Let the shakeup start with Soriano

Offense breaks out for two runs, Yankees lose 5-2 to Athletics anyway
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Soriano strikes out
Lot of this going on lately. (Elsa/Getty Images North America)

The Yankees are bad right now. They weren’t bad the whole season. They might not be bad in a week or so. But for the past few weeks they’ve been pretty bad.

When the going gets rough, people want a shakeup.

“If George were alive [insert desired shakeup here].”

…because George presided over nothing but winning teams, and they definitely didn’t build the 90s dynasty while he was out of the picture.

A shakeup sounds great. It means that ownership is taking action to correct a problem. Mistakes were made, and someone is to blame. Someone has to pay.

Where would such a shakeup start with the Yankees?

Brian Cashman? He’s the one who built this roster. Why should he get a free pass for its poor performance?

Perhaps Cashman has worn out his welcome with the Yankees. I’ve always been a fan, but there could certainly be some Stockholm Syndrome aspect to that opinion. But is the time now to fire him?

Absolutely not. What would that accomplish? The draft is tomorrow. The Yankees have spent months preparing. It’s not as though you can just let them draft guys and then fire everyone. (Because if you fire Cashman, you fire the entire front office essentially.) They still have to sign those guys.

Hell, when the Cubs finally fired Jim Hendry, they kept him on for nearly a month after making the decision. Why? Because a new general manager — or worse, and interim GM — would probably fare worse than the guy they were firing in dealing with the roster at the trade deadline.

A new GM is rarely, if ever, a savior. He or she might bring a change of philosophy, but it can take years for that philosophy to make a difference on the field. A new GM will not turn around a team that is underperforming.

Cashman’s contract is up after this year. If they want to get rid of him, they have the opportunity to do so soon enough. (Although as Buster Olney said on the podcast, there is every indication that the Steinbrenners will opt to bring back Cashman even if the Yankees miss the postseason.)

There is one thing the Yankees can do to shake things up, at least a little bit.

They can DFA Alfonso Soriano.

Getting Soriano at last year’s trade deadline worked wonders. He went on an immediate tear, and kept the Yankees relevant for a month longer than they had any business being relevant. But his role diminished early in the off-season, when they signed Jacoby Ellsbury. Unless they traded Brett Gardner, Soriano would have to DH or play out of position. Signing Carlos Beltran meant DH, a non-position Soriano had vocally opposed in the past.

The Yankees have four outfielders once Carlos Beltran is healthy. Both Kelly Johnson and Yangervis Solarte have some experience playing out there, so they can act as emergency options. Zoilo Almonte can come back up at some point and be the fifth outfielder if the Yankees feel they need one.

We know Soriano can go on ridiculous hot streaks. Mike and I discussed that on the latest podcast. But can you really count on that happening this year, given how absolutely terrible he’s looked? His lone hot streak this year lasted 12 games, during which he hit four doubles and three homers. In the other 41 games? Nine doubles and three homers.

The Yankees can’t exactly afford to wait on Soriano at this point. They need to turn around a stagnant offense. Getting improved production from Brian McCann, Beltran, and Jacoby Ellsbury would help. Keeping Mark Teixeira healthy would help as well.

You know what else would help? Replacing the least productive starter with someone who is potentially very productive*. Replacing Soriano at DH with Kendrys Morales, a process they can start as early as Friday, could jolt an offense that has struggles going on a month at this point.

*Sorry, they’re not replacing Jeter. Cry about it if you want, blame everyone for letting it happen. Just understand that you’re arguing with reality.

There isn’t much the Yankees can do with the current roster. Is there anyone who should be getting less playing time — other than Jeter, who I mentioned, and McCann, who is in a similar position? Brian Roberts? With whom would you replace him, and would it be enough of an upgrade to the offense?

The Yankees lose little by replacing Soriano with Morales. It costs them some money, but there will be a return on that investment.

Like Morales or not, he’s the most efficient and potentially effective upgrade at this point.

Offense breaks out for two runs, Yankees lose 5-2 to Athletics anyway
Draft Links: Mock Drafts, Travis, Oliver, Stout
  • RM

    Excellent point and I totally agree. Remember one thing the Yankees do not like cutting players that they owe money too. Sori, Roberts and Johnson are all owed about about 6-8 million total for the rest of the year. Could they do it now, sure but I would not hold my breath until at least August, When they owe less money.

    • MB923

      Huh? KJ and Roberts signed for about $2 million I thought.

      (unless you are adding all 3 players salaries together).

      • RM

        I was, Sori is owed 5 million this year (Yankees Portion).

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      They’ve cut plenty of players they owe money too before. They also have sent salary dumps the other way.

      I’m not convinced cutting Sori is a great option, as he’s so streaky we could be eating our words by next week (or when he pulls a 2013 Sori on another team against us.)

      A healthy Beltran and, for god’s sake, giving the A bullpen team a fucking break, could do wonders here.

    • Colin in NJ

      Soriano has one extended cold streak and fans want him DFA,for a player who hasnt played and that nobody really wanted.Singling Soriano out is ridiculous,hes been a class act,a great Yankee.There are many,many players on this team underperforming.Gardner has been pretty good,Ellsbury average,Mc Cann bad,Beltran MIA, Johnson awful,Solarte pretty good,Roberts maybe average,Ichiro decent,Tex is held together with ductape and crazy glue,Jeter bat has zero pop.How can adding one player change all this? Then you have 2 good starters,and 3 journeymen? It is what it is.

      • http://Riveravenueblues Marty Lieberman

        A great yankee? Huh!? If he s great, how would you describe Mantle, Ruth, Gehrig, Di Maggie, Berra, Dickey, Ford, Reynolds,Williams, etc etc etc. Ever hear of these guys?

        • Colin in nj

          When you say great it doesn’t have to mean Mantle great or Ruth great.It could mean Paul O ‘Neill great or Bernie Williams great. Relax.

  • Wayne

    Knowing the yankees Hal will have them sign Kendry Morales before the draft and we lose our second round draft pick. Typical panic move by the yankees and Hal!!!!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’m trying to think of even one panic move done while Hal’s been owner. I can’t think of any that would warrant that many exclamation points.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Now you’ve done it. You asked for actual evidence, and not the anecdotal kind.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          He’s not going to reply. He never does.

          • Preston

            To be fair, I don’t think he knows how to use the reply button. He has responded to criticism in subsequent comments before, just never in a reply.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              That may lead to injury!!!!

  • MB923

    “They can DFA Alfonso Soriano.”

    Please, please, please do so.

