Twins’ demands for Santana coming into view

Joe Kennedy, 28, passes away
Wasting money on middle relief

Ken Rosenthal reports on what the Twins expect will be the opening bids for Johan Santana. According to Rosenthal, the Twins want one bona fide Major League star and multiple prospects while Santana will expect a seven-year, $140 million contract.

Wow. That’s a fairly demanding package.

Basically, Rosenthal reports, the Twins want the equivalent of a Robinson Cano or Jose Reyes as a starting point. After that, a package of top prospects should seal the deal with the Twins. At that point, the Twins will grant their trading partner a few days to negotiate a lucrative and ludicrous contract with Santana.

Considering the demands, Santana’s age and his recent trends, I would pass if I were the Yankees. It’s hard to believe that Santana would be more valuable to the team than Robinson Cano along with the prospects the Twins will demand. If the Mets or Red Sox want to saddle themselves with this seven-year deal while literally giving up the farm for Santana, let them. I’ll take my chances with Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy and the rest of the Yankee arms who have yet to the reach the Majors.

Joe Kennedy, 28, passes away
Wasting money on middle relief
  • Giuseppe Franco

    I completely agree.

    Pass on Santana and keep the kids. Wait until this time next offseason when they can sign him without giving up any of their young talent.

  • Stylez

    Uhhhhh whoever trades for him will sign him to an extension excess of 130 million or trading for him to leave after a ear makes no sense. But I agree. It seems Santana could cost a baseball team more in terms of chips then Cabrera. Cano, Hughes, Tabata to the twins……OR Cano, Hughes, Tabata as Yankees? No bias, but it seems like the latter would pa more dividens

    • Giuseppe Franco

      He’s going to be a free agent.

      What team in their right mind is going to give up that much in return for him?

      There aren’t that many teams willing to give Santana $20M a year for 7 years so I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t a free agent in another year if the asking price in players is that ridiculously high.

      • Pfistyunc

        Did you bother to read the Rosenthal article? A negotiating window/extension will be part of any trade.

  • RollingWave

    Santana making that money make some sense for the Yanks / Red Sox, but paying him that plus ripping apart everything you’ve build doesn’t.

  • Matt

    I understand that people say pass on him because the Twins are demanding too much, but the comments “wait until the offsason when he becomes a FA” drives me nuts. He isn’t going to be a free agent, he is going to be dealt and when he is, he will sign a long term deal with that team. So if you pass on him now, than you pass on him for good. I guess Cano is too much for any deal, but Melky and Hughes (or Kennedy) plus a few other prospects would be a deal the Yanks should do.

  • MD

    offer them Melky, Kennedy, and Horne…..then let the Bosox empty the farm system to top it

  • Pfistyunc

    I have to agree here Ben. If Omar panics and wants to overpay (Theo is too smart to do that), then I have no probably letting him go to another team. There will be other free agent pitchers in the coming years and even Johan isn’t worth Cano and twelve combined cost-controlled seasons of Hughes and Joba.

  • brxbmrs

    I don’t want Santana at all – I’d rather take my chances with the kids and if you are going to deal one of our pitchers and Melk +, I’d rather try to get a Kazmir or some other younger star.

    But this bullshit about THeo being too smart is just that – Bullshit – he’s the guy who gave Dice K 100+ mil and traded for Gagne AND the deal that won the Red Sox the 07 WS wasn’t his – trading Sanchez and Ramirez plus for Lowell and Beckett – and Theo is on record as saying he wouldn’t have made the deal -he would have tried something else.

    • Rob

      Where is he on record saying that of the Beckett deal?

      • Mike A.

        I remember hearing that too, but he didn’t exactly say he wouldn’t do that deal. He said he would have either tried to get more back, or given up less, or some shit like that.

        • brxbmrs

          Mike A.

          Some shit like that exactly sums it up – you are right, he did not say he wouldn’t do it, he would have tried to give up less – and if he did that, most likely he wouldn’t have gotten that deal done and the Indians are the 07 WS Champs.

          My real point is fuck Theo Epstein ;-)

  • The Scout

    The story represents nothing more than the Twins’ opening asking price. If a team is stupid enough to meet that price, well, that team has a GM who will be looking for another job before Santana’s new contract is one-third done.

    I have said already that I think a seven-year deal for Santana is lunacy. A team that agrees to such a deal will pay half the money, possibly more, for a pitcher who gives back very little. Santana is not built for durability.

