Monday Night Open Thread

Injury Updates: Tanaka, Phelps, A-Rod
Double-A Trenton giving away David Phelps/Adam Warren double bobblehead on August 29th

For the third time in the last seven days, the Yankees are off today. Enjoy it, they only have two more scheduled off-days the rest of the season (Sept. 1st and 8th, both Mondays). With yesterday’s win over the Rays, the Yankees are 8-5 in games immediately prior to a scheduled off-day this year. That doesn’t mean anything, but I always enjoy the off-day a little bit more following a win.

Here is your open thread for the night. The baseball schedule is very light, but MLB Network will air a regional game plus the Little League World Series is on. There’s also a preseason NFL game on as well (Browns vs. Redskins). Talk about those games or anything else here.

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Injury Updates: Tanaka, Phelps, A-Rod
Double-A Trenton giving away David Phelps/Adam Warren double bobblehead on August 29th
  • Mick

    Why does Tex bother?

    • just_add_bacon7

      He’s playing off his up-tight persona, where’s the harm in that? If anything, I think it adds some personality to the otherwise robotic perception we have of him.

      • Mick

        He must think he has a future in show business.

        • Too_Many_Idiots

          Or he’s just having fun. No need to start digging for conspiracy theories.

          • 461deep

            122 down 40 to go. Guess here is KC & Detroit will approach 90 wins so team will likely need to go 25-15 at least to make playoffs. That is a number view on past games this year but teams have tanked or soared in past stretch runs so we’ll see who does what.

            • Pete22

              The problem with so many teams in the race is that for every team that tanks one will go on a hot streak. I think we play every team but Seattle, so to some extent control our own fate.

              At least it should be interesting unless they go on another 5 game losing streak. Should be able to make up ground with the Astros and White Sox, but both of those teams can surprise you if they go on a hot streak at the wrong time

        • Howler

          I think he’s already said he’d like to explore that, but we’ve seen so many talentless athletes try to make that transition I’m not going to begrudge him for making an attempt at it. Hell, we’ve seen so many talentless non-athletes who consider themselves actors make attempts at it and get paid good money.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Who really cares if he thinks so? What, you want him to spend every second taking practice swings to show he’s working hard enough for you?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I don’t find it that funny, but others really enjoy it. Not going to begrudge him, or them, that.

      • JimmyToucan

        not my kind of humor, but for a guy that comes off like he has too much starch in his laundry i can dig it.

    • Bunuelo

      Honestly I like it. It adds personality to him

      I feel like in baseball, players (batters especially) are not allowed to express themselves. You do a creative bat flip, and suddenly you’re the enemy. I don’t think that’s right, like I think players should be allowed to be more creative. Bat flips, hand claps, thousand dollar haircuts, I think that all adds personality and creativity that MLB needs.

      • cr1

        After the first couple of times these episodes haven’t added to my sense of MT’s personality but I do enjoy watching the ‘guests’ – they are just appearing as themselves, and the less famous they are the less practice they have at masking who that is for the camera.

    • runninonempty

      would you rather see him with a beard?

  • Hankflorida

    The Yankees are three games out of the 2nd Wildcard in a league of five teams, and that is the way I am going to look at this season. In my “Yoot” to quote Joe Pesci, the Yanks had seven other teams to beat in order to get to the World Series. Now it is easier to get to October but harder to get to the World Series, but the new rules allows us to not be waiting for next year before September comes.

    • Pete22

      I think they have to win 90 games for a WC spot. Can’t really do much about what the other teams do except in the H2H matchups. Tigers and Royals we play, but not the Mariners Those are the 3 I most worry about and one of the Royals/Tigers will end up with the division, so its only 2 of the 3, which 2 we don’t know except Seattle.

      Maybe Encarnacion being back gets the Blue Jays going again, but I dont think they have the pitching. Rays have no offense and the heart seems to have gone out of the team after Price was traded. Red Sox could play a nuisance role if they get hot in meaningless games, but they are too far out. Not worried about the Indians.