    I was a bit surprised to see going into yesterday’s game he had a 121 wRC+ against LHP, but he looked dreadful against Kazmir too! And if interested, he was worst on the team with a 47 wRC+ against RHP

    Here’s what I do if I’m the Yankees

    Sign Morales and DFA Soriano

    Last year Morales wRC+ was pratically identical against LHP and RHP (115 and 118), though for his career, he is better against LHP (124) and slightly below average against RHP (97)

    Alternate Tex/Morales at DH/1B. If Beltran remains out, make the OF Gardner/Ellsbury/Ichiro and Kelly Johnson the backup OFer. If Beltran returns, then it’s Gardner/Ellsbury/Beltran with Ichiro as backup OFer and KJ as backup IF or emergency OFer

    C- McCann/JRM
    DH – Tex/Morales/Jeter/Beltran (someway the binder will find out who to put)
    1B – Tex/Morales
    2B – Roberts/Solarte
    SS – Jeter/Ryan
    3B – Solarte/KJ
    OF – Gardner/Ellsbury/Beltran/Ichiro/KJ

    If Beltran is in the lineup, that gives the Yankees a bench of KJ, Ichiro, JRM and Brendan Ryan assuming Tex or Morales is DH with the other at 1B.

    Also here’s another move I’d consider doing if I”m the Yankees. If Nuno continues to struggle (tonight’s a big test), move Warren to the rotation and put Nuno in the pen.

    • BronxBombers987

      I’m sorry but I have to disagree with that last part. Swapping Nuno and Warren would be an awful move. Even though he blew it the other day, Warren is still pitching like a legit setup man thus far. Moving him to the rotation (after stretching him out) would probably result in a bit below average starter. If Nuno went to the pen in this case, he’d need to pitch like a legit setup man to just break even on this scenario, which I would highly bet against. All this would accomplish is shortening an already short bullpen to get a slight (if any) upgrade in the rotation.

      • MB923

        Fair enough. I actually didn’t realize how good Nuno’s numbers were as a starter. 11 career starts, 60+ innings, 3.88 ERA, 1.22 WHIP

        I’m well aware it’s a SSS though.

        • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

          Right. Warren is really good in the pen, as a starter he isn’t really expected to be that good. Probably a 4.50 era if he takes to it.

      • New Guy

        I agree Warren has been great, but Betances has clearly been better. For some reason Joe got in his head that Warren is the set up guy and wont adjust. Bring Warren in in the 6th. Have him pitch for an inning or two, and if he gets in trouble then bring in Bentances. Have your best reliever hand the ball off to your closer… it just makes sense. In the case where you have a big fire and need an out, then I could see bringing in Dellin. Other than that, let him be the set up.

    • Rob S.

      You forget that Cervelli will be back soon. John Ryan Murphy has options and could be going back to AAA unless they make a trade or carry three catchers.

      • MB923

        I did forget that, thanks. Though it’s pretty obvious it would be JRM they send down when Cervelli gets called back up.

      • Preston

        If Murphy does get sent down to AAA then he should work out at 3b again. He is a legit MLB bat and this team needs infield help. If he can be adequate at 3b, we could move Solarte to 2b full time. That could potentially be a boost to the lineup both offensively and defensively as Solarte does not look good at 3b, and Roberts hasn’t looked good at 2b so far.

        • nyyankfan_7

          But Murphy is going to magically become a gold glove 3B soon enough to help this team?

          • Preston

            You missed the “If”, he’s played 3b before in the minors. It’s not like he’s never played an INF position. He played there in high-school too. I don’t necessarily even advocate for sending him down in favor of Cervelli. But if he is going to AAA, he might as well work on something that could help this team now.

            • nyyankfan_7

              14 games and 31 chances at 3b in the past 6 years.

              How about we let the young kid stick at the position he is at and get better at it because that is where either A: his future lies with this team or B: maximizes his trade value.

              • Preston

                The two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. He’ll DH plenty when he’s in AAA, all I’m saying is they should let him go out there and see what he could do at 3b on those days. If he sucks, literally nothing is lost. If he looks good he can get more playing time besides just being a BUC.

        • Brett is Bubbas Son

          If Carp is to be believed John Ryan Murphy is the next great catcher behind the plate. He has so much more value for us long term both in trade potential and on the field if that is true as a catcher then at 3rd.

          • Preston

            A lot of catchers have also played other positions. This isn’t a Monero situation where we’re trying to convince people Murphy can catch. He can, and he’s pretty good at it. He’s only getting occasional starts at C now anyways. I’m just saying he could get more work at 3b (he’s already done it in the past) and see if he could hack it to help the team in 2014. It doesn’t preclude him catching in the future.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Yesterday Soriano swung and missed at everything offspeed and off the plate and he took fastballs right down the middle. He is just awful right now and he needs to go. Ichiro can play more, Zolio can play out there. Beltran will be back soon. They can DH McCann and play JRM at C. Lots of options available once Beltran returns. DFA Soriano and instantly improve the club.

  • mitch

    It’s pretty clear Soriano is completely lost right now, and the lineup obviously isn’t good enough for them to let him work through his problems in game. I was thinking a phantom DL stint + “rehab” games might be the best option, but i’d understand if they just cut him and signed Morales.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      I don’t think that would work. And we aren’t even talking sss anymore. He is 200 PA into the season.

  • adjusts batting gloves

    So let’s say they sign Morales on Friday. He’d still need two weeks or so of ExST/minor league games to get into shape. And we know how cautious the Yankees are bringing players along…witness Carlos Beltran playing minor league games this week while the team is in desperate need of a charge…Best case scenario is that Sori gets hot while the Yankees are waiting for Morales and then they can trade Sori for a spare part or contract relief or something…

    • trr

      If we could do that fine, but like much of the team’s roster, Soriano has very little trade value. Unless he picks it up, soon, I believe the team will release him.

    • The Great Gonzo

      “And we know how cautious the Yankees are bringing players along…”

      Not entirely true. They move slowly with prospects and injured guys, but a rental? Meh. Get him in game shape and throw him in the fire.

      “witness Carlos Beltran playing minor league games this week while the team is in desperate need of a charge…”

      Is Beltran even eligible to come off the DL yet? Also, they got another 2.666 seasons of Beltran left, so maybe they want to go a little slower and make sure he’s right. Morales (I would assume) would be a 1-yr pact, so again, jump into the fire.

      • Paisa

        Per beltran: they also don’t want to fly him up to ny for 2 maybe 3 games just to turn around and go out on the road trip later this week.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    I think Kelly Johnson is the most useless position player (No one approaches Matt Thornton) on the roster. I’d rather see him go.

    • Yangeddard Solarte

      DFA Soriano, bring Beltran off the DL. Then sign Morales and DFA Kelly Johnson. Sizemore has the better glove and can be our backup at 3rd and 2nd.

      • MB923

        I’d keep KJ for OF in case Beltran goes down again. Yes they have Ichiro who has done just fine but I’m not sure I’d want him playing 5 days a week out there.