    Think about the Mussina signing for a moment. That, too, was a six or seven year deal. Moose gave the Yankees quality performances (not at the very elite level, mind you) for about five years. But he was also a good deal bigger and sturdier than Santana, who already shows modest signs of decline.

    Since I am against a seven-year deal for Santana, I would pass on virtually any deal, certainly one that included Cano, Hughes, or Joba. I might consider a rent-a-player deal w/o an extension in the hope that he would love the Yankees and agree to a shorter-term contract. But I am perfectly aware another team would make a better offer to the Twins and ink Santana to the kind of deal he wants. And the market does make such a deal possible.

  • brxbmrs

    I think what alot of us are not saying (those who don’t want to trade) is that part of the fun of the Yanks the last few years is that it hasn’t been solely a collection of expensive, aging free agents that lost in the first round – a big part of the excitement is actually bringing up players from the minors that are real ml talent.

    Santana guarantees the Yanks nothing – does he make us better in the rotation – yes – is he the difference maker in October – I don’t think he is – mostly b\c of the mileage on his arm the last four and what he did against the Indians – and the price he will cost in terms of talent and contract just isn’t worth it.

    If the Yanks get Santana and still find those ways to lose in the first round all we will have done is taken out a lot of the fun in the Yanks team by letting the Twins fans watch Melk, Cano and IPK for the next 10 plus years – and we will have another collection of expensive rejects no other team was willing to make the financial and talent committments to.

    Let the Mets trade David Wright for him – you know Omar would do that in a second.

  • brxbmrs


    I agree with what you are saying – but the 7 years 140 plus doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the talent cost – the bottom line is Santana is worth more than Zito and he’s a bigger addition by far than Torii Hunter – not that Santana is a bigger addition than an everyday player – its just that Torii Hunter’s rep is made from ESPN – he’s rep is made from highlights – you watch what he does everyday and you realize he’s only a good player – one with a big hole in his swing, vulnerable to power pitching and a guy who also has defensive lapses.

  • Bill Porter

    I’m with you Ben. It has to come down to a question of value. Santana is trending down, there may be greater value in Robby and one of Hughes, Joba or IPK plus more prospects. Banking on Betances, Brackman, Herdia, Garcia and others to become the pitchers they will have to give up to get Santana is a huge gamble. If we aren’t completely comfortable that Santana will remain what he has been for at least the next 4 years I say pass at that price.

    I am pretty well convinced that Santana will, baring injury, continue to be pretty tough for the next two years. The only caution I would have in passing then is that if Detroit, the Sawx or the Angels grab him he will make them very very tough for that period. Of course our developing big three may do the same for us. Either way it’s a tough call.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I would not mind paying him but I do not want to trade for him. I don’t want to be hunting for new talent in 2 years. The boatload of young talent we have right now does not come along that often and we were supposed to be rebuilding for the future the past few years. To trade away so many youngsters for an aging pitcher would be to go against everything we’ve been building.

    I would rather watch these kids grow and develop in pinstripes. I want to see Hughes, Joba and Cano go on the “UNTRADEABLE” list and stay there rather than get Santana.

  • Relaunch

    I agree, but more for the fact that Santana will be injured in the next few years. Look at the last pitching contracts in excess over 5 years this last decade. Only Moose has remained healthy throughout the contract. Santana may stay healthy, but the odds are against it.

  • kanst

    Robinson Cano’s WARP last season was 11.8, that matches the highest WARP Santana has ever recorded in a season

    • NYFan50

      You can’t compare WARP for pitchers and position players. It doesn’t work well.

  • waswhining

    The more they talk Santana trades the better I feel. Melky is a solid major league player with all kinds of upside. Cano is already an all-star and doesn’t fit the description. A comparable Sawks player would be Pedroia with the Sawks getting the nod on that offer. But I can’t see the Sawks dealing Pedroia, although they gave up Hanley Ramirez but I wonder how much they knew they had. Sawks will need to counter with ellsbury and the howls of protest from rsawks nation should be fun to contemplate. Have you read any of the proposed rsawks deals for Santana? Think Pavano + ….

    I would think the centerpiece of any trade for Santana is Cabrera. Cano is too much of a reach. If Cabrera is in then the any one of joba/phil/IPK are out. I’d go to two of the B level prospects: McCutchen, White, Cox but not Sanchez, Betances, Horne whom I keep reading A level stuff about.

