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Read it and celebrate.

According to reports out of Omaha, Nebraska (linked above) and ESPN TV, Joba Chamberlain is heading to Toronto to join the Yankees. It’s a move that we have been anticipating for a while, and a move that, if Joe Torre can handle it, should pay dividends for the Yankees nearly immediately.

Harlan Chamberlain, Joba’s dad, broke the move to the Omaha World-Herald. “To be happening this quick, it’s just a dream,” he said to reporter Mitch Sherman. “It’s a dream that was always there, but to achieve it this quick, it’s unbelievable. It’s surreal.”

In a corresponding move, according to ESPN, the Yanks will keep Jim Brower around and send Jeff Karstens, who was shaky during his first appearance back from the DL last week against Chicago, to Scranton. There is still no word on who will be dismissed when Jason Giambi is activated tomorrow, but we’ll have more on that when it happens.

The Yankees’ Front Office would like Joba Chamberlain to become the 7th or 8th inning guy for the Yanks. He’ll replace Kyle Farnsworth outright. Farnsworth will now be the mop-up man for all intents and purposes. Chamberlain will also take some pressure off of Luis Vizcaino, the current set-up man who has been great recently but has appeared in 33 of the Yanks’ last 59 games. Vizcaino, in danger of becoming this year’s Steve Karsay or Ron Villone, is rapidly approaching career highs in innings pitched and appearances.

Chamberlain, 21, is pitching his first season of professional baseball this year. He has rapidly moved up the list of Baseball America’s top prospects and is currently regarded as one of the top five best players not in the majors. In three levels of Minor Leagues, his numbers are downright nasty. He’s struck out 135 in 88.1 innings and opponents are hitting just .198 against him. Impressively, he’s walked just 27.

As a reliever over the last few days, he’s been flat-out nasty. He’s thrown 4 innings and has gotten 10 of those 12 outs through a strike out. He’s given up one hit, and that’s all.

While many people are concerned that Joe Torre will ruin Joba, I have to think that Brian Cashman won’t let that happen. While Torre seems to be a lame duck — and trading and releasing his crutches proves that — Cashman will exert influence to keep his prized possessions in a good start. There just isn’t enough of the season left for Torre to run Joba ragged.

For the team, this is huge. They’ve got a bona fide power pitcher — and not a power thrower like Bruney or Farnsworth — coming out of the pen. He can dial it up to 98 and mixes in some stellar off-speed pitches. Considering how bad the Yanks pen looked a few weeks ago, things are looking up for the Yanks.

We’ll see your Eric Gagne, Boston, and raise you a Joba Chamberlain.

Edwar is a beast
Since May 31
  • Marc


  • C-Note

    wow! what a weapon he could be the rest of the season!!!!!!

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    There’s been a run on Depends in Sawx Nation. Walmarts all across NE have sold out of the adult diapers, as Sawx fans learn of Joba’s promotion.

    Breaking, must credit YFiC.

  • Nathan

    speaking of Viscaino, it seems as if he’s pitched in every game since the deadline. Torre neglects to use anyone but him and Rivera nowadays.

  • Ben K.

    Thing is, Nathan, I don’t blame him. Who else are you going to use? Farnsworth? Villone? The maddingly inconsistent Brian Bruney? Not really. He’s got few dependable options in that pen.

  • NYFan50

    I imagine Torre will quickly revert every game to Joba-Viz-Mo, as he did with Nelson-Stanton-Mo. Now that he has 3 reliable guys, expect to see them often.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Excellent, very exciting to have Joba up. I hope it goes well for him.

    Regarding the Giambi activation, if they send Shelley down and keep Cairo on the roster, I’ll be a bit disappointed. With Betmit on board, Cairo isnt really needed. But Shelley’s bat is something that can be far more useful to the team. If you need to pinch hit for someone, who would you rather have out there, Shelly or Cairo?

  • Joseph P.

    I have a feeling, Luddy, that we’ll see Shelley sent down, because it’s not as permanent a move. They can always recall Shelley and DFA Cairo later in the month. That’s what I expect will happen.

  • Freddy


    Welcome Joba!!!

  • Pettitte’s stare

    ya, I imagine we will see shelley sent down for the rest of the month and then recalled in September when the rosters expand. This should let Shelley get some consistant at bats while helping out the minor league team as well as hopefully get him on a hot streak so he can come up and bash some more for us in september.

  • Mike

    The always reliable and never wrong George King says that Bruney is heading to Scranton to make room for Joba Boshuda.

    On the nickname – Joba the Hutt just seems too generic and doesn’t really do it for me, but I overheard the name “Boshuda” while one of the Star Wars flicks played in the background this weekend, and I though it was a little more interesting and unique. So I Googled it, and thanks to Wookieepedia (I’m not joking, there’s seriously an entire section of Wikipedia dedicated to Star Wars) I found out that Boshuda was Jabba’s representative in some kind of show, and when it came in second, it ate the winner. Seems fitting.

    Joba Boshuda. Jabba Bo-shoe-duh. Kind just rolls off the tongue.

  • NYFan50

    Mike: Yea, good luck getting that one adopted.

  • Mike

    An A for effort. I think.

  • Mike R.

    I am stoked with this news and I want Jaba to succeed as much as everyone here, but maybe we can wait for him to throw an inning before we start calling baptizing him the savior of the pen.

  • Barry

    This is better than my first car. I hope to god he doesnt get ruined. Theres hope for us, and I have a feeling about this year, things are rolling.