The Phil Hughes Rehab Extravaganza hits Trenton

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The Trenton Thunder have just e-mailed us saying that Phil Hughes is scheduled to start for the team in Trenton on Friday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 18. After the 18th, Hughes will probably make one start at Scranton and then join the Yankees, thus sparing us from ever having to watch Kei Igawa again. The young righthander’s return couldn’t come soon enough.

Photos from Old Timers' Day
Slooooooow day
  • Eric Schultz

    Phil starting on Friday the 13th, interesting. I’m not superstitious, but if I were, I would be very worried.

  • Brian

    Damnit, 4 rehab starts? I’m hoping he starts for the Yanks on July 25th at KC. Have you been to a game in Trenton, how hard is it to get tickets?

  • mg

    Horray! When you couple getting Hughes back with Igawa going the way of the dodo, it’s like having your birthday on X-mas just once.

  • Joseph P.

    Brian, from what I understand, it’s not difficult to get tickets. Except when Roger Clemens is pitching.

  • Gibb

    we may only have to see Iqawa start two more times!

  • Ben

    Actually, we may not have to see Igawa start again. The Yanks still haven’t announced who’s starting game 5 after the All Star break. It could be someone else who isn’t as bad.

  • C-Note

    steve white or T-Clip might’ve had the 5th spot coming out of the break, but they both sucked quite bad in their last starts– could matty desalvo pitch worse than the ghost of K IGAWA?

  • C-Note

    If I’m counting right his return should be the last weekend in July @ Baltimore, the 28th or the 29th

  • Gattling

    Brian, It’s very easy to order tickets….I just picked up two for Friday’s game!

  • Barry

    (Hughes) could be plugged into the back of the Yankees rotation after about four starts in the minors.-
    exciting, nah nah nah good bye igawa