Hip, hip rehab!

Coming back to .500
Game 51: Something's cooking

As the Yankees are finally starting to look like the competitive team we knew they could be, one more missing piece of the puzzle could rejoin the Bombers on the next home stand. Jorge Posada will head down to extended spring training to play in a few games this week. He’ll test his in-game throwing for a few days, and if all goes well, he could be back in the lineup during the first week of June. Teams will run on him until he throws out a few guys, and I hope the Yanks don’t aggravate Posada’s arm further. It will no doubt be a relief to have his bat in the lineup.

Coming back to .500
Game 51: Something's cooking
  • Joey

    its been a pretty good day and that just adds the final kick to top it off. brought a smile to my face, see–> :-)

  • Babe’s Ghost

    Is Po going to come back and catch right away? Or will he DH for a bit. I’d hate to lose Matsui’s bat right now, but I’m not sure I want him in left either.

    Looks like the Ensberg experience is over. I assume they’re going to wait until Po has proven that his shoulder is OK before cutting Moeller again. Assuming Ensberg goes to make room for Po and all goes well and they DFA Moeller after a few weeks, does that mean Betemit is coming back? If so then they should consider sending the Attorney General down so he can get regular playing time and some at bats, he hasn’t hit a lick lately and could use the seasoning. Which leaves a roster spot open for another reliever.

    Albaladejo? He’d be eligible to come off the DL, but I haven’t heard anything about him since the injury… hopefully he hasn’t had to make the trek to Birmingham.
    Wright? Seems to be pitching pretty well with the Thunder. (2.53 ERA, 5:3 k9/bb9) Lefty. Could he be pushed?
    Patterson? He’s been dealing (apart from last game) Probably best candidate
    Britton? Just to be mean do they bring him up and then never pitch him?

    • whozat

      The whole point of DLing posada was so that he could come back as a catcher. He could have been DHing this whole time. Swinging was, apparently, not making the injury any worse.

      Gonzo probably goes down for Betemit (the latter played SS and 2B in his last two rehab games), and there’s talk of swapping Lane in for Ensberg.

      They don’t need another reliever. As it is, Hawkins and Ollie aren’t getting a lot of work, though that might be because Joe’s decided that Ollie’s his garbage-time guy. If you want to talk about sending Ollie down to work on the splitter and refocus on a late-innings type role, that sounds fine to me.

      Wright is getting a shoulder MRI this week :-/

    • Mike in Fla.

      Ensberg will be DFA’d today for Betimet. Moeller will go when they are sure Posada is back. Albadejo will go back to the minors to start over. Outside of that Cox and Melancorn are the 2 relievers to keep an eye on in addition to the kid they are fast tracking and no one mentions that is now at AAA and kicking, Robertson.

      • steve (different one)

        they could also send Duncan down.

        he’s been pretty awful and can’t even play 1B.

  • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

    Unrelated but still worth noting

    “I am required by ESPN law to talk Yankees whenever I talk Red Sox”.
    Matthew Berry’s statement: http://sports.espn.go.com/fantasy/baseball/flb/story?page=tmr080523. Wow what Red Sox fans.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    when is Joba’s next scheduled pitch day?

    • steve (different one)