Padres working on deal for Igawa

Joba is a beast
No use for a title

Kei Igawa, the most disappointing Yankee pitcher since Carl Pavano, may be donning the San Diego fatigues soon. According to numerous reports such as this one on, the Padres, who tried to acquire Igawa in July, have put a waiver claim on the lefty. The Yanks hope to acquire relief pitching for Igawa who is just 2-3 with an ERA a tad under 7.00. Let’s hope the Yanks can make this happen.

Update by Mike: I was just thinking…the Pads recently DFA’ed old friend Boomer Wells, would anyone be down with an Igawa-for-Boomer deal? If nothing else, it gives us a starter to cover Clemens’ start on Tuesday without having to finagle the 40-man roster or throw Jeff Karstens out there. Maybe he could even suck it up and serve as a lefty out of the ‘pen for the rest of the year. Random musings on my part…

Update by Ben: Joe and I were talking about Mike’s suggestion late last week when the Padres DFA’d Wells. Wells, we noted, is persona non grata in the Bronx following the 2003 World Series and comments Boomer made upon leaving New York. He’s not coming back. But he also wouldn’t be a bad influence on Hughes or Chamberlain as someone noted in the comments. If anything, Wells is a bit of a buffoon off the field but on the field, he’s always been a top competitor.

Joba is a beast
No use for a title
  • Bill

    What would you want from the Pads? Farm system ain’t great, but they got a few good prospects. Wonder if they would trade Headley wiht Kouzmanoff in the majors.

  • barry

    fuckin morons thank god he wont be our problem anymore

  • juke

    Hey Cash: see if they’ll accept Farnsworth as Igawa’s official translator!

  • Frank

    There you go again Ben with the silly trades. The Yanks have absolutely nothing to lose with Igawa. After the posting fee, he’s extremely cheap, young and left-handed. I know it’s vogue to hate him, but at the sunk cost they might as well see what they have. And me, I’d rather not see Iggy go West, pull a Contreras and put up Arroyo numbers.

    And seeing the Yanks have Britton, Edwar, Henn, Beam, Whelan etc in the minors – what’s the point of relief help?

  • KAnst

    I agree Frank, PETCO is the perfect park for Igawa. The outfield is huge so his HR numbers will go down. If we are trading him I want at least something decent in return

  • The Scout

    Make the deal and cut your losses right here. Sunk costs don’t count, so forget the posting fee. Igawa is still owed around $16-17 million. San Diego is now prepared to eat that. They may well get a useful pitcher out of him. So what? Igawa will NEVER succeed in the AL East; he is better suited to the NL. Get rid of him, clear a roster spot. If Cashman gets any prospect of value for him, it will be to his credit. My fear is that Cashman will over-value Igawa because the signing has proven to be such a bust.

  • ShawnT

    Lets cut are losses, i never want to see this guy in the starting rotation. Besides theyre probably wont be any room considering next years rotation looks to be Wang-Petitte-Hughes-Moose-Joba

  • Ben K.

    The Yanks have absolutely nothing to lose with Igawa

    Except for more games.

  • Joseph P.

    Frank: A reliever would be nice because we know how Joe Torre would use the guys you mentioned.

    Edwar should be up soon, probably after Karstens starts on Monday. If Torre actually uses him, that gives our pen a weapon, since he doesn’t throw like the Jobas and the Vizcainos.

    One more guy on top of that would be nice. Personally, from the Padres, I’m wondering how apt they’d be to trade Joe Thatcher. Guy is 25 and destroys lefties, so I’m not sure if they’d do that, especially considering that they just traded Royce Ring and have Justin Hampson as their other lefty (and while his numbers are good against lefties, he doesn’t strike many of them out).

    And then there’s the whole issue of passing him through waivers, which is unlikely, considering he’s a rookie lefty reliever. So it’s much wishful thinking on my part.

  • Mike A.

    I’m not sure what the Pads have to give up, they don’t have any decent pitching in the minors, and I highly doubt they’d be interested in moving a guy like Kouzmanoff or Chase Headley.

    They just picked up Thatcher in the Linebrink deal, so I’d be surprised if they were willing to give him away already. Then again, they could view it as a dealing away a declining reliever for 2 young pitching prospects and cheap, big league lefty.

