Rumors: Girardi could land in Los Angeles

Tim McCarver is just plain wrong
Jacoby Ellsbury, a hero among Americans

There’s a rumor going that Joe Girardi, if he doesn’t land the job in the Bronx, could end up in Chavez Ravine. While the Dodgers do have Grady Little under contract for a few more season, we all know how well that played out last time.

Tim McCarver is just plain wrong
Jacoby Ellsbury, a hero among Americans
  • Jamal G.

    Little’s contract is only guaranteed through next season at $700K so he can easily be dumped. Also some believe that if the Dodgers do change managers that Torre is a perfect fit but yes Girardi’s name has just recently been brought up.

    I honestly don’t know what to think about this because I can’t seem to see who would be a better fit for the Yankees. Mattingly has claimed he’s a melting pot with ingredients from Billy Martin, Lou Piniella, and Mr. T and Girardi is an old-school hard ass type. However Girardi has shown that he can be successful with a young team and that’s what the Dodgers are brimming with right now, young talent and much more to come. So that would seem as a good fit for Joe G. because I think at 67 Mr. T is a bit too old to be caretaking the Baby Blue out in LA.

  • Mike R.

    Conspiracy theory #2456-A

    Could this information have been leaked by someone from Girardi’s team in order to increase his appeal? Maybe a source from Steve Mandel’s (Girardi’s agent) office leaked this information. Reporters questioned Mandel about it and he responded with a “no comment” which added fuel to the fire.

    It can not be a coincidence that this information comes out the day of deliberations.