Cooking with the Chamberlains

Here We Go Again: the Joba fist pump edition
Go away, fat man. We don't want you here

While debating fist pumps is all the rage these days, a young man’s gotta eat also. In an ESPN The Magazine special, Joba Chamberlain shares his dad’s casserole recipe with the world. “I lived at home until I was 20, and dinners are some of my fondest memories. My dad would cook this casserole, I’d dish it out for everyone, and we’d all sit and watch the game,” Chamberlain said to the magazine. Now you too can eat like Joba.

Here We Go Again: the Joba fist pump edition
Go away, fat man. We don't want you here
  • YES

    Lets hope he doesn’t eat too much like he did in college.

  • Cam

    Just a thought I wanted to share. I was watching Baseball Tonight last night and they had a clips of nasty pitches or something like that. They showed Beckett striking out some dude and just thought to myself, ‘man, if Joba is projected to be something like this guy, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome.’ To have that stuff on the mound for 7 innings during a game. Nasty.

  • ceciguante

    that recipe is nasty

    • Ben K.

      I’m glad someone else noticed that too. Casseroles are not my cup of tea.

      • Jamal G.

        I never ate a casserole but aren’t they just a hybrid of leftovers?

  • Joseph P.

    It’s a glorified Hamburger Helper. Not that I’m disparaging Hamburger Helper.

    • ceciguante

      i am.

      but hey…whatever fuels the joba train. it’s the memories of family, i’m sure, not the casserole, that made it memorable for him.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    You have to worry about any recipie that starts with “Take 1 pound of ground beef…”

    • Adam

      yeah, cause no one likes hamburgers…..

    • Ben K.

      Sloppy Joe’s

      I’m not too worried about the ground beef part.

      • Adam

        by the way, where is the shredded cheddar cheese in this recipe? come on, a casserole with beef, noodles and potatoes? you gotta melt some cheese over that bad boy.

  • Andiamo

    Ummmm, Ummmm, Ummm. Carbolicious!

  • RustyJohn

    Are we going to get the Chamberlain fruit salad with jello recipe next week? I wish one of the major publications or web pages would regularly list all 25 guys on the roster each month and have a “What are they ____ now?” Like, what are they reading now, what are they listening to now, what are they eating now, what are they banging now just to see who has the most eccentric tastes…

    For example, if Kyle Farnsworth read “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” in April, I would find that interesting. My feeling is that the only members of the team who read regularly are Girardi, Mussina and Ohllie.

    Speaking of Farnsworth, I await his recipe for deer jerky.

    • ceciguante

      lol @ farnsworth reading “thus spoke zarathustra”

      good one