Yanks to Brackman: You’re not pitching in ’08

You think you play whiffle ball?
Patterson jams finger, salvages career

In a rare non pro-Red Sox blog post, Peter Gammons notes that the Yanks have told RHP Andrew Brackman “not to even think about pitching this season, just get healthy.” Man, I really can’t wait until this kid gets back into games. Gammons also notes that Brackman “may be a monster talent.” Wave those pom-poms proud, Peter.

You think you play whiffle ball?
Patterson jams finger, salvages career
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Gammons still hedges his non-Red Sox bets though. Brackman may be a monster talent. He already is a monster talent. The question is whether nor not that translates to the Big League level. Would it be that hard to admit that, if he can recover, Brackman’s going to be a beast?

  • Ivan

    Brackman if healthy was the best talent in the 07 draft in concern with talent.

    I like him more than Betances and I feel if he is healthy the chances of reaching that potential increases.

    Also, Phil Hughes in Peter Gammons blog, one GM said that Phil Hughes was the best player in concern with Johan talks. Don’t tell me, tell Bill Smith.

  • CB

    The Red Sox have a lot of depth with their position player prospects and a solid track record developing position players.

    Their track record with drafting and developing pitchers is much more mixed. That’s not something Gammons wants to discuss.

    The Yankees relative advantage with young pitching – both in identifying them in the draft and developing is going to be a major separating factor between these organizations.

    We’re going to see that come into play this year. Sox have no good answers for filling in for Schilling. Buccholz will slot in their but then they still rely on Taverez and Wakefield.

    Coming back from TJ is still an uncertain thing. But the yankees are as good as supporting young pitchers coming back from TJ as anyone (unfortunately).

    Once Nardi and Gil Patterson start working with Brackman – who knows what his talent will translate into. Joba was throwing 93-94 in college. He was sitting at 96-98 after nardi worked on his mechanics. I always got the sense that Brackman’s coaching in college was far from great.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I thought Patterson left after the season and was with another team – am I wrong? A quick Google search found nuttin’.

      • steve

        you are correct sir, he is with the A’s

        • CB

          Hadn’t heard that Patterson left. Thanks for the info.

  • J.R.

    TJ surgery has a recovery rate of above 85% and many pitchers report increased velocity. Brackman is deffinently worth the gamble.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    Gammons is always wrong.

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