    I can’t see these multiple high level names being thrown about for the Twins giving up one year of Santana. I don’t think there is a GM out there who is going to bite. They will instead downplay the whole thing and the Yanks can meet that threshold easily, particularly if its Melky +. You know the Sawks will be parlaying Coco Crisp and Julio Tavarez: noooo way that happens, unless there is something in the water in twinkie town.

    As the relief pitching gets thinner during the hot stove, trading Farnsworth becomes more of a postive for the Yanks. I could see getting a top level position prospect and spinning whoever that is into the deal. Twinkies need cf, second, third or pitching was what I read.

    • Pfistyunc

      Johan is the best pitcher in baseball. Melky is an overrated, slap-hitting reserve outfielder. If he started a conversation with “we’ll give you Melky Cabrera and…,” he wouldn’t even get to finish his sentence before the Twins GM hung up the phone.

      • Relaunch

        Haha. Well, if they start with Shelly Duncan, then the Twins will be listening.

  • CJ

    Melky, Kennedy, Betemit, Horne and Tabata – offer them for Johan Santana, Miguel Cabrera for 1b, Bedard, and Haren – throw that offer out and see what happens, take the first deal for that package

  • Rich

    I have to disagree with most of you. As much as I can’t wait to see Hughes pitch his entire career in pinstripes the fact is it may take him a few years to blossom into the ace we all envision. It took Beckett 7 yrs to churn out ace like stats over the course of the regular season. There is no way to know for sure if Hughes will eventually be the 200 inning horse Santana already is. For those of you that believe Santana is “trending down” I find that hard to believe. Here are his stats compared to Cy Young winner CC Sabathia:

    Sabathia 26 yrs old 19-7 241 IP 209K 3.21 ERA 1.14 WHIP
    Santana 28 yrs old 15-13 219 IP 235K 3.33 ERA 1.07 WHIP

    He’s 28 yrs old, Moose was 32 when the Yanks signed him, Randy was 41, Kevin Brown was 34 when he signed that huge contract with the Dodgers. This is a 28 yr old ace in the prime of his career. An ace thats pitched 4 straight 200 IP 200Ks seasons. Josh Beckett doesn’t have any. This deal has to get done, if it costs us Cano so be it, we can afford to lose the offense. But we have to get better on the mound for the postseason.

  • CJ

    I hear Joe Girardi praising Miguel Cabrera a week after the AROD signing (contract outline). I am hearing that Hank and Hal believe Boston’s rings are a result of Ortiz and Manny rather than pitching. Watch for the Yanks to make a move to get Cabrera to go with ARod.

  • Rob


    Can’t see how any time beats that unless they go Reyes or three top prospects (Billingsley, Kemp, LaRoche).

    • Mitchell’s Eleven

      that’s just funny. you think a guy who won 38 games the past two seasons, and earns nothing, needs three more strong prospects in order to be equal to Santana. please. they should thank their lucky stars if we offered them Wang one-up for him, with his track record and current salary. it’s not like the Twins are going to contend anytime soon anyway, so throw out your 2007 playoff performance by Wang.

      Kennedy, Melky, and any two from the farm system. like CJ said, you can even make the same offer for Haren. they don’t take it. we’ll be fine. we’ve got multiple guys the rest of baseball is going to crying to have in a couple of years.

  • brxbmrs

    Don’t kid yourself that they don’t want Melky – one he’s significantly better than you give him credit for – two he doesn’t cost 15+ mil a year which is probably the going rate now that a tremendously overrated Hunter got 18 mil at 32 years old.

    I love you people who say he’s a reserve of – the guy was the starting cfer for the NY Yanks in the post season – it doesn’t get more big time than that. Plus if Joba hangs on in Game 2, Melk would have been a hero – waits on a breaking pitch from Carmona and throws out a guy at the plate – gimme a fucking break.

    Also, anyone see Rowand get turned around twice in one game playing CF in the NLDS? Melk’s about as good as there is (defensively) and he’s gonna improve – at 23 he can’t help but not to, provided he stays healthy

    • Joseph P.

      My qualm with that statement is that you assume that Melky will improve. Some guys peak early. It’s the nature of baseball.

      Part of the Yankees success in the late 90s was the result of having superior hitters at two premium defensive positions: Jeter at short and Bernie in center. That’s why I put such an emphasis on center.

    • Pfistyunc

      Just because he was given the starting job doesn’t mean he deserves it. When I call him a reserve outfielder, I am speaking to his talent level, not his actual playing status.

  • brxbmrs

    Wangs eligible for Arbitrtation – he’s probably gonna get 6-8 mil.