        Plus KJ has some pop and there’s a chance of course both Beltran & Tex can miss time which would leave only Morales and McCann as the guys with power in the lineup (Sori too if they still have him).

  • Wayne

    I would not fire Brian Cashman and would dign him to an extension . He is not the problem.
    They have to keep developing through the draft. I like who we have in our system right now but am afraid of who we will give up at the deadline. We could be severely weakened by a trade at this years deadline or afterwards, that could slow us down for years in terms of development!!!!!! . Also if we draft poorly in this years draft and sign less talented amateurs it will be an even worse situation for the future of our farm system!!!!!!
    We need Cashman!!!!!!
    I am grateful for Brian Cashman bringing us 2009 World Series!!!!!
    But we need to let him develope our farm system !!!!!

    • trr

      I’ve always been a Cashman supporter; on balance he has done a very good job. I know, he’s had resources no other GM has, and yes, he’s had some blunders. But I’m slowly coming around to the argument that perhaps it’s time for a change. Being a GM isn’t a job for life, and maybe a fresh perspective would help. However, as Mike pointed out, no change should be made until the off season. Meanwhile it should be interesting to see what changes he makes to the roster for the rest of this season. I’m sure he’s under tremendous pressure (along with Girardi) to make the the post-season. Who knows – maybe his job is in the balance….

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        This is pretty much the only reason I have for having Cashman move on.

        Good to see you back.

        • Dick M

          Jorge, you want to be in the DCAs don’t you?

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I think I’ve been pretty steady in saying that, when all the chips fall, he’s not one of the tippity-top guys, but I do he will be looked back on as a good GM.

            I do think there comes a point, though, where new thoughts and new blood need to work their way into the room. The end of his contract is a good a time as any to take a good look at that.

            I do think that’s a far cry from “apologist.”

            • Looser trader droids FotD™

              More Pollyanna ;)

        • trr

          Thank you, it’s good to be here!

  • Mike HC

    I would definitely sign Morales, but I don’t think I would be so quick to drop Soriano. We are so desperate for offense that we can’t afford to give up on him. And he is still hitting lefties very well.

    • MB923

      “And he is still hitting lefties very well.”

      That he was, but even last night he looked lost against Kazmir. Swung at pitches in the dirt and took fastballs right down the middle.

      • Mike HC

        I don’t think that one game against one of the best pitchers in baseball this year overrides what he has done the rest of the season and his career.

        Soriano has been horrible this year overall. No doubt. Cutting him is not outrageous or anything but I think he can still provide much needed power to this team down the line. And he can at least be productive vs lefties, especially when Gardy, Ells and Ich all hit lefty.

  • Grit for Brains

    You absolutely dfa Kelly Johnson in place of Soriano. Solarte already is the I can half ass every position guy.

  • mustang

    “Replacing Soriano at DH with Kendrys Morales, a process they can start as early as Friday, could jolt an offense that has struggles going on a month at this point.”


    A 1000 times THIS!!!

  • Robert

    Dont sign Morales Too Much Money and this team is not gonna win thw WS.
    DFA Soriano and Roberts replace with Farm players.Pirela and Z Almonte now and Obrien and Refsnyder in Sept.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      How do you know how much Morales will cost and why do you care (assuming it’s just a 1-year deal)?

  • TheRealGreg

    Of course, I was not suggesting firing Brian Cashman immediately, I meant after the season.

    If this continues, I think the Yankees should sell at the deadline.
    Kuroda and maybe Ichiro are tradeable. But Kuroda could bring in a nice haul for a team that thinks they’re close.

    • stuart a

      Ichiro has zero value….the guy is the ultimate punch and judy hitter. he stinks and gets no grief like the captain. these guys slugging % are laughable.

      • MB923

        Zero value? He’s having a solid year. Not worth what they are paying him but they would get something back in return I think.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          No one that would help more than he would.

        • Preston

          They tried very hard to trade him prior to the season. Maybe he’s made his value skyrocket because of his start, but I doubt we could get something meaningful for him.

          • MB923

            They couldn’t because of the amount owed and the terrible year he had last year. Much improved this year though.

  • hornblower

    There is no answer right now. The high priced players are injured and may not have much left (Tex,CC,Beltran). The fill-in guys have been exposed by overuse. They won’t eat the money for Sori, Johnson, Ichiro, Roberts. This is a bad team. Last year they faked it. This team is really awful.

    • lightSABR

      Last year was a bad team that got lucky. This year is a better but still mediocre team that’s not getting lucky.

      • Looser trader droids FotD™

        All of this.

  • stuart a

    agree with the commentary.

    most responses to the blog are quite reasonable.

    they can make modest changes and see what the results are.

    dfa’ing Soriano is not unreasonable..signing Morales after the draft is not crazy either…Kelly Johnson should have a short leash also as others have said. Options to replace Nuno in the rotation are the 2nd highest priority besides the offense.

    I keep Warren in the pen. When they get Kelly back they have 4 good arms in the pen and then junk like thornton, daley, aceves(must go), etc.

  • Wayne

    We should bring up second baseman prospect Rob Refsynder.
    It might help our team and give them a jolt!!!!!!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I thought he was traded, along with Aaron Judge and Jose Ramirez.

      • lightSABR

        But not ManBan, Sanchez, or Mason Williams. They’re all the kind of underperforming losers that the team could trade for Mike Trout and Chris Sale except that Cashman’s obsessed with them and won’t let them go.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          They’re all just going to hurt anyway unless they have the same exact role every second.


          • lightSABR

            Wait – you mean wayne was serious? I assumed it was a joke.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Wayne is the most under-the-radar troll on here.

  • PunkPitch

    A well organized fire sale could get them under the 189 cap. Arevyou listening Hal?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      It would be extemely difficult to pull off, as they’d need to trade players with NTC’s to cut that much.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      That ship has more than sailed.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Dan Gen, lost at sea somewhere.

  • pepes pizza

    DFAceves, bring up Ramirez!

  • mitch

    I don’t get the all the calls to DFA Kelly JOhnson. It’s only a matter of time before Roberts gets injured.

    • trr

      Fair point.
      We may get to see some of those minor league options this year, ready or not….

    • D$1184

      Even when that happens, Scott Sizemore might be the better glove to insert into the everyday line-up. Move Solarte over to second where it looks like he has a better handle on throws. Neither one (Sizemore or Johnson) has hit a lick so might as well go with the guy who makes the plays in the field.

  • Conor in China

    Why would signing Morales necessitate DFAing Soriano?

    Between Teixeira’s wrist, Beltran’s elbow and age and Ichiro’s age, the right field/DH/first base positions don’t seem set in stone to me.

