like he has nasty stuff but picking a reliever with your first pick?

  151. TheRealGreg says:

    Screw end of the year, come up right now.

  152. EndlessJose says:

    Luis Gonzalez should have put some of that HGH in his Rogaine.

  153. CashmanNinja says:

    I know I said I wanted the Yanks to get a guy that could fast track to the show…I didn’t mean a reliever. The guy has electric stuff, but we do well with relievers. We draft them in spades (or convert failed starters to them). With a pick that early I’d rather get someone who would help fill out our farm.

  154. D$1184 says:

    Jacob Lindgren, Mississippi State, lefty reliever, fastball touches 95 mph, very good slider, 21 years old, some say he’s the best reliever in the draft, could move fast through the system.

  155. EndlessJose says:

    Well the Yankees first pick is still a second round pick.Sucks but the Yankees will make up by ging big in the international market.

  156. EndlessJose says:

    Not a horrible pick but the Yankees will make up by going big in the international market.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Exactly. Thats why I got English and Pankake on my hopeful list tomorrow. I know they’ll load up on young toolsy developmental prospects in the international signing period. We should stack up on safe, gritty, play the game hard type guys now. English, Pankake, and Fry should move fairly quickly with any luck.

  157. nycsportzfan says:

    I knew Suarez was on the rise. He went like 2picks after ours. He reminds me of Gio Gonzalez. A

    I gotta see who drops to our 3rd rd pick, but i’m thinking Pat Connaughton RHP N.Dame, Jace Fry LHP Oregon St.(starter), Joey Pankake 3B/2B S.Carolina, and Tanner English LF S.Carolina.

    English and Pankake will both make and help ML clubs, mark my words.

  158. nycsportzfan says:

    Watch this catch by Tanner English in a 8-0 game(leading). Unreal!


  159. nycsportzfan says:

    Joey Pankake go ahead HR vs Vandy. I like that swing.


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