Twins to acquire Delmon Young

BA Rule V draft preview
Rudy rooted for the Red Sox in ’04, too

The Twins and Devil Rays are set to swap Matt Garza and Delmon Young, according to ESPN’s Keith Law. This move immediately impacts the Santana trade because the Twins don’t really need that center fielder anymore and certainly need some Major League-ready starting pitcher. Clearly, the Twins will be asking for pitching, pitching and more pitching. MLB Trade Rumors thinks that the Twins now need a third baseman, and the Yanks certainly don’t have any of those in their organization anymore. The plot thickens.

Update by Mike: Rays Anatomy isn’t a fan of the deal. I wouldn’t be totally thrilled either if I was a Rays fan, but they really shouldn’t complain; they did get Kazmir for Zambrano after all.

BA Rule V draft preview
Rudy rooted for the Red Sox in ’04, too
  • Achilles17

    Any chance the Twins would have any interest in Betemit? I now get the feeling that Hughes would absolutely have to be included; a package of Kennedy, Horne and Betemit wouldn’t be enough, and even if they threw in Tabata that’s still pushing it.

  • John

    Hold on a second, pardner–Delmon is a corner outfielder. They still need someone to play old number ocho.

    • Ben K.

      Young has played center field at the Major and Minor League level. It’s not a stretch to imagine him as the Twins center fielder in 2008 by any means.

    • Mike A.

      Jason Pridie was also in the deal. He hit .303-.352-.487 as Triple-A Durham’s CFer last year. The Twins got their CFer and then some.

      • Mike A.

        Correction: Pridie hit .318-.375-.539 in AAA, those were his combined AA & AAA numbers.

  • John

    Didn’t know that, dude. Well, maybe they’ll ask for Hughes and IPK plus one of Jax and Tabata.

    • Ben K.

      Which would be insane. At that point, if I’m in Hank or Cash’s shoes, I just say, “Thanks. But no.”

    • Count Zero

      If the Yankees agreed to that, I would have to commit suicide. Or at least have my baseball gene removed permanently…kind of like a tumor or something.

  • Chris A

    Seems like we are now priced out of the santana sweepstakes. I cant see cash giving up hughes ipk and then some…Theres no way i can see a deal being made unless Johan refuses to waive his no trade for any other team BUT the yanks….Oh well Hughes may be just as good down and the road and i’m exciting to see what Chamberlain will do as a starter…

  • dan

    This probably decreases the chances of a trade happening, just because the Yankees don’t really have what the Twins need right now. Even without Garza, they have plenty of young pitching. And the Yankees, as Ben said, don’t have much of a third base prospect to give. Maybe it’s Matt Garza/Delmon Young who will save the big three, and not those t-shirts after all.

    • Joseph P.

      But…but…the t-shirts are doing their part.

  • trevor

    I’m hope we don’t get santana. Joba will be our santana given he remains a starter

  • Glen L

    Johan for LaRouche and Kershaw … and if i’m the dodgers i do that … although the dodger faithful should be more absorbed with Kershaw than we are with either Hughes or Joba

    • Ben K.

      Eh, the Dodgers already signed Joe Torre. That’s their requisite one move per offseason.

    • Mike A.

      And rightfully so. Kershaw is a bigger stud than any of the Yankees big 3.

      If the Twins can get Delmon Young for Garza, they should be able to get a TON for Santana. Cano-Jackson-Tabata-Hughes or Buchholz-Lester-Lowrie-Pedroia- or Kershaw-LaRoche-Kemp-Meloan. Something big along those lines.

      • Glen L

        Just because they got the better end of the deal in that Garza trade doesn’t necessarly mean a team will “over-pay” for santana … i would be outraged if the yanks gave up cano hughes tabata and a-jax for johan .. mainly because of how highly i regard cano

        I also think the dodgers would be nuts to give up kershaw, but who knows what ned colletti will do when he has a chance to trade away young talent

        I just really don’t think the red sox are true players in this .. they already have a good chunk of change invested in their rotation if you factor in dice-k’s posting

        I’m sure Omar is calling Bill Smith every 25 minutes pimping his kids .. unfortunately the twins don’t really have a need for milledge/gomez and pelfrey and humber will end up as 4/5s if they’re lucky

  • dan

    I’m becoming less and less inclined to trade Melky (not that it’s my choice anyway). Yes, he’s probably overrated right now. But it’s well known around here that Melky’s career numbers compare well with Bernie Williams and Carlos Beltran. To add to that list, please look up the numbers of Roberto Clemente.