    Who knows what’ll happen, but I doubt he’ll be moved.

  • steve

    Frank has it right.

    it makes no sense to just give him away. he has options and his salary from here on out won’t prevent the yankees from doing anything. so, unless they get a decent player back or SD wants to send over some money, they should just hold onto him and hope he has a better year next year and trade him then.

    it’s not like he has to be on the 25 man.

    he’s not hurting the big club and he’s not costing them much money. since the yankees can easily afford his $4M it’s worth the gamble to hold onto him and see if he can improve his trade value.

    you can’t look at it emotionally and just say “dump him” because we are angry that he has been a let down.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    if we can turn igawa into a decent prospect or two (or maybe 3 or 4 low level midlin guys) im all for it. this guy is not going to suddenly be a respectable starter in the AL east. hes not cut out for it. hes cheap with regards to someone who can pitch well. but 4 mil a year for a bag of crap is far too much.

  • stuart

    Frank is right. Iggy is $4 mill a yr.. I do not see they trading him until next yr. If SD takes all the salary then we can talk but it is not paramount to trade s yes (crappy) 27 yr old lefty who can strike out major leaguers…

  • The Scout

    If San Diego put in a waiver claim, they must accept his contract — they would be on the hook for the full remaining amount. Only when player clears waivers is his original team fully obligated for his guaranteed money. That’s why I argue for clearing out the salary and the roster slot.

    Don’t expect any serious return for Igawa. He has minimal value. Take a couple of A-level marginal prospects, perhaps a pitcher with a live arm who might be turned into something. Gene Michael alsways tried to get a pitcher back in a deal, just because sometimes he’d turn out to be of value down the road.

  • dan

    i think wells would hurt this team. he’d be innefective and take away innings from joba/edwar and the rest of the gang (although taking innings from farnsworth might not be a bad idea)

  • John

    Say no to Wells.
    Besides, I don’t think Joe would let him back in the clubhouse.
    As good as Clemens is for the kids to be around, Boomer would be as bad.

  • brxbmrs

    Frank and Steve,

    Your desire to keep Igawa is a very valid one – however I disagree with it for many reasons.

    Contreras, Irabu, Pavano, Karsay (bad example but give me some leeway) never really improved (or even stayed healthy) and the end result was we got much less or nothing in return – if the Pads would pick up the remaining 16 mil plus – at least for next year that’s really another 1.4 mil in Lux tax. I’m not sure Igawa will ever be worth nearly as much again.

    I really would like to believe Cash got cajoled into signing Igawa by Levine\Troast and who knows who else – for international marketing reasons – just like the 24/7 fitness debacle. In short, Isawa was a huge mistake – rather then saying “I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski or pretending that an Lawyer who was also a Rhodes scholar wasn’t sure of the definition of the word “is” – can’t we just admit we fucked up and move on???

    Igawa’s stuff really isn’t good enough for the AL East – in my admittedly fuzzy recollection he basically could only get two pitches over for K’s and his FB topping at 91 isn’t impressive. Cash and Torre never liked Lilly b\c they did not feel his stuff or makeup was Bronxworthy – what does that say for Igawa.

    The real damage Igawa could continue to do is to take away starts and playing time from guys who might be better (not just in the Bronx but at AAA) – I think we saw Cash finally realizing this by taking away Dr. Torre’s favorite crutches (Proctor, Meyers, Bruney) and finally trying something different.

    There was a great saying in the late 80’s early 90’s that shook up alot of complascent people in the work world “Change or Die” – I think Cash is using this motto in his recent moves and I for one really find it exciting.

    Send Igawa to the NL Worst – he’ll be a decent starter for the Pads (maybe) for us, he’s just going to be a problem that we will eventually have to unload – lets do it now, free up those millions to help resign Mo, Jorge and guys that will give us a better chance to win.

  • Tom O.

    Please, say no to Wells. I’d rather have Karstens pitch, Desalvo, or even Wright pitch than him. Wells got lit up in San Diego, one of the best (if not the best) pitchers parks. What’s he gonna do at Yankee Stadium?

  • Frank

    BTW: Igawa has a 38:10 K:BB in 36 innings at The Office. Problem is he’s also given up 5 HR (but a 3.75 ERA) in that same span.

