Pettitte looking towards 09?

Angels in on Santana
As the Santana turns reporter Jim Molony recounts a TV bit regarding Andy Pettitte which might make Yankees fans very happy:

On Tuesday, Pettitte told KRIV-TV that he could pitch another 10 years if he wanted to and, at the very minimum, would like to help the Yankees open their new stadium in 2009.

“I really believe now, especially after playing with the Astros and pitching with my elbow the way it was when I needed the surgery, I realize now I could go out and probably pitch until I’m 45 years old, because I was throwing 82, 83 miles an hour and still being able to compete, maybe because I’m left-handed or whatever,” Pettitte said.

“Everybody wanted me to come back. My wife realized that if she would have said, ‘Let’s shut it down,’ I would have definitely done that. She was like, ‘Let’s see how it goes one more year.’ So with that support and all of my teammates’ support, no matter what, wanting me to come back and do this again, that’s probably the big thing.

“One of the main [reasons] this was such a tough decision for me, one year could lead to another, maybe. For the main reason, if I’m healthy and if my family wanted to support it again, we would consider it, but also the Yankees are going to have a new stadium. I know down the road, when we get through this season, that will be in the back of my head also. That would be awfully nice, to play in that new stadium.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was some of the stuff that you think about. I realize there are some things that could be enticing that tie me into playing even another year.”

Give him the Wakefield treatment!

Hat tip to My Pinstripes.

Angels in on Santana
As the Santana turns
  • Brian

    Swwwweeeeeet. You know, if Horne and Sanchez and White and Marquez make for relievers. No, Andy deserves whatever we give him (for the next three years anyway). I also think that Girardi was the perfect bring-in to keep Andy around.

  • Pfistyunc

    That is great to hear. Now Andy can stick around and tell the young kids stories of the glory days when we could compete with Boston. That nostalgia will sure ease the pain of looking up in the standings every year.

  • zack

    Shoot, just sign him to a one year extension now with the options kicking in after that so at least we don’t have another year of the Andy Pettitte wait. As good as that news is, and it is quite good, I won’t get my hopes up with Mr. Family Man

  • Motown Yankee Fan

    That’s a great article. Best quote: “because I’m left-handed or whatever.” I love that man. Thanks for making my day again. This all Santana all the time has been too crazy for me. I need to get some work done.

  • Rob

    4 million team option every year?

    Great idea! :)

  • steve (different one)

    except with the yankees it would be $14M in perpetuity.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Wakefield’s contract is my favorite contract ever.

  • Eric

    Andy baby