    To make the numbers more appealing (and accurate) click “neutralize stats” and then “750 runs.”

  • nmc

    I think the Twins are not going to get anything from the Dodgers or the Angels that they want. I don’t think the Dodgers will give up the young talent, I don’t think the Angels have the right talent (maybe Adenhart, Wood, and another guy or two), and the Sox and Yankees definitely do not have the right talent if the Twins must have a 3B and P.

    That being said, I love this trade. I actually think now that Santana will not get traded at all and the Yankees will just simply sign him. I’d happily have Johan Santana throw out the first pitch in the new Yankee Stadium after signing as a free agent.

    Even without these new developments, I don’t think Hughes was ever going to the Twins (though I hope Ca$h and HanknStein don’t prove me wrong). How are the Twins in a position of power here? Johan Santana is LEAVING. Everyone knows this. They have zero chance of bringing him back. So, they’re obviously going to try to get the most out of him. They could either have:

    A group of major-league ready prospects now (Hughes, Ellsbury, Buchholz, Joba, Melky, Cano, Loney, LaRoche, etc).


    13.5 million less and 2 draft picks. Now the picks are good (Twins = great scouts), but nowhere near as good as major league talent. That being said, I think the Twins will get the best offer from the Yankees, they will either take it or lose Johan to free agency.

    I don’t think the Yankees will offer Hughes. They’ll offer Melky, Kennedy, and say, Tabata/Horne. Are the Twins really going to get a better offer? How does Adenhart compare to Kennedy?

    The Red Sox say they’re going to “push” but they have nobody to offer. If they don’t give up Ellsbury or Buchholz (if not both) they’re not getting Santana. They’re just trying to tempt the Yankees into giving up Hughes.

    The Yankees don’t have to make the Twins the best offer they can make, they just have to make them a better offer than everyone else, and I think they can do it without giving up Cano, Hughes, or Chamberlain.

  • Travis G.

    i think this (fortunately) kills the Yanks chances of getting Santana. the twinkies will want a SP who can go 200 ip in 2008. hmm, that sounds like one Johan Santana. outside of Kennedy and Wang, the Yanks dont have anyone like that (hughes and joba wont go more than 150). the value of Melky, Gardner and Ajax go down.

    oh well. he might be available for less at the deadline (or after the 08 season!)

  • Bbig

    Now that the Twins need a third baseman, let’s just trade Arod for Santana straight up. It’d be a financial wash for us and I still think Arod’s kind of a deuche. Prefer to have Santana than Arod anyway…

    not serious.. but seriously…

  • George

    Am I on another planet? Cano-Jackson-Tabata-Hughes for Santana? IPK-Hughes and Cano for Santana? Please stop this madness. Would you rather the Yankees give up the farm for too enrich another teams future, while reducing ours?

    RAB, please forgive me, but I have to plug in what Peter Abraham’s briefly wrote today:
    This pitcher was 3-2 with a 5.70 ERA against teams from the AL East last season (not counting the Yankees).

    He was 5-7, 4.04 in the second half of the season, allowing 88 hits (16 of them home runs) over 98 innings. The 33 home runs he allowed for the season were nine more than in any other previous season. “Scouts have noticed he appears hesitant to throw his slider.” Let me repeat… “Scouts have noticed he appears hesitant to throw his slider.”

    He has one victory in five career playoff starts.

    Look, I love Johan Santana and if the Yankees can get him for IPK, the Melkman and another kid, than good for them. That is doubtful, however, and I’m not so sure this is a pursue-at-all-costs move.

    Santana was once a kid. The Twins plucked him out the Houston system, nurtured him in the bullpen for the better part of four years and then he exploded. Why can’t the Yankees stick with their plan?

    Name me all the pitchers with $100 million contracts that proved worth the price. Plenty will people tell you Santana is different and maybe he is. He probably is. Or maybe he’s the next

    Mike Hampton or Kevin Brown or Barry Zito.

