The Red Sox fan-on-the-field caption contest vote

Preliminary schedule has Yanks ending 2008 on the road
Game 152: Nearly there

Here we go, folks. After nearly 80 entries for captions, we’ve narrowed down the selection to our top five.

Your job now is to vote. The winner – or person with the most votes who sends us an address – gets to take home a pretty nifty DVD set. The photo and the poll follow. You can only vote once per IP address per day. The polls close at 2:10 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, September 21, 2007. Please, no hanging chads.

Vote in the Fan-on-the-Field Photo Caption Contest

EDIT: We hear your complaints, and we’re going to re-tool the poll. It will launch later tonight. We screwed that one up. Our bad.

Preliminary schedule has Yanks ending 2008 on the road
Game 152: Nearly there
  • Marsha

    I vote for none of the above. Where are the funny captions?

    • Ben K.


  • JS

    I’m very distressed that My Ed Grimley comment wasn’t one of the five..Clearly he looks like Ed Grimley! (See here:

    • Mike R.

      He most definitly does if I must say, but not too many people remember Ed Grimley. I had the same problem with my Titanic reference.

      • Joseph P.

        It’s not that people didn’t get it, it’s that some people have tried to block that movie from their memories.

  • Jon

    Yeah, please add a “none of the above” option? There were many other funnier ones…

    • Ben K.

      No “none of the above” option. Sorry. Someone has to win the contest.

  • Jon

    Ok, I take that back..the only one I liked was:

    “Oh no, grass stains on my new khakis! Mom’s gonna kill me!!”

    Can someone explain the laptop one to me?

  • Wordewizard

    I did way too many captions, obviously. I didn’t honestly think I’d win this because the Dane Cook one is just too good, but “Cano he di’int” probably wasn’t even in my Top 5. oh well. there’s for trying.

  • ShawnT

    I dont get the cano one if its trying to be ironic its not that funny, also i thought the ruben rivera one was hysterical and should have def made top 5

    • Wordewizard

      ironic? um….it’s kind of an ebonics play when somebody does something naughty, like steal on a field and nab somebody’s cap. but you’re right about one thing: it’s not all that funny. and the ruben rivera i forgot about. so good.

  • Mike R.


  • Count Zero

    Dane Cook FTW!!!

  • dan

    The ruben rivera one definitely should have been on the ballot. I didnt think the dane cook caption was funny or relevant, obviously many of you disagree.

    • Joseph P.

      He threw out the first pitch on I think it was Saturday. He’s promoting baseball. He’s not funny.

      I find it highly relevant.

  • Travis

    Kinda lame, friends.

  • Ben K.

    Ok, ok. We’re going to fix it. Be patient and sorry for the screw up.

  • Mike R.

    What screw up? What happened?

    • Ben K.

      Too many complaints about the way the poll was run. Every option that was in the previous poll will be included but we’re going to expand it beyond the five we had up here. Our system for cutting it down was a little too arbitrary.

  • Brian

    Hey, I know the contest is over and all, but how about:
    “Yankees try to suppress bizarro genetic freak resulting from Saturday’s plate collision, secretly known as Jorge Hinske.”

    From now on “Jorge Hinske” is my new term when I wanna yell “Jesus Christ!” In the very least, posada is more of a man after the crash because some of eric hinske actually transferred to him….

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  • Tom

    One of my friends shot me a link to this site. I’m the guy that took this fan out. Your article is absolutely rediculous and shows just how moronic Yankee fans are. The guy ran on the field from the Sox dugout as Hinske his the ball to the left field corner. So while everyone was looking in the corner he ran from the opposite side. I saw him right before he got to Cano and what did he make it about 20 yards past? Keep in mind their is a youtube out there of a guy that ran on the field at Yankee stadium and got taken down after about a minute and half of running from 15 security guards! I’m the only one that got him and he was maybe on the field for 10-15 seconds. Fans run on the field all the time, it says nothing about security. You never know when they will do it and there are 38,000 fans at fenway for about 80 security guards (most of which are not close to the field). All you can do is react as fast as you can and clearly alone I can react faster than 15 of your guys.

    If I ran on the field at Yankee stadium your guys would never catch me. Enjoy second place.

    • Ben K.

      Red Sox Fans: Unable to take a joke since 1903.

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