The Joba watch never stops


We just can’t quit him. Jenny Vrentas has the latest on Joba the Reliever at Ledger on Yankees. The Yanks will have Chamberlain pitch two innings tomorrow on two days’ rest. The Yanks have yet to set a date for Joba’s arrival in the Bronx, but the longer Kyle Farnsworth continues to smirk his way off the mound after giving up two home runs in an inning, the sooner Chamberlain’s ascension will come.

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  • zack

    I just really don’t like this. I mean, I love the thought of having a guy like Joba in the pen, but how can having him pitch 1 and 2 innings on 1 and 2 days rest be good for his development? Oh well, fingers are crossed…

  • Stuart

    itmirrors what relief pitchers go thru in the majors….

  • zack

    Well I know that, but from the perspective of a guy who will be a starter next year and in his first pro season, it can’t be good for his arm. Look what happened to Papelbon last season…

  • Joseph P.

    Difference between Joba and Pap Smear:

    Joba’s not a pussy.

  • zack

    Haha, amen Joseph. In fact, I bet Joba could eat Papelboner alive…

  • randolf

    When Papelcos is getting the sign from the catcher his lips look like an asshole, fucking hilarious.