    I stay pat with my big three and look at other options or considerations— rading Matsui and a prospect (Kartsens) to the Dodgers for either Billingsley or Broxton. Working out a deal for Nathon or Haren…

    Sorry, I rather enjoy grow old and win championships with our youngsters and new building game plan from with in, rather than Santana and millions of wasted dollars…

    • Ben K.

      In defense of Santana, there are blatant sample size issues with PeteAbe’s post there. That’s why I have been loathe to mention it today.

      I still am not a fan of trading the farm for Johan though.

      • George

        Again, I/we, have seen the Yankees make these moves in the past and often time’s it has cost them. Cost them and us dearly… The last time we had such promising pitchers and everyday players was in 1995, with a brief glimpse of a future HF—Mariano Rivera, and the rest is history. We need a new era. New legends and sensibility being built, from old to the young.

        • zack

          Never mind the fact that, as always, Pete Abe takes the easiest possible and most shallow read of stats to prove his opinion. Santana’s last 3 postseason starts have been damn damn good. 18 IP, 3ER (one shutout), 19H, 5BB, 20K. His #s are skewed by his first postseason, where he was a reliever, and his second, his first year as a starter.

          ARe you telling me you wouldn’t take that above line everytime out? a 1.5 era with 20k in 18 IP? Please

          • George

            I was aware of his resent post season stats, but that’s not what I am focussing on. I am more interested on the part that reads “Scouts have noticed he appears hesitant to throw his slider.” Sanatans hometown tabloids had been writing about his hesitation on using his slider and questioning his health in resent articles.

            That’s what I am most concerned about. I would prefer alternative options on improving the team (regarding starter and pen) rather than dismantling the farm and trading Hughes.

  • Brian

    Just say ‘no’ to “Devil” in “Devil Rays.” This is gonna take some time. Garza Rays. And maybe they are ready to ditch Kazmir? If they don’t, you have to respect their lining up the pitching talent with Price in tow.

    My Rays-writing quota through 2009 is complete.

  • mehmattski

    Yeah I really like this trade for the Rays. They seem to develop outfield prospects like every three days, so they’re dealing from a position of strength to fill one of weakness. An outfield of Upton-Crawford-Dukes (or Balldelli or Ruggiano) is going to be stellar for years to come… and finally adding good pitchers to Kazmir… they’re very close to being relevant. Kudos to the new ownership.

    • Glen L

      Don’t forget they also have Shields … that’s a pretty damn good top 3 .. Kazmir, Shields, Garza

  • randomize

    The Rays are looking scary.


    Kazmir, Garza, Shields with Price, Hammel, Niemman, McGee, David, Sonnanstein coming within a year at most.


    Crawford, Upton, Gomes, Iwamura, Longoria, Breignac (should be there soon), Pena, Wiggington + whoever they pick first this year (I’m guessing an OF or 1B with power).


    Rincon, the left-over starters from the list above, Reyes, now Percival’s been added.

    Their team is going to be sick. They might finish 3rd or better this year if the starters and bullpen hold up.

  • Jeff

    Guess I’m one of the few on this blog that noticed the Yanks going down in the first round year after year…
    Sending Wang out as our ace again – is that really what you want?

    No you’re dreaming that Hughes is going to stretch innings and not walk the world like he did last year… sorry unproven.
    You’re dreaming Joba will be as good as a starter as he was in relieving… sorry unproven. – Remember he’ll need more that two pitches (wich its speculated he can control) … again lets see it first.
    IPK I like the kid – remindes me of a young Moose crafty as hell but not ace material yet.

    Look I like love to dream and I hope you’re all right and by next October one of our guys blows by Santana but its a longshot in my eyes.

    So I’m less inclined to hold onto what could be in Hughes (who I see as a right handed Zito) and go with what is.
    Santana IS the best – the life on his pitches and his ability to attack the strikezone has been the reason why he’s been striking everyone in the leage out for all those years we’ve been ducking out in the first round.

    Who’s going to match up against Beckett? Hughes or Santana?
    Phil is good… Santana is great and I don’t buy the bull that a 28 year old is going down hill any time soon.

    If I were Cash – Hughes Karsteins Melky Duncan – throw in Igawa if they want him.

    Cano is way off limits he’s our next Jeter
    Joba is too important for the morale

    …Hughes grew up a Red Sox fan so… As Michael Kay would put it -See ya!

