Rivera, the Godfather, worked his wonders on A-rod

Dice-K doesn't meet Sox's financial expectations
MVP for A-Rod

Remember when Mariano Rivera went all Godfather on the Yanks’ bullpen? He called out Brian Bruney, Scott Proctor and Kyle Farnsworth for sucking. A week later, Proctor had been sent to the Dodgers, Bruney to AAA and Farnsworth to the sixth inning of 11-2 games.

Now, reports are emerging that Mariano Rivera, the Yanks’ own Vito Corleone, was at it again. This time, though, his target was A-Rod. Newsday’s Jim Baumbach reports:

Rivera is believed to have been one of A-Rod’s major sounding boards during the craziness of Rodriguez’s past three weeks. Rivera, according to his friend, told Rodriguez as far back as days after A-Rod opted out Oct. 28 that he should approach the Yankees to tell them how he truly felt.

Hey, if Rivera truly did help convince A-Rod to stay in New York, maybe his own $45-million deal should include some negotiating clauses as well.

Dice-K doesn't meet Sox's financial expectations
MVP for A-Rod
  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    You know whats funny…people have been praising A-Rod for taking initiative and bringing it on upon himself to find a road back to the Yankees but ever since he was reported on his way back we’ve had numerous stories of how people convinced him to do this, that, and the other.

    • Steve S

      You have to give the guy some credit for going over Scott Boras’ head on the whole thing. People get too sentimental about things. Everyone questions how Arod listens to Boras. Lets all remember that Boras helped get the largest the contract in baseball history. A contract that no one had predicted, so to say Boras was good at his job is an understatement. And he delivered him at the time to an owner who claimed he would spend endlessly to get a championship (at the time). So the fact that he trusted Boras shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone. And the fact that he consulted with some other rather intelligent men in order to make that decision is nothing to hold against him.

      And on a separate note, everyone keeps on saying that the market dried up and that Arod didnt have any suitors. They were TWO days into the actual free agency period, when they could actually discuss financials. Does anyone think that Boras couldnt have convinced someone to make him a better offer? Maybe, but the guy has done it in the past (e.g. JD Drew) and has a reputation for getting things done. I know we all think of Boras as Machiavelian, but what has he done to earn that rep, he simply represents the best players and finds the best loop holes in structuring contracts. There isnt anything that genius with what he does. All that being said my point is is people have to get over this random hatred of Arod. Let it go.

  • Gibb

    that’s sick for mo. that made me immediately more happy with him. i kind of wonder if the release of this story isn’t some PR move by ‘Mo’s friend’ to help Mo regain some of the amicability he lost for trying to bust the yankees balls over his contract.

  • redbug

    I guess those of you who have cheered Mo for 12 yr’s and called him an “asshole”, like him better now for talking Arod into talking only $300mm from the Yanks feel better about him again.

  • http://YFvSF Nick-YF

    I still don’t understand the anger toward Mo for the last two weeks. He was in negotiations for his final contract probably ever. His words were directed toward a management team that played hardball with him by not resigning him last spring. Why the anger?