      Anything can happen once you get in, especially if Tanaka can come back and be effective. I agree with you, worry about next year when it comes, the time to win is now.

  • TopChuckie

    Is ARod getting tested while on suspension? If not, he better be using this time wisely.

    • Too_Many_Idiots


    • TB

      How are they testing AROD while he is suspended – the test happens before and after games at the ballpark… Is he anywhere near a stadium right now.

      • Pete22

        Just like it does in the offseason. They get a letter by registered mail and probably by email telling them to report for a test. I believe they have 7 days to get it done, plenty of time to clear the system unless they are using cheap horse steroids

        • TB

          Its random drug testing during the season – the players don’t know when they are being tested – its a complete surprise when they are tested

          • Pete22

            I suspect they have an idea when the testers are coming around, at least some of the richer teams. Years ago there were rumors of the collectors calling in advance to tell the teams when they were coming and teams advising the players. Now maybe the notification to the teams is done with, but who knows what side deals players make with these collectors (players or teams). Remember, these collectors make like 50K a year and some of these players make that per day. If they notify in advance the tip jar is full , if you know what mean, if not……

            • TB

              Pete I believe that happens no doubt – money is money – I am sure it happens. Pete did u hear how Melky failed his drug test ?- He deserves the moron of the decade award for it

              • Pete22

                Him, Braun and Manny too. They spent all this money for short acting steroids and got greedy and took a higher dose than they were supposed to take, or took it at the wrong time. If you are taking that stuff, you really dont even need advance warning of collectors coming.

                Also, there are honest collectors. I suspect the north east region has most of the crooked ones based on the number of players from those teams that have tested positive, or maybe the teams do a better job educating players on how to avoid a positive test

        • TB

          Actually they can clear it out in less than 24 hours now

    • Pete22

      I think he has 7 days to report for a test just like in the offseason, so he can still use. However, whether he would take a chance knowing his next suspension could be a lifetime ban and the fact he is probably being followed by snoops wherever he goes is anyones guess

  • Pkyankfan69

    She might be bad at baseball but I forgive her ;)

  • Cuso

    It was funny the first couple skits. But now it’s just painfully apparent he’s watched too many episodes of “Between Two Ferns.” He’s even using the identical affect and inflection.

  • Bret The Hitman

    Maybe Tex saved us from the Albert Pujols contract. That’s all I got.

    • Bunuelo

      Homerun numbers through first three years of contract, in case you needed confirmation

      Tex: 39, 33, 39

      Albert: 30, 17, 23

  • mustang

    Have a feeling that the Yankees are going to end up with Rusney Castillo. On top of all the baseball reasons it would be a shot in the arm to one of most boring Yankees seasons is recent history.

    • Farewell Mo

      According to ESPN, it sounds like the Red Sox are gonna get him.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Others say the Phillies. In other words, who knows.

        • Farewell Mo

          Hope you’re right. It would be extra painful to lose him to Boston.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Just going by what MLBTR says.

            It’d be painful to lose him to Boston. It’d be glorious to lose him to Boston have him to turn out to be the second coming of Eduardo Nunez. ;)

            • runninonempty

              maybe this isn’t a popular take on it, but I don’t want to see him signed. It seems he would end up being another high priced player without a real or natural position. Maybe he doesn’t really have one so that part of the equation doesn’t matter. But something does not feel right about it and it feels like a forced reaction to show that the Yankees are still the Yankees.

    • Pete22

      He wants to play CF. Red Sox have an opening. Yankees have him pegged as a 2B man. Unless they vastly overpay for him, I don’t see it, but hope it happens

      • Farewell Mo

        Haven’t heard that one. The Red sox have JBJ, Betts, Victorino, Craig, Cespedes. Don’t see where they have an opening in CF.

