• http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    On Saturday (i.e. the second to last game of the year) Jose Reyes hot dogged it down the line and was out despite the fielder bobbling the ball AND making a bad throw. How does a player not hustle with his team in the situation the Mets were in?

    Derek Jeter wouldn’t be caught dead doing that.

  • Marsha

    You gotta feel bad for Willie Randolph. He waited so long to get a managerial position and now his team wins a place in baseball history as one of the biggest collapses ever. I just hope he doesn’t get blamed for his too cocky team who couldn’t figure out how to win more than one game in their last home stand. Willie is just too classy to be the fall guy.

    • Relaunch

      Huh? why shouldn’t he get blamed. He couldn’t motivate his team or make correct choices for his team win more than 1 game at home against 4th and 5th place teams.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        What “correct choices” didn’t he make? It’s not his fault that Tom Glavine was terrible against those fourth and fifth place teams. It’s not his fault that Jose Reyes sucked for two months. It’s not Willie’s fault that no one in his bullpen could get outs.

        • Relaunch

          Not using Pedro every 5 days instead of 6. They blew games against below average teams because of that. His bullpen management was awful. For example, the game in Florida, he started out with Feliciano for one batter in the 9th, then right away brings in his awful relievers (the game that Wagner’s back was tight).
          You want to give him a free pass because he was a Yankee thats your right, but he kept on playing bad players. Shawn Green instead of Milledge? Not benching Reyes for his lack of hustle (yes, it was more than just this past saturday)

  • Andrew

    “I just hope he doesn’t get blamed for his too cocky team”

    Why not? He’s the one who said “I’m not worried, and it will be sweet when we are sipping the champagne.” That’s as cocky as it gets. Willie deserves a lot of blame for the passiveness of his team. Managers set the mood.