    Injuries or ineffectiveness are likely to necessitate giving Soriano another chance even if he becomes a platoon player for the short-term.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      because you only have so many roster spots.

  • Rob S.

    Soriano looks terrible right now but designating him for assignment seems awfully drastic at this point. For all we know he could be carrying the team a couple of weeks from now. Obviously they can’t let him go on hitting this poorly indefinitely but I’m not sure we’ve reached the breaking point yet.
    There are guys up and down this lineup who have not played up to expectations, some of which weren’t that high to begin with. Bryan Roberts, McCann, Kelly Johnson, even Beltran before he was injured and yes, Derek Jeter.
    The bottom line is this team stinks. They’re mediocre offensively. Their defense and base-running have been terrible. It seems like they hang around just long enough to lose. I’m starting to wish they get blown out early now and then instead of blowing it late after I’ve sat there watching for three hours.

    • Mike HC

      I am not used to watching a .500 ish baseball team night after night after growing up on the late 90’s Yanks. But after last year and into this year, it sure isn’t that fun.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        They were worse than a .500 team right before the late 90’s Yankees happened. I understand why you feel the way you do, but the dynasty isn’t reality for any sports team.

        What goes us must come down. Getting back up quickly is never a guarantee. They’re not even that far down.

        • Mike HC

          Definitely. And believe me, my dad never let me forget how good I had it during the Jeter (and Ewing) years. He always said, “you’ll see, just wait until those guys are gone.” And boy, oh boy how right he was with Ewing. I shudder to think what the post Jeter years might look like.

          But understanding something will happen, and experiencing it for the first time, are two different things.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            There’s been an increased focus on farm system, but it needed to come through quite a bit more in the past few years. That’s not to say it hasn’t produced. You’ve got two solid Mariano-replacement options right when you needed them.

            The juice dried up MUCH quicker on CC and Alex than what anyone thought, and they’re not here to act as the glue. The glue appears to be guys on the first year of their deals who are underperforming.

            Thank God for Tanaka, but look at how much he cost.

            They’ll get there, and some things really have gone well, but the post-core adjustment period has hit several snags along the way for sure…..and it wasn’t going to be easy to get through, even if all things went well.

    • fred robbins

      To not DFA Soriano because he might go on a tear is about the worst possible reason to keep an automatic out in the line up as well as him being way over the hill defensively and just looks out of gas. It’s like continuing to put money on the black jack table when you lose every hand thinking your luck is about to turn. This is not how successful organizations are run- but- I guess there you have it.

  • TopChuckie

    Some thoughts following another loss (to steal a Mike sort of title):

    -I think Tex has been a better RH batter in his career than LH(?), particularly versus the shift when batting LH now. Supposedly his wrist only hurts when he bats LH. STOP BATTING LH. Who knows if his RH AB’s versus RH pitchers would really be worse than his LH AB’s lately and I’d much rather have all his all his RH/RHP AB’s and his RH/LHP AB’s in the lineup than on the DL. This whole point is valid even if the stats don’t bear out that he is a better RH hitter than LH hitter, in the lineup batting RH only is better than on the DL not batting at all. How can this be any more obvious?

    -If he still insists on batting LH, he should have been bunting to fight the shift anyway, but now more than ever, if swinging hurts his wrist, minimize that somewhat by bunting more.

    -Again, it couldn’t hurt to sprinkle in some Billy Martin and pull the lineup out of a hat, just to change the mentalities at the plate, may take some pressure off. The side effect is that it’s an innocent, non-controversial way to bat Jeter somewhere other than #2 (assuming that’s not how the draw goes) just to broach that topic, not that he is the main offender in this lack of offense, but dropping him down in the order will probably come up again at some point this season. This way it will already have been done, with no “disrespect” to him specifically. Who knows, maybe he goes 4 for 4 in the 8-hole and Girardi can use that to his advantage.

    -Occurred to me while listening to Buster Olney talk about how badly the Dodgers need a CF. I like Gardner and don’t want to see him go and this probably won’t happen and that’s fine if it doesn’t, but Gardner for Kemp makes sense. Dodgers desperately need a CF, Kemp seems to have worn out his welcome, value is at a low, salary is high, Gardner a bit redundant with Ells, Yanks need more middle of the order pop, Yanks need RH pop and balance, Ells fits better at #1, Kemp fits at #3, Gardner will never be an MVP caliber player, Kemp was and could be again, maybe with a change of scenery and a chip on his shoulder. How many teams have an extra CF and can afford to eat Kemp’s salary? Talk is they want to move him and will have to eat salary to do it. That’s where the Yanks can take advantage, while Yanks should also ask Dodgers to eat salary, they don’t have to insist, or they can ask for a quality prospect also if they agree to eat all the salary that no other team will. Not saying it will happen, not really even saying I want it to happen, but all the pieces seem to fit.

    • Mike HC

      “and a chip on his shoulder”

      I think you meant “in” his shoulder.

    • mitch

      A Gardner/Kemp swat does make a bit of sense, but his contract is awful. He’s still owed 5/100 after this season. No way i’d do that deal unless Kemp was basically free

      • TopChuckie

        Kemp is only 29, it’s $20/yr for his 30-34 seasons, and that’s if the Dodgers don’t eat any. Unless you really believe he is done at 29, it’s not that bad of a deal and really, the money doesn’t impact the Yankees, they just say it does. If you can get a legit pitching prospect for eating all the salary, or maybe Pederson since they still won’t have room for him, then I think it’s worth taking the chance he returns to the MVP caliber player. It’s not long ago he was considered one of the very best players in the game, at 29 he could get back there. I like Gardner, but he will never be in that rarefied air.

        • Mike HC

          Dodgers are just as, if not more loaded than the Yanks. They aren’t going to give up anything close to a prospect like that just to lose Kemp’s contract. And I know you already said this is a pipe dream, so all good. If they did offer Kemp and Pederson for Gardner, I would think Cashman would have trouble containing himself before he could get out the YES!

    • The Great Gonzo

      I was thinking about the Tex point the other day as well, but I am going to guess his approach to RHP is based on his seeing the ball from the left. Don’t know if it would be as easy as shifting on the fly here.

      I feel all the players should drop a bunt to beat the shift, so I am OK with that aspect.

      And in a vacuum, I am not opposed to a Gardner/Kemp swap, but that is a metric shit ton of money. That said, if you can get them to eat some of that, say $25M over the remaining 5 years, I could get behind Kemp in LF. I am not in love with Kemp as a trade target, and I have a soft spot for Gardner, but Kemp can flat out hit.

      • TopChuckie

        Bad RH AB’s versus RHP is better than no AB’s at all because he’s on the DL. At this point batting RH only is more about staying on the field than improving his game.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    JoePaw, forever the voice of reason and zen on here.

