Sickels Mock Draft: First Round


The first round of the Mock Draft over at John Sickels’ Minor League Ball is complete. Here’s the picks:

1. Tampa Bay Devil Rays: David Price, LHP, VandyÂ
2. Kansas City Royals: Matt Wieters, C, Georgia TechÂ
3. Chicago Cubs: Rick Porcello, RHP, Seton Hall Prep (NJ)
4. Pittsburgh Pirates: Josh Vitters, 3B, Cypress High (Ca.)Â
5. Baltimore Orioles: Mike Moustakas, 3B, Chatsworth High (Ca.)Â
6. Washington Nationals: Beau Mills, 3B/1B, Lewis-Clark StateÂ
7. Milwaukee Brewers: Jarrod Parker, RHP, Norwell High (In.)
8. Colorado Rockies: Ross Detwiler, LHP, Missouri StateÂ
9. Arizona Diamondbacks: Jason Heyward, OF, Henry County High (Ga.)Â
10. San Francisco Giants: Madison Bumgarner, South Caldwell High (NC)
11. Seattle Mariners: Phillippe Aumont, RHP, Ecole Du Versant HS (Quebec)
12. Florida Marlins: Matt Harvey, RHP, Fitch High (Ct.)
13. Cleveland Indians: Danny Moskos, LHP, Clemson
14. Atlanta Braves: Josh Smoker, LHP, Calhoun High (Ga.)
15. Cincinnati Reds: Matt Dominguez, 3B, Chatsworth High (Ca.)
16. Toronto Blue Jays: Devin Mesoraco, C, Punxsutawney High (Pa.)Â
17. Texas Rangers: Blake Beavan, RHP, Irving High (Tx.)
18. St. Louis Cardinals: Kevin Ahrens, 3B, Memorial High (Tx.)
19. Philadelphia Phillies: Justin Jackson, SS, Roberson High (NC)
20. Los Angeles Dodgers: Tim Alderson, RHP, Horizon High (Az.)
21. Toronto Blue Jays: Nick Noonan, SS, Francis Parker High (Ca.)
22. San Francisco Giants: Corey Brown, OF, Oklahoma State
23. San Diego Padres: Michael Main, RHP/OF, Deland High (Fl.)
24. Texas Rangers: Julio Borbon, OF, Tennesee
25. Chicago White Sox: Matt LaPorta, 1B, Florida
26. Oakland Athletics: Casey Weathers, RHP, Vanderbilt
27. Detroit Tigers: Todd Frazier, SS, Rutgers
28. Minnesota Twins: Matt Mangini, 3B, Oklahoma State
29. San Francisco Giants: Nevin Griffith, RHP, Middleton High (Fl.)
30. New York Yankees: Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State

I’ll explain the thinking behind our picks later on, the draft is moving too fast to do it now…

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  1. Jesse G. says:

    Did you go for Brackman purely on upside? Otherwise, I just don’t see the reason. Still, I will wait to hear your thoughts before I criticize.

  2. Mike A. says:

    Upside was 99% of it. It was down to either Brackman, Michael Burgess or Jack McGeary. Too much talent and potential to pass up…

  3. dan says:

    2.00 K/BB ratio is good but not great for a first round prospect. Sickels says he throws 97 without good breaking pitches

  4. dan says:

    if this were the real thing, i’d hope for something better to fall to #30 than brackman… michael main even fell to #23

  5. Mike A. says:

    I woulda taken Main over Brackman if he was still available…

  6. Fabian says:

    I would have gone with Will Middlebrooks over Brackman. Everything about him just says Bard 2.0.

  7. Rick says:

    What about Michael Burgess? His upside is sick and if you did some fine tuning with him he can be a big time slugger. Like a lefthanded version Gary Sheffield.

  8. Rick says:

    Or Victor Sanchez?

  9. Fabian says:

    Burgess is too raw, IMO. I don’t much trust the Yankee player development staff when it comes to hitters at this point, so I’d go for a hitter like Middlebrooks, who seems more polished.

  10. Mike A. says:

    I’m not a big Burgess fan myself – Joe was kinda poking at me to take him if Brackman was gone.

    I’ve gotta wait another 30-something picks before we pick again…

  11. Rick says:

    Yea I kinda agree with ya, talk about high risk, high award type player.

  12. Rick says:

    Would of love Matt Mangini falling to us.

  13. Joseph P. says:

    I don’t see why people don’t like Brackman. He was in the top 5 coming into the season, but had fatigue problems, so has had to sit a bit. He still got in 76 innings this year.

    This is the kind of pick the Yanks need to make: high risk/high reward. If he busts, he busts. But there’s a chance for any pick to bust.

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