Save Phil Hughes, part 2

Yanks 'reach out' to David Riske
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Apparently, fans aren’t the only ones hoping that the Yanks don’t ship off Phil Hughes for Johan Santana. Mark Feinsand doesn’t think the Yanks should trade Hughes in a Santana deal either. While Feinsand makes a compelling case for his position, last we heard, the Yanks would rather not trade Hughes.

Yanks 'reach out' to David Riske
Commence laughter
  • Ivan

    Yeah from what I,ve read, the yanks are very reluctant to trade Hughes.

  • dan

    You never know when Hank might override Cashman and say, “to hell with it, he’s Johan Santana”. (I wouldn’t be surprised if, a year ago today, he didn’t know who Santana was)

  • Ivan

    Well something is gonna happen. I am not saying that Johan is going to the yanks but something is going to happen sooner or later.

  • Matt

    Could the Yanks get it done with Kennedy, Melky, Horne, and Jackson. I’d make that deal right now. That’s a descent package and better than what the Sox will offer. If Elsbury is off limits, what can the Sox really offer to match this?

  • JMM

    And Joel Sherman of the NY Post thinks the Yankees would be stupid if they didn’t try to land Santana and that means giving up Hughes.

    Let the media circus begin…

  • steve

    I haven’t lived on the east coast in a while, i’ve been out west for 6 years now. I live in LA and the topic of Torre and Arod have been on talk radio for a while, especially a few weeks ago. I can’t even imagine what its like in the north east now, especially in NY. between the knicks giants and rangers not doing too well I have a feeling this santana hughes trade talk is about to blowwwwwww up. (just like JMM said, let the media circus begin)

  • Ivan

    One thing if you are the yanks,

    You don’t let the fans determine what to do in the front office.

    And you NEVER let the media determine what you do.

    Is the media gonna blow up on this, ummm…possibly, but there the media and that’s there job.

    Boy I can see why players and front office guys hate the media.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    We’ve moved past Torre and Arod on the east coast. Right now it’s all about the Santana trade.

    I think that one of the positive things about the Steinbrenners is that they do care about the Yankee fans. They might not always care what they want but they always care what they deserve.

    Joba is obviously a fan favorite and a great pitcher who has either starting or bullpen potential (none of the other youngsters seem viable out of the pen). His versatility is certainly worth more than fan fav but I think it matters.

    Phil Hughes has been touted as the second coming for a few years now. Fans have been salivating and that almost no-hitter showed greatness. His stint out of the pen in the playoffs showed brilliance. He’s a keeper, I agree.

    If we can trade for Kennedy, Horne and Melky, let’s get this bad boy done.

    I don’t want to see Santana go to Boston but I don’t want to lose Hughes either.

    I hope Hank and Cash are listening and are more pragmatic than Big Stein ever way (Big Stein would be saying, “Just give them what they want.”)

  • LiveFromNewYork

    PS: and I know it’s blasphemy to rip Pettitte and I love the guy but don’t you think the Yankees are in a stronger position, both playing and negotiating, if Andy is on board?

    Don’t you think he should tell them now and enough with this “time” crap?

    • JR_CLT

      My sister-in-law ran into Jorge today and he said Pettite returning is a long shot. Not good for us!! I say throw $20M his way for 1 more yr.

  • NYYank55

    The Twins can ask for the world. Fact of the matter is they have no leverage. And believe me Cashman and Epstein know it. Forget what you hear. It won’t take all that much to land Santana because something is better than nothing when it comes to the Twins. If they don’t pull the trigger, all they will end up with is a draft pick. Let’s get real and not give up the future. This is a real opportunity for the Yankees to unload Damon provided of course they kick in something to cover his salary. Damon + cash and 2 lower tier minor leaguers with some upside should get it done.

  • Ivan

    I was just on the site and there are reports that the yankees to trade melky and sign rowand.

    I mean come on now, now guys are just throwing stuff out there now.

    • Ben K.

      Keep in mind the site you read that on…

  • zack

    Heyman on is com has the Yanks and Sox “in negotiations’ which of course means diddly. He does, however, allude to a package of Melky and Kennedy as the centerpieces being enough, and better than a package of Crisp and Lester (duh) or anything with Crisp in it (finally some sanity).