    Igawa is cheap, young, and left-handed. I don’t see how you give up on that for a measly 16 million saved (over the next four years) unless either the prospect coming back is something they really need (Hundley or Huffman) or the Pads pick up part of the posting fee too.

    If Igawa can learn to keep the ball down, he wouldn’t be a bad #5 behind the Four Horsemen (Wang, Hughes, Joba, IPK – Can someone talented with Photoshop please make a poster that I can hang over my bed?!?!?).

  • Frank

    Kei with 6 K more tonight against 0 BB in 6 IP (8 hits and 2 ER – 0 HR). So, on the season in AAA he’s:

    42 IP 44 K 10 BB 3.64 ERA

    I just don’t see how you trade that – not now. And worst case, a full season of numbers like that and he’s worth alot more.

  • The Scout

    “If Igawa can learn to keep the ball down….” He’s not a 22-year-old kid. This has been his pitching style as a pro; it was his rep (rap?) coming over from Japan. He went to Tampa earlier this year to correct it and returned to give up home runs at an alarming rate.

    If you believe that you can teach Igawa to pitch low in the strike zone, you must be smoking something very powerful. Next time, bring enough for the rest of us….

  • Frank

    Easy Scout – even as I am smoking something really strong – I can still think clearly. You and I have different opinions, but no need to go ad hominen, unless you have nothing better or original to add?

    Fact is, as a young(ish) lefty, Igawa has value, especially since his yearly contract has him making less than Kyle Farnsworth or his next four years are equal to what was paid for 1.5 of Pavano.

    I’m not convinced Igawa can’t be a league average pitcher and in the fifth slot that’s very valuable especially at his salary. Further, he may not be a youngster but I have no doubt he still has some learning to do in MLB. That K:BB and K:9 is a step in the right direction. Heck, 0 BB is a big step in the right direction.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Please no Wells. Id rather let Igawa go for free than accept Boomer.

  • ej877

    It still pisses me off to think about how much money I spent to see Wells pitch one inning of game 5 of the 2003 World Series. F**k that fat bastard, I’d rather keep Igawa, see if he can pitch better and bring up his trade value,


    he looks funny, I find that entertaining.

  • barry

    I’ll give the padres a package a of hotdogs and buns if they take igawa, ill fuckin UPS them right to their front office.

  • younguns

    If Igawa can’t pitch for the Yankees, why on earth would you still want him on the team eating up 4 million a year for the next 4 seasons ???

    4 million/year may not sound like a lot to fans of the Yankees, but you can make the case that with that extra $17 million over the next 4 years, the Yankees can funnel that extra dough into scouting, player development and player facilities. That extra 4 million/year will also give the Yankees more muscle in signing international free agents as well as drafted players such as Greg Peavey, a very good high school pitcher drafted in the 24th round who is asking to sign for a million. If he doesn’t sign, he will be attending Oregon State, who has won the last 2 college world series.

    The $17 million saved also has be adjusted upwards when you factor in revenue sharing, an amount in luxury taxes that ONLY the Yankees are paying.

    It’s easy to say it’s ONLY $4 million a year when it’s not YOUR money.

    In addition, Igawa’s presence is taking up a roster spot on the Yankee’s 40-man roster, which has now become a precious commodity thanks to the number of quality players in the minors who are now fighting hard for the chance to be called up to the majors. These kids are hungry and deserve a shot, and not just a cup of coffee when rosters expand to 40 come September 1st.

    Igawa pitches scared if you look at his body language on the mound. Can you really justify keeping him around over someone such as Shelley Duncan and the fire he brings to the team?

    Lastly, with that extra $4 million per year, why don’t the Yankees use it to pay for the psychological profiling of players who they are deciding to sign and draft?

    Perhaps this could have prevented the Yankees from making the expensive mistakes of signing Pavano, Farnsworth, and Igawa, who are clearly not mentally and psychologically prepared to play in New York.

  • The Scout

    Frank, nothing personal intended, just a bit of humor. This post ilustrates the Igawa divide among the participants. Igawa may be useful to a team in the NL, and the Padres are faling far enough behind the D-Backs that they may be getting desperate. But I’m with younguns on the value of saving $4 million when you can and clearing the roster spot. In the off-season, the demand may just as easily dry up as expand. If the Yankees have a buyer now, this would be a prudent time to make the move.

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