    I also agree completely with stuart above. stuart 2.0 is downright lovable, I must say.

    There’s something here. No matter how much money was spent, no one ever called this a finished product. Perhaps there are more leaks in the ceiling than we thought there were.

    • Looser trader droids FotD™

      Also, it’s a low ceiling.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek Roadgeek Adam

    All your options stink. :)

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Just mick taylor’s.

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

        Don’t say his name!!!

        Unless you’re calling for the actual Mick Taylor who shall regale us with some of his signature guitar lines.

        • trr

          I’m waiting!

      • Mick taylor

        Jorge, you and macho need to stop using this website as a forum for your love making. Like I said I need someone to clean my place on east 71st

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          The UES was always my least favorite Manhattan neighborhood.

          I will make love to him wherever I please.

  • Dick M

    I just hope they are sellers and not buyers at the trade deadline.

    There’s gonna be nobody out there to fix our ills. So please, we don’t need band-aids. We have enough of them already.

    You wanna sign Morales, that’s fine. All he costs is money.

    The 2 big things are 1) we can’t take on any more long term contracts to guys who will be 35+ in the last few years of the obligation and 2) we shouldn’t give up prospects for rentals.

    We gotta find a way to get younger.

    • Mike HC

      If Kuroda can get a little streak going in the next month or two, I definitely think we would have to listen if a team is offering a legitimate long term piece. Even if we are still in the race.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      “we shouldn’t give up prospects for rentals”

      Never a fan of this before it occurs, but we do wind up kicking ourselves pretty often in retrospect when we see guys we hug not panning out.

      I don’t like it as a default practice, but I’d never draw a hard and fast line with it.

    • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

      Sellers? Have you even watched Yankee baseball the last 20 + years? The Yankees don’t sell at the deadline. Period. Last year the Yankees ran a regular lineup of Overbay Cano Nunez Stewart Wells Hafner Nix and Gardner and they were STILL buyers at the deadline. Also younger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Yes the offense looks bad right now but you have to have a little faith that the keys guys (Ellsbury, McCann, Beltran) will all start playing to the back of their baseball cards. It is 1/3 of the season, there is no reason to panic just yet.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        They sold Gary Sheffield. It’s practically zero, but it’s not zero.

        “Be sellers” is Yankee survivor guilt. That’s not to say the situation will ever apply, but there’s always a fascination with experiencing how the other half lives.

        • The Great Gonzo

          They sold Randy Johnson too.

          But neither of these examples are really ‘fire sales’. With Sheffield, he had CLEARLY worn his welcome and Abreu was the ‘new’ RF. With Johnson, he was traded back to Arizona as a ‘gesture to a future HoF fisrt ballot guy’. Neither was a ‘SELL ALL TEH PLAYERZ, LET DEH KIDZ PLAY!” situation.

          Those above are looking for a pure rebuild.

      • Dick M

        I am more than aware that we historically don’t sell at the deadline. It doesn’t mean it’s the right approach though.

        You have way more faith in the 3 acquisitions than I do. I like Ellsbury but he’s not a 3 hitter and we took on way too many years. Beltran is going to break down, he’s on the down side of his career, and he’s not a 3 hitter anymore either. McCann is a 30 yr old catcher.

        The pinstripes are indeed heavy and the 3 new guys are feeling it. It would be one thing if they were brought in to be complementary guys, but they have to be the leaders.

        Younger is better. For one, Phelps (or Nuno or Whitely) are giving us just as much as Sabathia. Solarte’s better than Roberts and Johnson. We keep bringing in retreads (Roberts, Johnson, Sizemore, Ichiro, Soriano, Overbay, Wells, Hafner to name a few over the last 2 yrs) who have a “name” and I swear it’s to save face when in fact we’d be better off letting some younger guys play. I wanted Murphy to get the catching job and to not sign McCann; we had other needs.

        It’s never time to panic. But you do have to take stock of who you are so you can have a plan to get ahead.

        • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

          I completely agree, that Solarte and Phelps are definitely giving just as much as some of the veterans but Roberts/Johnson/Sizemore are right now better than anything that are currently he minors (Corban Joseph anyone?) The are two ways that the Yankees can get younger: 1) Do a better job in the draft (which won’t pay immediate dividends and the last draft class seems to have a ton of potential) 2) Fire sale which I will make the point of who do the Yankees have as desirable trade chips? Gardner? Phelps? Solarte, Betances? Those are 3 of the 4 guys whom you want to keep to make the Yankees younger. Beltran 3 year deal, Ellsbury 6 years Tex another 2 years, McCann for 5 you still have Arod for 2 CC for 3 more I believe. You have a youngish core going forward with Tanaka,Pineda,Phelps,Nova (if he comes back healthy) Banuelos is coming, Betances, Solarte, McCann is still only 30 Solarte, Ellsbury is 30 (definitely not who you want batting 3 but with the injuries he has to be there) So Idk what exactly you want the team to do. Guys are under performing, it happens, guys are playing above their heads (Solarte/Betances) its baseball.

          • Dick M

            Not a fan of that “what do you want the team to do” stuff. That’s how we got Beltran. Because he was the only one out there.

            The fact is, at the micro level, there isn’t anything that can be done. But the reason for that isn’t some incredibly bad run of injury luck, or what comes with the territory of drafting near the bottom of the first round.

            My underlying point is that the paradigm has shifted, and you can’t buy your way to the top anymore. You have to develop. And these guys in charge aren’t used to doing that.

  • mick taylor

    let the shake up begin with firing cashman. 17 years of 100 million more every year than almost every gm, and most of his free agent signings suck. no money on puig , chapman, or cespedes, but spends 85 million on mccann who sucked last year in atlanta, is 30 , and was not needed if you had murphy and chris stewart. yanks could have gotten nelson cruz, abreu and maybe stephen drew for the money spent on chuck mccann

    • Derek Jeter

      Hindsight is always 20/20. I’m sure they’d do alot of things different if they knew the outcome,…but they didn’t.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

    Am I the only one who thinks DFAing Soriano is the wrong move? You don’t just get rid of a potentially effective player, someone who when right can give you a ton of power from the right side. Yes he is the farthest thing from right, right now but then the Yankees need to put him down at the bottom of the order or reduce his playing time. Maybe it is taking him some time to learn how to play RF and he isn’t comfortable playing DH yet. He looks completely cooked right now but I would give it a little more time, probably up to the trading deadline. Morales makes a ton of sense and it Soriano shouldn’t stop them from making the move, but cutting ties with someone who could be useful or even an important cog in the offense this early into the season isn’t the right move.

