Salisbury: Yankees scouting John Mayberry Jr.

Cashman: "I expect to make moves" before the trade deadline
McCann, Beltran, and the need for more power

Via Jim Salisbury: The Yankees have some interest in John Mayberry Jr. and had a scout at the Phillies’ recent series in Atlanta. He went 2-for-8 with two singles, three walks, and two strikeouts during the three-game set. Philadelphia has played well of late but still has the seventh worst record in baseball. Rumblings that they may finally sell and start to rebuild are growing louder and louder.

Mayberry, 30, had a huge year in 2011 (132 wRC+) that made everyone think he was the next great bench player, but then he dropped off to an 87 wRC+ from 2012-13. Mayberry is hitting .256/.363/.526 (147 wRC+) with five homers in only 91 plate appearances this season. He’s a right-handed bat who has always hit lefties (183 wRC+ in 2014 and 125 from 2011-13) and can play both corner outfield spots as well as first base. Imagine that, a real backup first baseman. Mayberry, who is under team control as an arbitration-eligible player through 2016, would be a clear upgrade over the current version of Alfonso Soriano in my opinion.

Cashman: "I expect to make moves" before the trade deadline
McCann, Beltran, and the need for more power
  • King George

    What would this take?

    • MB923

      A Derek Jeter gift basket.

    • Brandon

      How about Branden Pinder and Jose Pirela.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Jose Pirela would make such a great Phillie.

  • Eric

    I would d do it. If it wouldn’t take much,

  • Chris

    Would they take cerveli???….lol

  • Cuso

    Yeah, if Mayberry costs anything more than Exicardo Cayones then no thank you.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Do you think the Angels would be OK with that?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Give him credit for spelling the man’s name correctly, at least.

      • Cuso

        I’m aware he’s not in the org. It was a metaphor.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Effort duly noted. You’ll still recieve full credit for the answer.

  • JLC 776

    It seems like it might be Ben Francisco version 2, but at this point I’d take a bag of rocks over Soriano. I love the guy, but Sori is done.

  • sevrox

    I remember his pa Big John Mayberry – 1B for Royals back when they and the Yanks were going at it in the late ’70’s.

    • Bats

      His pa was a Yankee too

  • Kosmo

    He´d be inexpensive and hits LHP and can play 1B and ALL OF positions. He gives NY a good platoon RFer , a bat off the bench with some pop and back up for Tex. I´m down.

  • Jarak

    Ben Fran couldn’t catch the ball AT ALL. Get John Jr and DFA Sori

    • ALZ

      Sori sucks, but this move isn’t our answer. Mayberry can’t hit rhp either.

      • Capo

        True, but Sori can’t hit offspeed stuff from LHP either.

  • Computer Doctors

    Forget this guy go all out and do whatever it takes to get Utley and Lee/Hamels out of Philly if you are going ot make atrade with the Phillies. I say pry Stanton for Right Field from the Marlins at whatever they are asking for him. And would you DFA Soriano already please…

    • ALZ

      3 way trade, with mason williams for them all?

      • I’m One

        Not sure I’d be willing to give him up for those 3. Maybe if the Phils made it Lee AND Hamels …

    • TWTR

      Yeah, let’s get an older team even older while stripping it of its best young, potential replacements.

      For Stanton, however, I would have interest.

      • ChuckIt

        Speaking of older teams,why are the Yankees always called an Older team by the media,but(like today on ESPN)teams like Detroit are called veteran teams?

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I have, like, the faintest of memories of his dad in pinstripes.

    Too bad Preston Mattingly didn’t become anything. We could have acquired Mayberry, then have Preston Wally Pipp him.

    RF/1B depth would be nice, but it’s not my tippity-top priority.

    • ChuckIt

      I was young then.Besides Mayberry,Chris Chambliss,George Scott,Jim Spencer & Bob Watson were on the roster.Gold Glovers all.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Half those guys weren’t on the ’82 Yankees.

  • Will

    From the Philly area. God forbid. He is a hacker, lousy in the outfield, and sucks at first base. Call up someone from AAA if 1st is an issue. Not a good move.

    • The Great Gonzo

      There is no worthy 1B in AAA. If there was, would McCann/Beltran/KJ/Beltran had split time there this season already?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        You forget that Kyle Roller has twenty moms on here.

  • ALZ

    Seems like a ploy to drive up the price for the sox. I really don’t get why it makes sense. He is only the short side of the platoon bat, and guess what, we already have 2 of those (Ichiro/Soriano). He makes no sense, it would be much more useful to get a bench bat that can hit lefties for rf. I would actually be very open to haveing KJ play out there, he has done outfield work before.

    • Chip

      You don’t see why it makes sense? And then you say we need a bench bat that can hit lefties? Isn’t that EXACTLY what he is?

      • ALZ

        meant rhp. Ichiro and Soriano already fulfill the purpose of hitting lefties.

    • mitch

      He’d be a replacement for Soriano with the added bonus that he can also pass as a 1B. Unless Soriano turns it around or Beltran gets healthy enough to play the field, they’ll need a RH outfielder. I wouldn’t give up much value for him, but he’s an small upgrade over Soriano….that’s about it.

      • ALZ

        Yea, but at same time I wonder what Phillies will be asking for, he is having a really good year. A rfer that can hit lefties has to be one of my lower priorities for this team. 2B, sp, rf for rhp are much bigger concerns. Sure I’ll take him, but I don’t see this going down unless Phillies want him gone. I don’t think they should give up much for him, when you got bigger concerns, rather than a marginal upgrade.

    • vicki
  • PunkPitch

    Kyle Roller and Yeicok

  • Oy Vay !

    Ok Mike, let’s hear it, what will it take ? Wait, let me guess… Mason Williams, Rob Refsnyder, Josè Ramirez, and one of Gary Sanchez or John Ryan Murphy.

  • TWTR

    Could we get Melky back instead?

    • Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

      Melky and Montero. The M&M boys would add weight (pun intended) to our lineup.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Are you my wife?

  • mt

    Depends on cost (couple of AA prospects, maybe?) but I personally think given Teix’s need for rest and what should be Beltran’s inability to play OF (I do not think Yanks should try to push Beltran to play any OF), he seems like a perfect candidate for Yanks with one skill that seems to be pretty consistent (hittiing lefties) – I know JMJ is no All Star but I do not like Cervelli/McCann/Johnson backing Teix, whose injury will tend to flare up with lack of rest.

    It would mean end of Soriano on roster which is OK if he does not start hitting soon (will have to risk Soriano going elsewhere and tearing it up but so be it.)

  • Joe C

    Two things. Didn’t GEorge try to bring in John Mayberry Senior and give away the farm to Toronto when it was clear he was past it.

    Second, didn’t he actually hit a three run homer in game five of the 1976 ALCS?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Jeff Reynolds, Tom Dodd, and Dave Revering. Only Revering is a name that even rings the slightest of bells at this point.

      Something called Don Mattingly also happened the very next season. Bullet dodged.

    • ChuckIt

      Mayberry SR did play for the Yankees.On the same roster as 4 other former gold glovers-Chambliss,Scott,Watson,& Spencer.

    • ChuckIt

      And KC still lost.

  • Wayne

    Who i think yankees will give up for Jeff Samardzija :
    Brady Lail , Ian Clarkin, Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Mason Williams.
    Let me ask though if you took out Aaron Judge and Mason Williams and put in
    Slade Heathcott ,Tyler Austin , Jose Ramirez and Rob Refsnyder could that also get you
    Jeff Samardzija?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Your trade proposal sucks more than any trade proposal ever put on this earth.