Combining the Top 100 lists


The guys over at Project Prospect did something that was long overdue: they took all of this year’s major top 100 prospects lists (BA, Keith Law, BP, Moundtalk and of course, their own) and mashed them all together to come up with a composite list. The general consensus has Joba ranking as the fourth best prospect in the game, with IPK, Jose Tabata, and Austin Jackson coming at numbers 30, 37 and 38, respectively. Having four of the top 38 prospects in the game is pretty damn impressive.

If that wasn’t enough, they also threw together a mock fantasy draft, where each publication selected the top available player on its list. As expected, Joba was a first rounder, and the first pitcher taken. IPK was a fourth rounder, Tabata and Jackson both ninth rounders, Jesus Montero a 21st rounder, Alan Horne a 23rd, and Dellin Betances made a bit of a surprise appearance as a 28th rounder. Based on a quick glance, I’d say the Project Prospect crew came away with the best haul in the mock draft; they got some seriously premium arms in the later rounds. Very interesting stuff; check it out.

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  • Brian

    Whenever these rankings come up, all I can think is: Oh yeah, and then there’s Phil Hughes. Dynooomite!

  • dan

    So I wasn’t crazy when I realized that I hadn’t heard of half the guys on Keith Law’s list.
    And a side note: why did the ESPN top 100 go from originally being free to being insider content? I saw it in full when it came out, but now I can’t.

  • dan

    I think John Sickels got snubbed here, too.

  • YankCrank20

    please mike a., not to be mean because thats not my intention, but please never say “general consensus” again. the two words mean the same thing and its such an ap style pet-peeve for journalists. on another note, gotta love the respect that is being shown over our farm system.