        • Pete22

          They have about given up on JBJ who was just demoted. Betts can and will play anywhere, he has no choice. Victorino is not someone you can count on healthwise, one or both of Craig and Cespedes are likely trade bait, especially if they can sign Castillo. In either case, neither Craig or Cespedes is long term.

  • Get Phelps Up

    A Labor Day off day? I don’t ever remember one of those.

  • forensic

    Sucks that the O’s are going to win in a game that Sale started, but it’s so nice hearing the dejection in Hawk Harrelson’s voice.

    • ropeadope1

      We’ll have our chance to beat Sale on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    Another one of these “Foul Territory” clips?

    Once again, these guys are trying to be Jackie Gleason and not Jackie Robinson and that’s because they have no heart and that’s why they suck and that’s why…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    Sorry, I flatlined. What was I saying?

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    F-it. I love these.

  • Cool Yankees Dude

    I hereby dub Shawn Kelley, “Screwball”. THou shalt not call him anything but.

  • Barbara

    God please put us out of our misery. There is nothing funny about these clips and RAB needs to stop promoting them. People have been dying overseas, in some part, so Teixera has freedom. He should not be using that freedom to do things like this. It’s shameful.

    • Too_Many_Idiots

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”


    • UnKnown


  • nycsportzfan

    Boring off night so I was thinking about 2015 season and what moves would be nice or i’d like to see.etc I came up with a intersting 2015 team.. What do you guys think?

    CF- Jacoby Ellsbury
    LF- Brett Gardner
    RF- Melky Cabrera
    1B- Mark Tiexera/ Mike Morse
    2B- Rob Refsnyder
    SS- Stephen Drew/ Brendan Ryan
    3B- Chase Headley/ Martin Prado
    C- Brian McCann/ Francisco Cervelli

    P- Masahiro Tanaka
    P- Michael Pineda
    P- Ervin Santana
    P- Shane Greene
    P- Brett Anderson
    CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova also in mix at some point..

    RP- Tyler Webb
    RP- Nick Rumbelow
    RP- Adam Warren
    RP- Dellin Betances
    RP- Shawn Kelley
    RP- David Phelps

    DROB takes off so we can afford to sign E.Santana, B.Anderson, M.Morse, and Melky…

    • nycsportzfan

      Shoot, I forgot about Brandon McCarthy.. Maybe try your hardest to trade CC Sabathia(eat most contract) and/or Ivan Nova so you can find a spot for McCarthy?

      • forensic

        Nobody is trading for CC and there’s no reason to trade Nova so you can find a place to put an injury prone guy like McCarthy.
        Brett Anderson? Are the team trainers and doctors not busy enough already? Guy’s a walking DL stint and this year he’s added back surgery to the list.
        Somebody is probably going to vastly overpay Santana this offseason and I just hope it’s not the Yankees. Didn’t want him last offseason either. It’s not exactly surprising that a move to the NL East and suddenly his HR/9 plummets and his K’s skyrocket for a year. No way I’m taking a risk on him.
        Not a big fan of going after Melky and really I don’t think they’ll end up signing another outfielder who will need to be a starter. That would lock Beltran into DH again and I’m sure they’d like that to be more available for rotating other guys through (though I’m not a huge fan of that plan).
        Don’t really want Drew back at this point and I don’t see them signing Headley since A-Rod will theoretically be back (also not sure how much they’d be willing to spend on Headley anyway).

        • forensic

          Actually, nevermind, I just checked out Morse’s history and he played 55 games at SS back in 2005. Just move him back there and you have a starting SS and a backup 1B in one signing. Problems solved!

          • Deathstroke Heathcott

            I don’t think they can trust A-Rod to man third base all year so I think there’s a good chance they bring Headley back. I know Prado can play there but I also don’t think they’ll give Refsnyder the job at 2B all to himself and decide to split Prado at 2B and RF and ease Refsnyder into the job. Agree on all your other points though.

            Also, I think the Yankees really kick the tires on a Tulowitzki trade next year. The Rockies are due for a legit rebuild, something that Tulowitzki has made clear he isn’t interested in. Also his injury-proneness hopefully lowers his price tag somewhat if the Rockies are somewhat reasonable.