    • mitch

      I’d certainly prefer to find a way to keep him as well. They don’t have another RH outfielder. Beltran is best off at DH and has huge health concerns. Almonte is technically a switch hitter but can’t really hit lefties. Soriano is worthy of a DFA right now, but it’s leave them short of a righty OF bat

      • MB923

        “They don’t have another RH outfielder.”

        Well all of the LH outfielders (Gardner, Ells and Ichiro) have hit better against LHP than Soriano. Soriano’s isn’t low (.286) but the other 3 are better

        BA vs. LHP
        Ichiro – .375
        Ellsbury – .321
        Gardner – .308
        Soriano – .286

        Gardner does have a lower wRC+ than Soriano though against LHP (92 to 115)

        I am not going to bother posting numbers against RHP lol

    • M. Harris

      Agree completely about not DFAing Soriano. He should be sat down and Kevin Long has a lot of work to do. Not only is he pulling off the ball, he isn’t even looking at the ball. Only way he can hit a baseball with those mechanics is dumb luck. He is making fundamental mistakes in hitting; but this can be corrected….just not while he is in the lineup.

    • trr

      Re Soriano, yes it’s a tough call. It’s hard to know with older players when they’re cooked. But if the current offensive woes continue, I think changes are coming. DFAing Soriano would be one of the simpler moves. He needs to pick it up!

  • hornblower

    Cashman’s mandate is to put a good team on the field every year so they can pay their debt service on the Stadium and fuel the Yes Network. Without a core of players free agency is useless. The Sox didn’t want Elsberry at that price and the Braves thought McCann was on the way down. I know it is a pipe dream but bringing up some younger guys would get my attention. They can’t be worse then these guys and certainly hungrier. Most of the guys they have now are collecting their last big money paycheck. They will care less and less as the season goes on. Sure they try but what is the penalty for failure. Even if they are DFA’ed they still get paid more than the average american makes in a lifetime.

  • Ed

    I was under the impression that due to his elbow issues, they were planning on having Beltran play DH the rest of the season. The idea was that avoiding throwing would make him less likely to aggrevate the injury. That pretty much eliminates signing Morales.

    • Mike HC

      Interesting. And as LK wrote below, Yanks may already have the word they are long shots to sign him anyway due to playing time concerns.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        It’s more playing time than he’s getting now.

        I’m wary of anyone as magic pill anyway, though. He’s no……..Stephen Drew.

        • Mike HC

          haha … you know what I meant. Compared to other opportunities

  • LK

    Look, is this a better team with Morales on the roster than it is with Soriano? Yes.

    But Morales is more or less a DH-only; he’s also going to have at least some choice about where he signs (the Mariners, for instance, have holes at both DH and 1B, have some money supposedly, and have a better record than the Yanks). So, to get him you’ll have to commit to playing him every day in addition to the money.

    Blocking the DH spot with this team’s roster does not seem optimal to me. It means forcing Beltran and his bone spur back into the OF everyday, which the Yanks have already said they want to avoid, and it means Jeter will be at SS more often.

    I just can’t really see how this moves the needle all that much for the team overall. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth doing, of course, but I won’t be losing any sleep if they miss out on Morales. He’s not a great fit, and he’s not good enough to obviate that issue.

    • King George

      If the Mariners had $, why wouldn’t they have signed him to a prorated deal already like the Sox did with Drew? Not sure where you saw they have $, but everywhere I’ve read indicates that they’re tapped out and can’t add anything to payroll.

      • LK

        Interesting, I’ve read everywhere that the Mariners have money to spend.

        Regardless, Morales will have other suitors who will offer him playing time; whether one of them is the Mariners or not isn’t all that relevant to the overall point.

  • Frank

    2014 Yankees are one giant mess. Soriano is only one of many problems.The stadiun is half full and the fans who are there seem like their watching a tennis or golf tournament rather than baseball. The bottom line is this team is not good and very boring to watch, with the exception of Solarte, Betances (yesterday’s meltdown notwithstanding)and it being Jeter’s farewell tour.

    • hornblower

      Firing Cashman, signing Morales is all nonsense. There is no way to go. Much of the roster is useless. Management knows that. They want to keep the illusion going for the next few months so they can pay their bills. That is a business decision. If we fans buy it shame on us.

    • Kenny

      True, true, all of it true. However, I must confess that I simply have no idea what to do about Soriano: ditch him now, while he’s lousy? wait for a revival? An argument can be made for either side. It’s why they pay Cash the big bucks, to make the choice.

      It’s undeniable, though, that they’re presently a pretty crummy team, compared to Oakland, Detroit, and Toronto. Hard to believe they’ll survive this stretch of games against serious teams after their recent showing against mediocrities.

      They’re highly unlikely to be a post-season team this year. A good time maybe to see what one or two selected “prospects” might have to offer–if only to give these dwindling customers something to cheer for.

    • wilcymoore27

      I totally agree with this.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Where did I read in the past couple of threads that they’re still third in attendance?

  • emac2

    I don’t agree that Cash is to blame, and cutting Soriano for Almonte? Really?

    I agree the team isn’t looking good right now but look at the injuries the team from 2 games ago was dealing with compared to opening day. I think when that happens you have to make moves but you also have to wait until a player is available and for larger sample sizes.

    Soriano will carry the team for awhile at some point this season. The solution is to not play him everyday in the middle of the lineup and not be afraid to play him only as a pinch hitter or bench him for a week.

    I would rather See Garcia come up instead of Almonte. I like the Sizemore promotion and if he hits well enough he can keep Solarte at 2nd and improves the infield defense. If not he can be cut as the churning process should begin with more and more players.

    I do think they should look into trades and we now have enough of a sample size to know what we have but I want people like Soriano on the bench instead of people like Almonte. Even if that means adjusting the pitching staff to give another roster spot to an offensive player.

    I think McCann should be spending time at first base. JR is cheap, on the roster and pretty good in limited exposure. I would rather see him and McCann cover most of the 1st base duties, than anyone we have, if Tex goes down.

    I think Ramirez should be promoted and we should continue to build the group of 2 inning dominators. Even if they aren’t perfect every single time.

    What I really liked about this roster is that it was set up to do a lot of platooning. I was excited to have a lot of good players that were able to avoid their worst matchups and keep their teammates from being overworked in a post PED world. I would like to see them take advantage of that a little more.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I…..mostly agree?

      • emac2

        I hate it when that happens

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Garcia over Almonte still shows you playing the dipshit card. No worries.

          If Flores was healthy right now, that’s the hot hand I’d try to ride.

          • emac2

            Yeah, sometimes I get this crazy idea that batting average matters.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              It matters. It’s not the only thing that’d matter in that comparison.

  • al

    Morales @ DH & Refsnider @ second base, Offense fixed!