    Trading for Santana without giving up Hughes/Chamberlain makes me really really excited. trading for Santana AND giving up Hughes makes me much less excited and will really take a lot of the joy. I’m still in favor of it, but the Yanks should do everything in their power to make a package of Melky, Kennedy et al attractive enough

  • Larry

    Heard Heyman on MMD this evening and he says that they Minny doesn’ want Cano because of arb elig and they don’t want to spend that $ which means they want low $ players. Sox say Elsbury not in mix the way NYY says Joba not in mix. Could be idel chatter.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Send off Melky and get Rowand? That would be horrible.

    I’d rather see Santana go to Boston than lose Phil Hughes.. seriously.

    Ideally, if we can’t land Santana in a Yankee’s Fan-Friendly Trade, I hope he goes to the Mets. Keep him out of the AL atleast.

    What’s up with all this Dan Haren talk lately?

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I am positive Ellsbury is not in the mix and the Twinkies need an CF making Melky the better bait. If we could get Santana for Kennedy, Melky and $$$ with an extension I would be THRILLED.

    I also think that Pettitte is a long-shot to return. Dammit. Even with Santana, I want him back. Send those Xmas cards to Hendricks management and tell Andy to come back to ny.

  • BillyBalla

    My original post on was that the Yankees could not give up Hughes or jaba. They are like 1a and 1b. I stated I was willing to give up Cano, rather than trade Hughes. I would go as far as saying I would package Melk, Cano, and Kennedy for Santana. Now that we know Cano is off the table which is good for us, We still have to be sure we do not trade any of our big positional minor league players.

    My list of untouchables would be Joba, King Philip Hughes, Jose Tabata, Austin Jackson, Brett Gardner, Jesus Montero, Austine Romine, and Carmine Agnello.

    Along with Melky and Kennedy I would throw in an humberto Sanchez or Alan Horne (1 of these 2) or even both if it gets it done. Save Hughes is in full effect as long as we aren’t shipping out Jackson and Tabata as well.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      Thank god you’re not Cashman.

  • brad k

    Hughes for Santana……no brainer. Please people are we kidding here. 29 years young, 2 Cy Young’s, electric stuff. Give me a fucking break. I watched every pitch Hughes threw last year. I gotta tell ya I wasn’t blown away! Youth is nice but un-tested. Simple as that. When Phil is 7-10 with a 5 ERA you will wish we had pulled the trigger. Forget the money it’s well within the Yanks reach. It’s a business and the best business decision they can make is Santana now. Plus we still have plenty of youth with IPK and Joba.

  • Jewish Jackhammer

    I would not bet my house that Hughes turns out to be the next Santana. But this is what I know for sure. Hughes’ stats at his age blow away Santana’s stats at the same age. Guess what, all you guys that were not impressed with Hughes in ’07. His 4.46 era at 21 was a little better than Santana’s 6+ ERA at 21. Not to mention, Santana’s 4.74 era at 22.

    People that would trade Hughes know nothing about pitchers. Hughes is far from an unproven commodity. His stats in the minors for his age were equal or better than any pitcher in a decade. The fact is that 21 year old pitchers rarely are exceptional in the majors. Reference Santana’s era at 21 and 22. How about Josh Beckett’s 4.10 era at 22 in the NL. The more I look at the stats the more I see that barring injury Hughes has an 85% chance of being a true ace and a 99% chance of at least being a solid #2 similar to Wang.

    I would trade Kennedy, Horne, and Melky for Santana.

    Kennedy’s ceiling is a solid #2 and Horne has never pitched above AA. Melky is easily replaceable. (Tabata, A-Jax, even Gardner)

  • ShawnT

    Lets do another poll

  • Agony!

    I really want to keep Phil Phranchise around.

    IPK, Melky, maybe some dead weight (everybody wants a Professor Farnsworth action figure — now with realistic “crippled old man” action!) Gardner, and some $$$ would be ideal. And, please God, if that happens and Pettitte comes back I’ll do some serious victory dancing.