    If the Yanks could deal Wang for another teams prospects than throw in those guys in a deal for Santana (or Kazmir, etc). that’s probably the way to do it.

    But…I really hope the Yanks stand pat with Wang, Joba, Hughes, IPK – don’t care if its a big mistake, just don’t want to see the Yanks keep getting older and more expensive at the cost of trading young guys who came up through the system and show real potential – these guys aren’t Alex Grahman’s – they’re as real as they get – but that doesn’t mean they are going to be front line guys – still worth the chance IMO.

  • brxbmrs


    I’d probably fall into that trap as well – at least with Cabrera you probably have a 1st baseman for the next 10-12 years.

    I’d rather see Cabrera than Santana in pinstripes.

    Beckett was the difference for the Sox this year – all the pests like Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury are the guys I’d be coveting – I think those guys make the difference in close games on both sides of the ball.

  • zack

    People, the Red Sox won the WS because Cleveland chocked and the Rockies stunk. Beckett didn’t win them anything except 2 or 1 game a series. If anything, Carmona and Sabathia LOST Cleveland the WS. Oh, and the Sox didn’t exactly win with “pests,” they won with a ton of XBHs and power. If you recall, the Sox offense was generally not good this year, and doesn’t really look to be any better next year. Pedroia is unlikely to be better than he was last year, and Ellsbury, who everyone is somehow already claiming to be a superstar, needs to hit over .300 to have any real value, and I’m not so sure he will. Plus, an older Ortiz and Manny and Lowell, with Youk regressing in the 2nd half of last year to his norm and already past improving…

    But that is besides the point. The Twins won’t want Wang, much as it would be awesome to flip him for a guy like Santana. They will be on turf for at least two more seasons. And you have to think that watching Melky regress over a full season and show little power or discipline won’t exactly make him a darling of other GMs. The 60 ABs for Ellsbury will somehow “prove” him a star, and Melky’s full season, unfortunately, will prove him far from it…

    Ignoring the fact that most of you are way overvaluing the Yanks kids (its ok to do so, but don’t expect the world from them. Its rare enough for 1 pitcher to pan out, let alone three…and it takes time), you a re also way undervaluing Santana. Perhaps not having a dominant pitcher in his prime in a long long time will do that to you, but its pretty hard to OVERVALUE Santana. He’s that good. And has never shown any signs of injury. Whoever is saying hes going to break down is basing that on what? Pedro? Two very different pitchers…

    I wouldn’t want to part with Cano, so that really might be the deal breaker, but if you can swing the trade without Cano, its pretty hard to pass it up. Nobody in the Yanks system is as good as Santana and there is very little chance any of them ever will be. Santana is who Joba/Hughes could be in a perfect world…

    • brxbmrs


      The Sox scored over 850 runs – I wouldn’t call that a bad offense.

      Lowell having a career year helped tremendously, but my point is the guys I really think are going to give the Yanks intestinal distress over the next several years – its going to be pests like Youk (.500+ obp and slg against the Yanks this year), Pedroia – who won rookie of the year and hit .317/.380 – he doesn’t have to get ANY better – that’s scary enough (42K’s in 520 AB’s) and Ellsbury who looks like he’s gonna be a great defensive cfer and drive you nuts with OBP.

      Those guys with Beckett, Papelbon and Lester, Bucholtz are enough to make them a pretty tough team. How much Theo had a hand in drafting those guys – I don’t really know – but in the FA market, Theo blows – and he would have blown harder if it wasnt for the Yanks being “lucky” enough to get Vasquez, Contreras and Pavano.

      As far as Clevland choking – they were up 3-1 and lost – they didn’t really choke – the Sox were just a better and a tougher team.

      Youk especially just grinds pitchers down and the SOx have enough pitching to beat any team with Beckett at the front of the rotation and Papelbon closing em out.

  • brxbmrs


    You are making the opposite assumption that Melk won’t improve and you minimize his defensive accomplisments – the RF, ZR and assists are telling. What Dave Pinto came up with is ridiculous – I bet he never even saw Melk play.

    Also, almost no player peaks at 23 – being exposed as Melky already has – his biggest problem the last two years is he’s worn down at the end of the year – that I hope he grows out of.

    You guys dismissed a somewhat odd article a few months ago, that showed that players who amass 1000 + abs before a certain age are very rare and over 1/2 put up HOF #’s – Melk was the lastest guy to get become part of the group.

