Horne should begin throwing this week

Balancing history and practicality among the retired numbers
Things just ain't that bad

When Alan Horne left a Scranton game with an injury on the 10th, the prognosis was unclear. The injury — a partial right biceps tear — was not nearly as bad as the Yanks had feared, and last night, Chad Jennings unveiled the the Yanks’ plan for their young pitcher. Horne will begin a throwing program on Thursday as he begins to build up his strength. The team is rightly being very conservative with Horne.

Balancing history and practicality among the retired numbers
Things just ain't that bad
  • TurnTwo

    you wonder at this point if they will just rehab him back as a short-relief arm as they thought they might convert him into this season instead of preparing him to start at Scranton again, and then think about the conversion later.

    With the plans for Joba more public now than ever, might be reasonable to think they just swap the two arms in mid-late May, and then have Joba up to start games by mid-late June.

    • Simon B.

      With the multitude of BP arms coming up, I really see no reason to rush Horne; there’s no reason to believe that he can be better or even as good as some of the guys waiting in AAA like Edwar, Patterson, and Britton.

      Let him get his strength back, and then if he’s pitching well, he might be a candidate for something in the major leagues like spot-starting. Horne looked pretty good before the injury. It looks like his command continues to improve and he still has that dynamite stuff.

  • E-ROC

    Can we trade for Chase Utley?!

    Good news for Horne. Hopefully, he can continue pitching like he did before the injury and stay injury-free. I wouldn’t convert Horne just yet. I’d wait until he fails as a starter before converting him to a reliever.

    • TurnTwo

      you’re not kidding, ERoc. Utley is just owning the NL right now.

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Actually, he really really owns Met pitching, and just partially owns the rest of the league. ;)