  • willie w

    Let Cashman go at the end of the year

  • wilcymoore27

    I don’t see the point of a quick-fix shakeup. The Yankees’ problems run much deeper than Soriano’s inept hitting … or even the whole team’s poor offense. The shakeup needs to start with the farm system.

    This year’s roster is not going anywhere … probably not to the post-season and certainly not to a World Championship. Simply put, they don’t have enough talent to do that. Not enough starting pitching (after Tanaka), not enough power, not a good enough (infield) defense. This is rebuilding time, and the sooner fans and the team understand that the better.

    • hornblower

      The farm system is having a good year with position players. The older ones at Scranton are doing quite well. The younger kids at Trenton, Tampa and Charleston are showing signs. After the draft they will move guys up. They have roster problems now and not enough bodies to fill in the minor league rosters. Amazing how an MLB organization is short minor league players but they are committed to fielding SI team and a Gulf Coast squad. They will have extra by next week and do some movement. I can’t guess if they will promote some Scranton guys but it sure would be nice to see somebody new get a chance.

      • Preston

        The AAA roster looks bleak because two of the better position player prospects slated to start there (Murphy and Almonte) have spent most of the year at the MLB level. Add in having 3 hurt starters hurt at the MLB level, and the requisite MiLB moves and they’re a pretty depleted roster. But like you said they’ll probably promote Refsnyder and maybe Michell, and the roster will look a little better in a few weeks.

    • The Great Gonzo

      “This year’s roster is not going anywhere … probably not to the post-season and certainly not to a World Championship. Simply put, they don’t have enough talent to do that. Not enough starting pitching (after Tanaka Lester and the half season of Bucholtz that he won’t be injured or on a bender), not enough power, not a good enough (infield) defense. This is rebuilding time, and the sooner fans and the team understand that the better.”

      – Ben Cherington, March 2013

  • Mickey Scheister

    This is the exact kinda player the Yanks would target in a trade, 34 dingers LY, not owed a ton, in the midst of a slump, veteran, played for them before. Which other teams would show interest? Washington, maybe? Harper is always getting hurt, he could pinch hit and serve as a DH for interleauge, he’s played there before. Or perhaps Texas? Insert TX hurt player here, DH, OF, etc. I’m not sure of Washington and TX’s respective rosters, just spitballing.

    DFA maybe a bit harsh, he has talent but he certainly has looked AWFUL at the plate as of late. Maybe he should swing a lighter bat, that should help with contact. Something he can’t seem to do, he just waves at any breaking ball in the same state as the plate. He’s at least worth a 26 man type out of options bullpen arm from another team. He should need to have Girardi’s permission to swing the bat at this point, I want to see him get signs from the bench on if he’s allowed to swing.

  • stuart a

    Yankees are avg. 42 K per home game in attendance. 3rd in baseball. fans are still coming out. the place is quite because the team is boring and the offense stinks…

    what I want Cashman to do is something. Does not have to be a complete surgery but sooner versus later he needs to try things out. These steps might be to dfa aceves and give Montgomery a try. sign morales and dfa Soriano. dfa Kelly johnson etc….

    if at the trade deadline they are a 500 team and 10 games out sure sell big time. good news is the old stuff except for aroid and cc will be gone after this year mostly. this is jeter, ichiro, Soriano, kuroda, Roberts, and others swan songs. this is a total end of an era.

    I love jeter but the reality is he is done. Bat him 8th and I have no problem with his 265 avg with zero extra base hits. Batting him 2nd is the problem..

    McCann has been horrible so far, ellsbury has been ok, but he can play better. beltran has been hurt…3 big moves that have not paid off as well as they should have so far.

    for that terrible minor league system sure have a lot of homegrown guys contributing; betances, warren, murphy, whitley, etc…

  • Poinsettia

    Let us be real, if George was still here, Girardi would be the one to go!!
    Another voice is needed in the dugout since the team isn’t responding to him.
    Also everyone must have heard George after playing the Mets the past couple of years…Girardi you’re fired!!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Managers can’t really make mediocre players good.
      It’s not like there are a ton of players underachieving (McCann certainly, Ellsbury to an extent, Soriano might just be done). Most of the players just aren’t that good at this point in their career.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      That sounds more like Vince McMahon than it even sounds like Papa Bear.

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

        Actually it sounds more like Stephanie McMahon nowadays, and that is beyond terrible.

    • The Great Gonzo

      George has never steered us wrong before!

  • Dada I

    Pitching,pitching,pitching. How long can you trust Nuno and Phelps,and the bullpen is imploding,the offense will come around,the money spent on Morales can be better spent elsewhere if they pick up a big ticket pitcher

  • Naved

    Start with the Captain.

    .634 OPS is bringing down the whole offense at the 2nd spot of the lineup. He brings nothing to the table. He doesn’t steal bases, he plays bad defense and has zero power. He should be batting 9th.

    • trr

      Naved, you may be correct, but let’s be real: that ain’t gonna happen

  • JLC 776

    It certainly would be nice to see the Yankees do something. Anything at all. I don’t care if you want to see the team compete this year or rebuild for years down the road, doing nothing at this point isn’t helping. You can maintain that the team is waiting for injured players to return, but in the meantime there are still below-replacement level guys (like Soriano) that can use a shake-up – either permanent (DFA) or temporary (‘fatigue’ DL stint).

    The team looks lifeless night after night and so does the FO!

  • WhittakerWalt

    It always cracks me up when people act like the secret to the Yankees’ success all those years was George Steinbrenner. “If George was here he’d fix things!” Is the common refrain.

    I’d just like to remind you that George Steinbrenner once had the “genius” idea of trading Mariano Rivera to the Mariners… for FELIX FERMIN.

    And why did he want to make that awesome trade? Because he didn’t think Derek Jeter would be a good shortstop. Chew on that for a bit. The two greatest Yankees of probably the last 50 years, and Steinbrenner had zero faith in either of them.

    Felix Fermin.

    • JLC 776

      Amen. Steinbrenner gets far too much credit for the success of the latter-half of the 90’s. His greatest asset for the organization was his willingness to spend money – and that is a huge deal, don’t get me wrong – but the team triumphed [i]despite[/i] his emotional decisions, not because of them.

      I do think he became a fairly decent figurehead in his waning years. Jeter seemed to look up to him a lot, and his dedication to winning did permeate the culture of the whole organization (something that I think is significantly lacking nowadays), but I will never look at the dynasty 90’s as a direct product of King George.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      But the brimfire and the proclamations……yeah, not so much.

      I was there. Lots of screaming. Lots of firings. No championships past the first few years until he came back taking a back seat to his baseball people.

      I’d rather have the sons than 80’s GS3 any day.

      • trr

        Having lived through the whole GS era, I gotta tell you – most of the time his behaviour was a frickin’ embarrassment to the team and to the fanbase. But – his passion for winning was white-hot and he always put his money where his mouth was. That era was a lot of things, but never boring!