    As for Bernie, Melk overall is a better CFer – much better arm, much better instincts – Bernie just had tremendous speed and outran his mistakes. And as its been pointed out here many times before – Bernie’s first 1000 AB’s weren’t that much different than Melk’s.

    Now, I don’t think Melk ever comes close to Bernie’s offense, but he does not have to – he needs to do what he does and he gives the Yanks exactly what you said Bernie and Jeter did – give you outstanding defense in the middle of the diamond.

    Again, its just one game and we lost , but you people ignore Melky throwing out a runner at the plate in a super tight and important ALDS game (and he had an assist in game 1) and crushing a Carmona mistake when all the other 13 mil + guys were doing nothing.

    That’s not a fluke, that’s a sign of the type of player Melk is now, and a tease as to what he could continue to blossom into.

    If the Yanks had Austin Jackson in AAA hitting .300/.400/.500 and playing a + CF, I’d drive Melk to the Metrodome myself – but the prospect of paying 60+ mil to Aaron Rowand to see him hit 5 more HR’s and not play CF any better (and probably a bit worse) than Melk does not make any sense.

  • brxbmrs


    I reread your statement – Yanks won in the 90’s b\c they had unbelievable pitching – yeah Bernie helped alot with his bat, but he had great hitters around him as well and in the WS, Bernie – being the most hardwired and frankly dumb player in mlb could not adjust to pitchers he hadn’t seen during the regular season – so offensively he was a washout in the WS.

    Yanks have offense at almost every other position – they don’t need Melky to do anything more than what he does now – can’t compare the 96-00 Yanks and say they need a .300/.400/.500 guy RIGHT NOW in CF – they don’t – they need a hitter that can get on base, run, situationally smart and slap the ball to all fields – and up until Aug 15th when Melk was hitting .293/.351/.443 he was EXACTLY that.

  • Pfistyunc

    At no point did Jeter ever give the Yanks outstanding defense. Never even close.

  • Brian

    Instead of a Kennedy-Horne-Melky offer, think we could sub-out Kennedy for Steven White and Kevin Whelan?
    So Melky-Horne-White-Whelan for Santana?
    They say no, we move on. They say yes, we are in a pretty good spot. I guess we’re not giving them any proven pitching there, though.

  • barry

    Right on bro, Santana can take his 7 year/140 mil contract and shove it up his ass. I’ll stick with Cano and the homemade arms.

  • Chofo

    I´m scare of the idea of a Beckett-Santana duo, but it won´t happen. Crisp and Buccholz is not enough, and they are not stars. Nor are Pedroia or Ellsbury yet. And that is the Twins starting asking price.

    The Mets need Santana more than anybody, but they won´t trade Reyes. They need him more than the Yankees need Cano. The Angels don´t need pitching and the White Sox don´t have the pieces for the trade and play in the same division, same as the Tigers. And I can´t see the Mariners trading and paying him.

    The only other team that could pay $20 M per year and trade stars and prospects at the same time is the Dodgers. I say wait on the asking price to come down, because it will. I´d love to have him and make no mistake about it, he is a difference maker. But right now, the price is simply too much.

    • barry

      The Mets don’t really need Reyes, hes a touch overrated. The Mets need pitching more than anything else it wouldn’t suprise me if they give up Reyes if thats whats necessary. Also think about how insane Santana’s numbers would be in the national league.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I’ve heard Hank and Hal say the opposite: that they believe pitching wins ballgames and duh they are right.

  • Travis G.

    this is merely the starting point. when no GM is dumb enough to do it, the price will come down.

  • …..

    What’s with the man love on Cano? We’re talking about Johan Santana here. Santana is 28, in the prime of his career. Santana isn’t a guy who throws 99-100, he’s a guy who throws 93 with a sick ass changeup; in other words, he’s durable. He’s had a slight regression, but when your stats are still great but people have the nerve to say, you’re done, you know you’re badass. Anyways, a package of Cano, and some guys like Horne and Jackson should get it done. If the Twins want Tabata they can go to hell, because in my eyes Tabata is our only legit offensive prospect. In any case we have ton of other prospects to fill in that I’m sure know one will object to. Yes, the trade does create a hole at 2nd but we should go hard after Freddy Sanchez and/or Damaso Marte. Remember, the Yanks have a ton of pitching prospects at AAA and at A or below next year, these are the kinds of trades we should be pursuing with them, not 41 year old Randy Johnsons. All we do is bitch and moan about the horrid SP every year, and we finally have a chance to fix that by giving up offense (which is never a problem with us), and we say no?

