Dice-K doesn’t meet Sox’s financial expectations

A-Rod and the weird analogies
Rivera, the Godfather, worked his wonders on A-rod

When the Red Sox decided to fork over $103 million for a pitcher who had never thrown a Major League pitch, they do so with the expectation that their investment would open up new markets for them. The Yankees and the Mariners, after all, have managed to secure multi-million-dollar revenue partnerships with Japanese-based companies due to the presence of Japanese stars.

However, the Red Sox were not so lucky. Rob Bradford of The Boston Daily Herald reported today that the Sox managed just one $900,000 deal with a Japanese company. While the World Champions aren’t complaining, they are a bit disappointed in the financial returns.

“There was absolutely not this windfall of corporate advertising dollars we thought there may be, or that [Matsuzaka’s] representative might have led you to believe during the negotiations,” Sam Kennedy, Boston’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, said to Bradford. “But it was fascinating to watch the media, the fans that came over from Japan to see him, and to see someone assimilate into our culture. From everything I hear the best is yet to come.”

And as astute observers may note, Matsuzaka’s representative in this process is the much-beleaguered Scott Boras. With Kenny Rogers’ unceremoniously dumping Boras this weekend and the way the A-Rod saga has played out, this news is just another blow to the Boras empire.

A-Rod and the weird analogies
Rivera, the Godfather, worked his wonders on A-rod
  • http://www.canyonofheroes.blogspot.com Mike Plugh

    The city of Boston did very well, I think, with the money brought in via tourism from Japan. Seattle and New York saw an advantage like this, and I think Boston estimated 14 million in additional revenue this year from Daisuke’s presence. I could be off on the number there, but I think it was around 14.

    Boras is a liar and liars always fall hard when they are trying to maintain integrity in the glare of the public spotlight. You can’t be in such a high profile atmosphere and continue to get away with lies and deceit indefinitely. It always bites you in the ass. Glad to see it finally coming back to him.

  • steve (different one)

    the city of Boston may have done well, but the Sox don’t see much benefit since every game at Fenway is sold out anyway dating back before Matsuzaka.

    so, there are no increased ticket sales. they keep the money from merchandise sold at the stadium, though merchadise sold elsewhere is split 30 ways. not sure how much extra revenue that could really generate.

    it was a BS argument at the time, and it’s still a BS argument now from Boras.

    that said, they won the WS. so it was worth it.

  • E-ROC

    Looks like the MLB is evolving and Boras. I think he’ll continue his tactics and might cost him again. Sometimes, it isn’t all about the money.

    The Yankees should take a flyer on Marc Kroon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbhcTiZ9dFI

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Dude had no idea where those 100 mph (161 kmph) fastballs were going.

  • barry

    The MLB should just ban Boras. He’s awful for the entire league.

  • http://www.canyonofheroes.blogspot.com Mike Plugh

    Mike, Kroon is better than you think. He used to suffer terribly from lack of control, but he is around the plate quite a bit more consistently in 2007 than he was in the minors. He’s not closer material in the Majors, and he’s probably a slightly better version of Kyle Farnsworth in the end, but you won’t have to break the bank to take a flyer on him. I think it’s a worthwhile move (that the Yankees won’t make). If you look at his struggles in the minors, a lot of the problems stem from pitching in the Pacific Coast League in places like Salt Lake, Vegas, and Colorado. In Japan, at sea level, he has refined his arsenal and is probably a legit 6th or 7th inning guy for a good team, and a fair set up man for a small market club.

  • davi

    boston needs to capitalize on its players as much as they can considering fenway only squeezes in 38-39K a game. Compared to Yankee stadium, that’s more than a 15k difference a game. Especially when the new stadium opens up, the Yankees will be raking cash in hand over fist with all the lux boxes and new ticket prices. It’s hard to measure a player’s financial impact on the team (unless you are Boras who makes up ridiculous acronyms), but I just don’t see Boston breaking even with Dice K.