            • forensic

              I agree on Refsnyder. I’d actually be really surprised if he was even on the opening day roster. He’ll get plenty of looks in ST, and they’ll say it’s some sort of competition (as usual), but he’ll end up being on the short end of it. I bet they send him back to AAA to start things and show that he’s continuing to improve and can certainly handle himself there until whoever they have at 2B (be it Prado or Mark Ellis or whoever) either can’t hack it anymore, gets hurt, or is needed at another position.
              As for Tulo, I want nothing to do with a trade for him, and not just because I don’t think the Rockies will be reasonable on his price tag. As you mentioned, he’s insanely injury prone and that will quite possibly only get worse now that he’ll be in his 30’s. He also makes a ton of money, is signed for many more years, and gives you just a fraction of the production outside of Coors.

    • nycsportzfan

      I’m hoping Yanks somehow come to terms with Payout for A-Rod. I don’t know how that situation plays out? Yanks also have Kuroda and Jeter coming off the books along with Robertson.

    • LIYankeeFan

      I say we get rid of Brendan Ryan. He is good defensively but he can’t hit a ball. If we can get Tulo, we better do it. With your pitching, we basically have a 7 man rotation from whenever CC and Nova come back. Drop Anderson, get someone a temporary starting job until they come back, and then go with CC or Nova, whoever comes back first.

  • Tar

    Not sure why I am even bothering….. this place is so damn inhospitable to any consenting voice. I read that I turned the comments into a “cesspool” because I was discussing Betances’s role, as it relates to the Greene post.

    Oh and that and because I use to post at Lohud.

    Speaking of which this whole second class citizen “loHud” people thing (which I believe is perpetuated from the top) is ignorant, ridiculous and childish. The blog host has shown he is willing to scold like a child, anybody who Strays from the guidelines and doesn’t post “on topic”. But has been completely silent when it comes to this stupidity. Instead of a welcome was more like behave or else…..I’ve never been good at ultimatums. The vast majority of posters from there are incredible, passionate, Yankee fans..with a couple of wacko’s sprinkled in. Kind of like here…

    So for all the inane Lohud comments…. &*%^$#()*^%&% right back at you.

    About Dellin and his role this is a pretty good article but it doesn’t touch on the real motivation of his role in the pen… and his lack of options/ NOT. I touched on some quotes that I thought were germane to yesterday’s conversation.

    “Everybody’s looking for starters and you exhaust every opportunity to see if a guy can be a starter,” said Mark Newman, the Yankees longtime senior vice president of baseball operations”


    “Can you see what you can do to change it? Let me get three or four more starts, and if I don’t do good then you can do whatever you want,” Betances said to minor league pitching coordinator Gil Patterson, who had delivered the organization’s decision in person in early May 2013.”


    But it fell to Patterson to gently relay the majority opinion:”— as in not unanimous


    Betances was sent to the Arizona Fall League to work out of the bullpen. The idea was to simplify his mechanics and “see if we could get him back to 2010 when he was a dominant starter,”

    “I kind of thought that I wanted to have him keep trying to start,” said Patterson, though the consensus differed.”

    Patterson does go on to say in hindsight he would have made the move sooner, but does not go on to explain why. Perhaps to help simplify his mechanics as satiated above by Newman.

    • LIYankeeFan

      Next year Betances should be the closer. Right now he’s the setup man. I don’t see him becoming a starter.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      If you were to put some of this in a timeline, ending in comments reflecting the success of the move to the bullpen, doesn’t that reflect a progression of thought? Whether there was some trepidation at first is one thing. We all had questions fora while because we all were curious as to his ceiling as starter. It’s almost irrelevant at this point. What you’d need to solidify your point more is current comments which say the believe he still can do it.

      No time to comment on the rest this morning, but I’ll assume you know I have thoughts on that.