  • Ray Istorico

    I agree wholeheartedly that Cano should not be shipped to the Twins as part of any deal for Santana (but of course what is demanded from the Yanks and what is asked for – or eventually accepted – from other potential trading partners makes me laugh). Depending on the trade clause (full or not?) in his contract let’s hope Santana doesn’t end up on the Angels in exchange for Reggie Willits and 2 AA pitchers or in Boston for Clay Buchholz, Julian Tavarez and a signed David Ortiz rookie card.

  • Matt

    I’m amazed that some people would rather have Cabrera rather than Santana. Both are going to cost a ton in prospects to get. About ten years ago I may have said yeah go get that hitter, but the way the playoffs are going the past few years, pitching is so much more important than hitting. The Sox didn’t win the series because of their main power guys, Lowell and Pedroia were just as important as Ortiz and Manny. However, they did have some big pitching. We don’t need any more hitting, plus were stuck with Giambi at first (and he isn’t going anywhere, no matter what anybody says). Santana, Petitte, Chamberlain, and 2 of these three (Wang, Hughes, Kennedy)= World Series. Assuming one of those three is in a deal to get Santana. No matter who we have hitting we can be shut down as we’ve shown in the past. A 5 game series is a fluke, but the good pitching seems to show up in a short series more than the good hitting.

  • BillyBalla

    Hello, I have posted about this trade on and I need to reiterate with some on this website who I completely agree with that you cannot mortgage the future for one player who is 29 years old (in his prime), small in stature, and possibly has 3 ace like years left in his arm. That being said I would still trade for the most dominant starter and lefty in the game. My offer centers around the Yankees moving Derek Jeter with his permission at this point of his career to 2nd. I know you may think I’m nuts but follow along with me here. My offer would start with Robbie Cano. He is probably the best pure hitting 2nd baseman in the game whom projects to hit above 300, 25-35 HR’s, and 100 RBI’s. On most teams he would already be slotted in as there number 3 hitter. He has excellent above avg. arm strength and decent range. What he lacks at 2nd base which I feel is vital, is pure base stealing speed and above avg range. I proposed moving him to 3rd base prior to the circus which never left town in A-RODiculous returning. Now that A-Rod is set for 3rd for the next 10 years I feel we can afford to trade Cano. I felt Cano was best suited for 3rd with that arm strength and quick reflexes as well as the 3rd base offensive numbers he already puts up at 2nd. I also feel that we are going to need to address the SS position in the future as every year we hear more and more that Jeter has lost a step and probably cost the Yankees at least 20 + hits during the season. I feel that his best position would be 2nd base as he still has excellent range to his right which would cover up the middle and his offensive numbers would be excellent at that position for the next 5 years. We than move in a Alberto Gonzalez (Randy Johnson trade) a superior defensive glove to improve our overall defense in the infield. He can hold onto the position until a Carmine Agnello is ready. Jeter should not be placed at 1st as that position may be tied up by a Posada or a power hitting 1st baseman with a good glove in the future. Than a Jesus Montero or Austin Romine can be behind the plate to give Posada much needed breaks. We than add Melky to the trade whom I love and once heard he reminded a GM of a young Kirby Puckett. I would love for him to be half that player and I know the Twins would love that as well. The Twins need young position players and we gave them 2 already. They are gonna want a pitcher back as well even though they are deep in that dept. So we include either an Alan Horne or Humberto Sanchez (only one of the two) at most. This is the most I would be willing to trade which is an awful lot as it is. We now need to fill CF. I feel defensively Brett Gardner is more than ready now. He also adds the ability to steal 40+ bases. He has a plus arm and excellent range and his offense will struggle as he is a slap hitter to all fields but he would be a perfect fit as the number 9 hitter. If he is not ready we give action Jackson a shot. I would not include a Tabata, Jackson, Montero, Gardner, Agnello or Romine in the trade even though the Twins may want more positional players. We just gave them 2 major league young up coming stars. I would consider doing this trade and having a staff in 2008 comprised of Santana, Wang, Hughes, Chamberlain, and Kennedy. If Pettite comes back of course he becomes the number 3 and the other 2 move down with IPK waiting in the wings. Wow, what a staff. Moose can be the 6th starter, and that is all he should be now.

  • Brian

    Billy Balla, meet Carmen Angelini. Carmen Angelini, say goodbye to Carmine Agnello. Whoever that guy is, he sucks at SS.

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