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I’d rather my ownership be level-headed and boring, though.

          You’re absolutely right. Somehow, his behavior embarrassed a fan who wasn’t even, or was barely, a teenager at the time.

        • TWTR

          It wasn’t one era though.

          The early period was great for a while because he allowed a competent GM to make some good trades, and he also exploited the new free agency rules.

          The ’80s were a joke. He became a caricature, trading every good young prospect for old veterans, and doing a lot of stupid, crazy stuff.

          The ’90s were in some ways a return to the mid-70s, in no small part thanks to Stick and Buck.

          It was so good, that it carried over for much of the ’00s.

          It’s time for a new model at this point.

  • Mickey Scheister

    Just looked up Refsnyders stats, he’s doing quite well. He’s in his age 22 season, same season Cano got called up to replace a 35 yo Tony Womack. Brian Roberts has been no higher than a .240’s hitter with no better than very low .300’s OBP the past four years and seems like his range at second is average at best, can’t turn a clean DP, that doesn’t always show up in the box score. If this 36 yo post injury Roberts production stays in line with his average over the past four years, Refsnyder should be given an opportunity.

    That would infuse some youth into this line-up, and help the team. IMO, just DFA’ing Soriano isn’t a good idea, he will hit again.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’d like to see some time in AAA along the way. A promotion now, especially with Scott Sizemore gracing our presence with his understated handsomeness and awesomeness, to AAA, would seem to make quite a bit of sense. If he rakes there, sure, get real aggressive.

  • TWTR

    I made the same point last night. Time to go.

  • John

    i know its crazy by why not giving this kid at AA Refsnyder a chance?

    • The Great Gonzo

      The answer is in the question.

      I’ll give you a minute.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    I completely understand why everyone wants to DFA Soriano.

    I keep thinking, though, that this is the price we must pay before July/August version of Soriano runs roughshod. He was pretty awful in Chicago last year until late June, as well. It would really suck if we DFA him, Boston picks him up and he starts peppering the Monster and gives them what he gave us last summer.

  • ron frushon

    you guys are forgetting the biggest change needed, dump girardi. look closely at the mistakes me makes during games. if you guys do not see them you do not know much about baseball

    • TWTR

      Oh please. Baseball managers have very little impact on a game. Does he make mistakes? Sure, they all do, but the problem is that they can’t score runs, and that is more about the roster than the manager.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      We see the mistakes you making.

  • yankeepankee

    Stop the guess work.
    River Bluesy Mike or Joe should just ask a few scouts if they think Soriano is done.
    Then we can pile on.
    Cashy and his scouts and minors generals have to go.
    Quintana anyone? That’s a disgrace. A low-money No 2 lefty!!
    Then arm after arm with setbacks or not developed properly and made into middle relievers. No infield prospects, even for backup! Maybe Resfy later but he’s not good on D.
    Time to go Cashy. I like Billy Beane. Any other GM ideas?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      One-trick pony, this one.

    • The Great Gonzo

      You know what this team? A wizard. Yeah, a wizard would fix it.

  • hornblower

    Jose Pirella at AAA is having a fine year. He is only 24 and plays a decent second. Ref. can really hit but he is not a good in the field. He will eventually return to the outfield and be a fine 2nd. place hitter. I hope we see them both soon.

    • Preston

      Pirela is not a good defensive 2b, Refsnyder is considered a much better athlete, he’s just less experienced (he played OF in college), there is a chance he’ll be a substantially better fielder as he grows into the position. And Pirela’s .353 BABIP makes me take his current offense with a grain of salt.

  • Chris

    I think Kevin Long should be fired. That’s our shake up

  • hornblower

    Have you seen Roberts? I don’t know if Pirella can play well in the bigs but he can’t be worse than what they have now. When a player does well in AAA he gets promoted. That’s the way it should work, especially when the big club has a 36yr. old who’s best days are long gone. Ref. was transferred to the infield because they thought he had an infield profile with the bat. He has turned out to be a much better hitter than they expected. He is a big kids as well. 6’1″ 200 lb. He has shown some home run power. He may eventually become a decent 2nd. baseman but if he can hit they will find a place for him. Playing multiple positions is never bad.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Roberts has not been playing so badly that Jose Frigging Pirela would have a reasonable chance of being an upgrade to him.

    • lightSABR

      Brian Roberts has hit 85 wRC+ this year, which is only slightly below this year’s average for second basemen (87 wRC+).

      If you think Pirela can’t be worse than that, I suggest you spend some time looking over the Yankees’ infielders’ stats from last year. Start with Kevin Youkilis (78 wRC+), then Jayson Nix (70 wRC+), and don’t forget David Adams (45 wRC+), Luis Cruz (13 wRC+), or Reid Brignac (-38 wRC+).

      Roberts may be disappointing, but he’s nowhere near “it can’t get any worse than this” territory.

  • http://Riveraveblues Rick

    Why don’t they bring kids from the system. Roberts can hit, cant field, bring the Reyndokid…givr him a shot. He is tearing it up. How about bringing Roller and O’Brien and see what we got before we sign KM. In pitching bring some kid with upside from AA, triple A ones are only so, so…We need a lefty in the rotation and that wont be Le’Blanc. He may replace Nuno for now, but Le’Blanc will fizzle out as well. Cash…no bueno work!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      “Some kid with upside.”
      Kyle Roller.

      No bueno research, Rick.

  • http://Riveraveblues Rick

    Bring Refsnyder, Obrien and Roller, lets get started there. Also, Zelous wheeler. Lets see if they got it or not or just show them to other teams.

  • Derek Jeter

    It’s time people just start enjoying their summer! It’s been 20 years for me of watching just about every game. Last year I stuck through it, this year…. I’m finding more important things to do.

  • D$1184

    Via Wallace Matthews, ESPN.com, there’s been a Jose Ramirez sighting in the Yankees clubhouse. No word yet on a roster move.

  • River

    This makes me wish all the more Carlos Beltran wasn’t a Yankee. What a stupid signing it was.

  • http://franklance godfather

    Why take seriously a team that doesn’t take itself seriously? The Canonization of Jeter is simply ludicrous, something that a real team captain wouldn’t allow to happen. A nice guy is a nice guy, but the door can hit nice guys in the ass, too. I’ve been a follower since the ’30s, saw, met and languished in some of the greats, particularly Joe Di. When I see travesties such as Ryan playing first because Jeter dare not suffer the indignity of moving from a position he feels he owns, I almost vomit. Feel sorry for JG in that spot, but managing calls for balls, and he has to show some at times like that. Soriano is a convenient punching bag, but the culprits wear suits, not uniforms. When, aside from Tanaka, have they made any solid contact?