  • boylestock

    Who knows if the Twins even need to trade Santana right now anyway. The Young trade changes their lineup, and they are already legitimate contenders in the AL central,especially if Liriano comes back strong. They make a push to make playoffs, and if they are out of it, then they put Santana on the block again. ‘

    I am not in love with making the Johan trade, even if getting one of the top 3 pitcher s in baseball doesn’t come along too often.

    just a thought.

  • steve

    i know you guys loathe p abe’s blog but at work i do alot of blogging, since, well, i dont have much to do. between a few sites, including this one of course, i love to read the comments. well you have to take it with a grain of salt but this one dude over there posting by the name of bobcat has been making a case all day about santana to the yanks being 75% done and not including hughes. he called the garza trade before it was announced. either way its pretty crazy over there.

  • Ricochet

    While Delmon Young can play CF he’s a RF and thats where he will most likely play for the Twins.

    The Twins are winning anything next year and thats why they are going to move Santana and Joe Nathan to collect a ton of really young talent to build the team up like the Marlins did.

    There RF Michael Cuddyer is good as gone, Delmon Young is going to take his spot in RF and he will be packaged to get whatever they need that they don’t get in the Santana and Nathan deals.

    The Twins are going to build around Mauer, Morneau, Liriano and now Delmon Young as well as there top pitching prospects.

  • barry

    Thank God? Maybe that means Hughes has been saved. No way they take just Hughes and no way we give up Hughes and IPK.

  • iYankees

    Anybody think its going to be fun to watch the Devil Rays next year? What a great young team they’re going to have.

    • Mike A.

      Unless something goes horribly wrong, they’ll be the team to beat in the AL East by 2010 the latest. Kazmir-Garza-Price-Shields-McGee is not fair.

      • CB

        Completely agree. On top of that Jeff Niemann could still put it together and be a factor. Wade Davis also. And of course they still have the first pick in the upcoming draft.

        Rumors have them going after Percival as well. They seem to be serious about trying to win in the immediate future.

        That is going to an absolutely loaded team. The AL east just gets tougher.

  • Mike

    here’s an idea. I hate all of the scenarios that are flying around. Hughes+Cabrera+Tabata+Horne for Santana??? talk about crazy.

    perhaps the Twins are able to match the talent a bit on the Johan rental, by giving the Yanks a centerfielder too.

    Hughes+Cabrera+Tabata/Jackson+Ohlendorf for Santana+Young. works for both teams.

  • Mike A.

    The deal was just made official.

    Apparently there was an issue with Rincon’s elbow, so the Twins gave up prospect Eduardo Morlan instead. I like this deal a whole lot better for the Rays now.

    The Twinkies #3-4 hitters next year will both be former first overall picks (assuming Gardenhire sticks the RHB Young in between LHB’s Mauer and Morneau, like he did with Cuddyer). That’s just ridiculous.

  • iYankees

    Tough for Rincon. He used to so effective.

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, Funny how he started to suck after he was suspended for PED use.

  • iYankees

    ^LOL.. funny how that works, huh?

  • Eric Schultz

    That Bobcat guy on Pete Abe’s blog mentioned that the Red Sox are not currently in the running for Santana, and believes that Johan may have used his no-trade clause to prevent a trade to Boston. He also mentioned that the Yanks and Twins are close to a deal, including either Hughes or Kennedy, probably Melky, and prospect/s, the number and quality depending on whether Hughes or Kennedy is included. Neither Cano nor Joba were on the list of players that the Yankees gave the Twins. He also said that this would likely not occur until a Joe Nathan trade is concluded (which he believed is in the works, to an NL Central team, probably the Brewers or Cubs). I don’t really know what to think of this info at the moment. Color me skeptical, but the guy seems to know what he’s talking about. If I see a Nathan trade, then I’ll believe him. I hope the Yanks (and Twins) opt for the Kennedy route.

  • LBA Prequel

    I want Santana, but I hope that the Twins just blew it by acquiring Young, and we aren’t foolish enough to trade Hughes or Kennedy, Melky + prospect for Santana.

    The market for Santana keeps getting smaller…this trade seems to have eliminated one of the bigger glaring needs in the outfield for the Twins. I hope we keep our guys and get him as an FA.