Girardi waiting for Yanks’ job opening?


Joe Girardi has turned down the Orioles’ job offer. Considering that George Steinbrenner is a better boss than Peter Angelos, I don’t blame Girardi for saying no to a bad situation in Baltimore. But do you think he’s holding out for a spot on the bench in the Bronx? I sure do.

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  • dan

    definitely. also, eve if he doesn’t get the yankee job, there will be more jobs open in the offseason, almost all of them with a better opportunity to win than baltimore

  • Jesse G.

    I really worry about this. Every single report about Girardi’s term in Florida and everything I have read about him in the recent speculation about the Orioles post has been either negative or, at the very least, made me very wary of him returning to manage the Yanks.

  • Joseph M

    I think the Yanks dodged a bullet here, hell Girardi should be managing the Yanks right now. Torre should have been let go after 2005, 2006 and the disappointment that came out of the Detroit series was the result of staying with someone long after the magic is gone. I would suggest that Cashman and company look at where the team is at the All Star break and if it is floating around .500 7 or 8 games out of the wild card make the change to Girardi. I would like to see Girardi get a feel for the team so we can hit the ground running in 2008.