Luis Sojo sends Yankee fans into unecessary panic

Media hit: Newsday on Yankee bloggers
Open Thread: Joba's fist pump

We have some resolution to the Amazing Disappearing Mark Melancon Box Score situation.

As Mike noted in last night’s inauguraul Down on the Farm, Mark Melancon appeared in the Tampa Yankees box score last night, but the young pitcher did not throw a pitch. Considering the hype surrounding Melancon and the fact that he’s one of our Tommy John pitchers, we were worried.

Yankee fans flew into a panic! What happened to Melancon? The guys on couldn’t figure it out; Chad Jennings had no leads. It was an information black out. And then Yankees1010 rode to the rescue, directing us to this Saberscouting post:

Mark Melancon is not hurt. He didn’t enter the game after throwing warmup pitches (that I took video of and analyzed like the Zapruder film), because T-Yanks Manager Luis Sojo forgot to put him on the roster. Just a simple brain fart. Don’t feel bad for freaking out though Yankee fans, until the game ended and this was figured out, Yankee brass in the stands were in a state of panic as well.

Way to be, Luis. Way to be. Don’t scare us like that.

Media hit: Newsday on Yankee bloggers
Open Thread: Joba's fist pump
  • CB

    Good new on Melancon. The saber-scouting take on Porcello was something else:

    ” I am confident he could pitch in the big leagues right now as a back-end starter,”

  • Count Zero

    Imagine the razzing Luis is going to have to take if Jeter finds out about this…

  • zack

    With the state of the Tigers pitching, there is pretty much no way that Porcello isn’t up in the majors by August…

  • Danilo

    I thought that he had another injury… Sojo should be sleeping… And What abou Cox??? When will he pitch again???

    • Jamal G.

      LoL, relax man. Cox is doing just fine, he’s on the Tampa roster right now until the summer or late spring when the weather heats up in Pennsylvania wherein he will be called up to Scranton and just wait for the call.

  • YES

    No way Porcello is up this year. Unless the Tigers don’t care how many innings he throws.

  • Mike R.

    Andrew Brackman would have to win a Cy Young award for me to forget how close we were to landing Porcelo. I hate the Tigers.

  • TheAnalyticalYankeeFan

    Ah, thank god. I definitely got nervous last night when I heard something might have happened. Melancon’s got unbelievable stuff. I can’t wait until him and Patterson are in the pen, instead of Hawkins and Farnsworth.